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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle

Build a mighty empire, forge alliances, unlock prizes, and claim your throne as ruler of the kingdom! ►►►9.5 Million players and counting◄◄◄
Join millions of players as you build your empire in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North! (Camelot web players: this game does not connect to your web kingdom: it’s an all-new mobile game)

Drust mac Erp and his savage Picts have overrun Northern Britain. King Lot of Lothian is dead. His widowed queen, Morgause, appeals to her half-brother Arthur for help. It’s up to you to answer Arthur’s call and save the Kingdom!

BUILD A MIGHTY ARMY· Gather Knights, Heavy Calvary and more as you grow a massive army· Train hundreds and thousands of elite troops to dominate the realm· Fight for the glory of your medieval Kingdom with powerful forces

JOIN ARTHUR’S KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE· Recruit legendary Round Table Heroes to enhance your city· Command famous medieval Knights like Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival and more· Strengthen your mighty empire as you add high-ranking officials to lead your roster

FORGE ALLIANCES WITH OTHER RULERS· Join Millions online to form Alliances and combine forces with fellow Lords and Ladies· Use real-time chat to prepare strategic battles against other kings· Ally with friends or challenge enemies in the ultimate quest for power

DAILY REWARDS· Log in daily, participate in tournaments, and earn valuable prizes!· Discover new exciting items to increase your empire’s power and might· Dominate the leaderboards and earn the respect of the citizens of Camelot

EXPAND CAMELOT’S LEGACY· Build an empire and claim your throne in Camelot· Conquer enemies and lay siege to savage Picts and evil· Rule the medieval realm to become the most powerful King!

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