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Killer Click - Assassin Idle

Become a Boss in "Killer Click
- Assassin Idle".Earn money and hire killers in this new easy clicker.
Improve your killer team and find new clients.

Earn money by choosing from psychopaths, snipers or murderous nurse.Make your customers happy and get more power.

Have you always dreamed of owning your Killers? Have you always dreamed to become a Killer Manager?Have you always dreamed to become the best Boss in the World?Have you always dreamed to become a Capitalist?Have you always dreamed to have one Million of dollar? or a Trillion?

In "Killer Click
- Assassin Idle" your dreams become true. Build your team starting from your first killer. Earn money and buy new Assassins.Level up your killer and increase your revenues.Eleven Killer to hire: cowboys, snipers and other old school killers.Gain new clients and sponsors for a lot of extra money.Remember more Idle, more Click, more killers, more client , more sponsor, more money.

Category : Simulation

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