JOIN KENDALL & KYLIE JENNER as the up-and-coming star of a big new adventure... choose your own path – the story is yours!BE YOURSELF, EXPRESS YOURSELF! Create your own character from hundreds of the latest styles, and share customized pics of your digital self.YOUR FOLLOWERS ARE WAITING! Start a life in fashion, media, and more... make your mark and increase your online following.CONNECT WITH FRIENDS on your feed, like, share, and help each other succeed.
High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!-----
- Kendall and Kylie is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

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Jes. F. Nov 19, 2019     

I love this game. I would give 5 stars but there are many glitches with the mobile version. For example, sometimes I have to wait up to ten minutes ingame for my energy to load correctly or the screen is too wide to see everything I should. I have played on a tablet before so I know that these small issues don't transfer to a bigger device. Overall a great game.

Kat. G. Feb 16, 2020     

This app is extremely prone to glitching. It has deleted my saved data multiple times. It won't reward you after completing an offer unless you report it, with proof, and even then its not guaranteed. My biggest issue is that it has saved multiple photos and videos, even after I've denied it permission to access my files, which is a privacy concern. Overall very unreliable and faulty.

rac. Apr 23, 2019     

I only really have a few complaints. The main reason of the rating four star instead of five is because the costs for clothing are extremely expensive. It's hard to earn K currency without using real money. The problem is that this game gets addictive and it can stress you out if you can't continue a vlog because of loss of energy. I think you should provide more free ways (like minigames) to get more currency and/or instead of money being worth more than ads, reverse. youll still get money :)

Bry. E. Sep 26, 2019     

The game has the potential to be really great with the story line and fans getting to feel closer to Kendall and Kylie, however the glitches and bugs are no fun to deal with. Any time I have issues I report it to Glu and they get back to me pretty quickly but it's usually the same "troubleshooting" checklist I've gone through many times so that's frustrating.

Arc. Aug 3, 2019     

The game is really fun to play, but there's this one glitch to where it makes it look like the energy isn't recharging, even though it is. It take few minutes for it to go back to normal but the time is getting longer everytime this happens. Edit: There's an event where you get points from a date, and I didn't even get my box. If you're going to stop working on the app, at least check and fix glitches.

Mar. V. Nov 21, 2018     

The game itself is awesome. The clothes are really pretty and I like the plot but something keeps crashing. I got a notification that my energy was full so I played it but when I was going to use my energy for an event all of my energies suddenly disappeared and went back to 0. This have occured a lot of times and honestly I'm starting to hate it on top of that kred keeps crashing. Please try to fix this issue immediately

Jen. A. Jan 28, 2020     

Fun game, but everything costs way too much cash/diamonds and customer service sucks. A hairstyle that I won from a gift box randomly disappeared from my closet, and all customer service told me was that "this can happen if the game doesn't sync properly." I won that hairstyle years ago and it has definitely synced properly since then, especially since I deleted the game for awhile and still had that hairstyle and everything when I redownloaded. Thanks for nothing GLU.

Ala. W. Oct 4, 2019     

Very very disappointed! I've been playing for a couple weeks now and saved up some money and gems and all of a sudden they disappeared.. I contacted support and they told me there's been strange activity on my account and restrictions have been put in place and cannot be reversed! Very very disappointing when you've spent a lot of time playing the game. The game is very buggy and freezes a lot, I had to keep uninstalling and installing the game to get it working again. Please help?

Tri. J. Feb 3, 2022     

Enjoying the game play and the whole concept. Very much dislike the prices of packages, energy, gems... anything really. Crazy expensive. Also, you need to change the energy bar, playing this game energy goes super fast but I've noticed that if you have half of your energy left and you level up, your energy bar fills up but the energy you already had does not get added on. Considering you need more that a full bar of energy to complete 1 task... somethings gotta give.

Mag. M. Oct 21, 2020     

So glitchy.. I play it quite a bit but is still constantly horrible, notifications are horrible and aren't updated cause they still tell you you've got limited time for a shoot even when you've finished it! And that's the least of the issues. I've gotten notifications about how I have a free gift, when I don't 24/7, horrible app programming and I'm definitely going to delete it soon, if you're reading this then please don't get this app!

Mel. F. Sep 17, 2019     

I realllllly love this game, but lately when I use up my energy, and exit the game, when I return none of my previous progress was saved. Also, I just returned to play two hours later and my energy is still at 0. :( EDIT: Nothing has changed, still the same problems. I have failed many jobs because of this issue.

A. G. u. Mar 4, 2019     

I would rate this 5 stars as I actually really enjoy this game. however this is TWICE I've been locked out of my account and had to restart from the beginning. It has continuously kicked me from my account and is now saying it can't find my saved data even though I've connected through facebook. I'm not willing to restart for a third time. very disappointing.

Osh. M. Oct 23, 2018     

I liked this game and enjoyed playing. But then it has suddenly stopped working! I try to load saved game and it's bringing me right back to the home menu that allows me to either start a brand new game or load saved game. No matter how many times I click "load saved game(which brings up my game data), it keeps going back to that menu". This needs to be fixed so I can continue playing. I won't be starting a new one. I've invested money into the old one and thats the one I want to play with all my diamonds.

Che. W. Jun 5, 2020     

It use to work just fine, with just a little bit of lagging, but all of a sudden it closed the app and when I opened it back up it was on the start screen. Now everytime I get to play it's on the start screen and when I try to upload my account it starts loading it in it just goes right back to the start screen after loading. Please fix this and also make clothes cheaper. They are WAY TO EXPENSIVE! Other then that I love the game!

