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Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

In our "Reading Games for Kids" series, Kids Reading Sight Words is the next step after our Kids Learn to Read game.
Join Tammy the frog on a journey through four exciting activities (this Lite version contains only two activities) as she hops from one screen to the next to learn and review commonly used English words from the list of 220 Dolch sight words. There are five levels of vocabulary for the child to learn and review.

In Kids Sight Words, children will:
- listen to common words and identify the correct sight word
- learn to recognize common words at their reading level
- improve reading skills by practicing words that they may have seen or are familiar with
- improve reading fluency

Kids Sight Words is the newest addition to our "Reading Games for Kids" series. It is for children who are already familiar with letter sounds and blending words. If your children are not at this level yet, we recommend downloading Intellijoy apps such as, Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Trains, Kids ABC Phonics, and Kids Learn to Read apps.

Intellijoy's educational games delight children through fun and learning. Children and parents love our distraction-free games. All of the apps focus on specific learning concepts. They are not distracted by unnecessary sounds or images on the screen, or by ads, pop-ups, and unrelated subject matter. In our "Reading Games for Kids" series, children are motivated to learn phonics and reading skills, due to attractive graphics, easy instructions and interesting challenges.

Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

Gre. P. Oct 13, 2018     

My toddler enjoys this game but gets really frustrated when he taps multiple times and it doesn't complete the action until the 4th or 5th tap. Would give 5 stars if not for this issue.

MDG. Jul 28, 2020     

Liked the game. I paid thinking that it will have more and more words in full version. But it has hardly 100 words. Waste of money.

Yas. A. May 22, 2020     

Doesn't work with external mouse and keyboard on Android box

Sim. W. Apr 16, 2019     

this helps my children to have fun and learn

Rut. M. Feb 1, 2019     

I can't wait to use the app. it looks promising and interesting already.

Luc. A. Mar 27, 2020     

wish there was more games but veey educational indeed

Odi. N. Sep 16, 2019     

Its good however there is way you can challenge your siblings /child since you are just doing the same thing

Yus. G. Apr 18, 2019     

I like thr app for my kid because it's very educative thanks

San. L. Feb 25, 2019     

A very good apps .But it doesn t have its full version

den. n. Mar 18, 2019     

i find this quite benificial with my children and adults with challenges in education.

Car. M. Sep 20, 2018     

Children like to see the level of the water increase.

MON. E. Apr 23, 2020     

It's great really good for kids😇

Olu. O. Nov 29, 2021     

Good and educative game

Ale. R. May 29, 2019     

helped my kid with her reading

Kar. E. Sep 18, 2020     

Thanks this is really teaching my brothers

Mr.. c. Apr 16, 2019     

It awesome really learned from this app

A. G. u. Feb 21, 2019     

it's not much cause u have to pay for more.

tet. s. May 4, 2019     

★★★★★ i love it i have this game before now i am haveing it again ★ ★ ♥

THE. L. g. 1. Aug 20, 2021     

It's about to tadpole grow into a pole

Jua. d. l. c. Nov 18, 2018     

I think that my chilled is doing good now.

Law. N. A. Apr 18, 2020     

cant hear the word being said

Aza. C. Jan 28, 2020     

I think it is nice

Mrs. M. S. Oct 19, 2019     

Day the next week

Joh. V. Dec 18, 2019     


A. G. u. Mar 24, 2019     

I want more

TSG. Mar 20, 2019     

I. love it

kbv. b. J. M. Jul 22, 2018     

It is super cool , and pretty good for kids.

Mar. V. Sep 8, 2018     

I bought the full version but is still locked

Gui. A. Jan 12, 2018     

Daughter loves it. Asking for more

Mar. C. Mar 13, 2018     

She liked pouring water "on" the tadpole.