Kay. X. Apr 23, 2019     

I rarely play this anymore, as it is quite buggy. I'll load the game up for the first time in weeks, start a challenge with full energy, and after spending only 2/30 of my energy, it glitches out and tells me I have run out of energy. Reloading the game does not fix it. I end up not being able to get five stars on the challenge and I shut it down and don't touch it for another few weeks. I'll probably uninstall soon.

Cou. S. Aug 26, 2020     

Was great the first month. But a few days ago, I got a gift box for completing a professional event, and I got a very nice dress. The game glitched right after and I lost it. And now I can't get into my saved game. It takes me to the create a character screen. It gives me the option to load my saved game, but it never works. I'm not starting over again. So I uninstalled the game. Hopefully it works when I reinstall it otherwise I'm gonna be bummed and deleted it for good.

Eth. L. P. Mar 7, 2020     

I like this game getring really good at it but I have a party in Malibu that never ends. The party has an error it's not adding the stars once I do the tasks. I finished it all but the gauge is not there yo tell menit's complete or where I am at. I could also not get energy from my dog. Hope they could fix it. I already updated the app and cleared cache even uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still the same.

Myr. T. Aug 25, 2019     

Basically, I've played this game for a good three years now. It used to be really good, exciting storylines etc. I came back online after about a year and a half and everything was still pretty good. Then out of NOWHERE, my account has been removed. Its like I only just downloaded the app. It still has my saved game, but whenever I try and start up my saved game, it loads everything up and then just goes back to the screen you get when you first download the app. I'm so annoyed!

Lau. Mar 22, 2022     

Not enough energy. Energy video doesn't work. Kred doesn't allow me to collect it glitches.Energy options needed. I can't finish mission before I run out barely 3 stars, I get y'all gotta make money somehow, but like maximum energy packet is 50 like for 320 stars,stars is 4.99 for 400 and 9.99 for 840 so in the end still don't have enough energy after then you have to get more stars in order to get the energy packet.You can barely proceed without energy in the game.Great storyline though.

A. G. u. Jan 15, 2019     

The game is super addicting but has a lot of little glitches. The glitches were minor and I didnt mind them but after like 2 months of playing I got up to level 22 and the game logged me out and wouldn't let me log into my game and I lost everything and had to start over. it's still extremely fun but it's annoying having to start over.

Kim. S. Jun 2, 2019     

Didn't enjoy this game it's slow when loading things and also seems to glitch quite a lot. It's also incredibly hard to succeed in this game. It takes ages to fill up your level meter to progress to the next level and when doing a project the stars take forever to fill up and you use up all your energy just to fill up 2 stars, not good when you're doing a 3 hour project. It's also very repetitive and I found it boring it's no where near as good as the Kim Kardashian game.

Ale. A. Oct 15, 2019     

I absolutely love this game. I love the storyline, the graphics, I love that tou can be yourself, it's one of the few games left that doesn't slam you with ads every five seconds. I just wish the energy didn't take quite so long to refill. Other than that it's definitely one of my go to games.

Thi. Apr 16, 2019     

I couldn't log in with my fb acc. also it takes a long time to fill energy, I mean we do get to play the game but a lot of events require energy which is only limited and also we got to collect energy if our bar is full we can't add up another energy which is what I don't like the most. Also put more clothing options and shops on where to buy clothes, oh and also the hair and every other stuff upon customizing your character. I logged into my game once again

Kit. Sep 15, 2018     

The game itself is fun and I like it for the most part however the customer service is absolutely HORRIBLE. I keep getting pop-ups in game trying to give me access to random save files that aren't mine and due to this glitch happening someone gained access to MY save files and started playing on MY game. When I messaged for help I got a response that did not address my issue at all and gave advice for another issue? Then when I tried to clarify my issue they gave me advice for something I already said twice that I did. Maybe train your customer service reps better and teach them how to read, Glu. Thanks.

Awa. Aug 30, 2019     

I love this game, however there are SO MANY GLITCHES that makes it really frustrating to play. The most common one for me is the game keeps freezing. It takes a long time for it to unfreez or I'll get a pop up saying "this app isnt responding." So my phone will have to force stop it. The newest one confuses the time all of a sudden and when i thought i had 1 hour, i check 5 minutes later and it says I failed??? Or even when the app freezes itll confuse the time too. Its super frustrating. :(

Lau. E. Oct 30, 2018     

I can't play. After my energy has replenished, its stuck on a random number like 6 or 12 unless I close and re enter. Now, I exited and went back in, and the event was over way earlier than it should have. This app hasn't been updated in over a year, and is basically unplayable

A. G. u. Mar 16, 2019     

this game has good ideas, i like the story of working for fame znd beating aubrey maddison. but really what is with the low quality. this game has so many "saved game" that just randomly switch sometimes. my account went everywhere, and its just so unorganized also sometimes the ad appear out of nowhere and when its over i have to reload the game. just how heavy is this app? cool to try it out but really if i have to delete something just because i need more space, this game is my first choice

Jos. S. I. Dec 21, 2021     

The app is a little off. Like the game isn't optimized for the screen perfectly. Also I am not sure what to do in the game once the goals are not there. Makes the game a little annoying and frustrating however it's awesome other than that.

Mel. D. May 20, 2020     

Please remove the sticker feature. It is just a waste and serves no point. Update: I lost all my progress for the second time in this game. It is now asking me to start all over again. Despite having my game connected to my Facebook account, I can't get it back. Sent an email to Glu support and they couldn't help either.

Kri. G. Jul 31, 2020     

Love the game but sometimes in the middle of a task it or beginning of one it quits so soon before the time is up. Super annoying. Needs to be fixed. And during a task perry will text and ask if you want to start a new one when your in the middle of a current one. Please please fix this! Otherwise if give this app 5 stars