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Klein Tools WiFi Borescope

The Klein Tools WiFi Borescope App enables your smartphone to work as the ET20 borescope screen and memory. You can easily and efficiently control the light on the camera end of the borescope, record and share photos and video all through the App.

App Features:
• Easily display images from the borescope to your compatible Android® phone
• Rotate the image with your phone, no need to struggle with the camera and cable
• Capture any image the borescope displays
• Record the video transmitted from the borescope
• Conveniently manage the camera LED lights through the App
• Save and store photos and videos
• Share photos and videos
• Adjust camera and video settings

The Klein Tools' WiFi enabled ET20 Borescope enables you to capture high-quality photo and video directly to your device from up to 30 feet away. It features a waterproof† 9mm camera with durable, armored 6 ft. (1.8 m) flexible gooseneck cable, on-board LED lights, convenient pocket clip and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

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Reviews (30)

J. A. Dec 29, 2021     

The app worked well for the most part, however there were times the screen just turned black, & wasn't sure if it was still recording or if the app just froze. So after a few restarts, it was back to life. Only let's you record about 2 minutes, and the quality is well, it reminded of my first camera phone in the 90's... lol

Jam. P. May 27, 2020     

Had trouble getting it to work until I TURNED OFF CELLULAR DATA on my phone. If the app is looking for data and knows that WiFi isn't connected to the Internet, it will default to Cellular. If you turn off cellular data, it works. You can't be connected to the Cellular Internet and to the KT-Borescope WiFi at the same time.

ger. S. May 12, 2020     

It takes a really really long time to connect the wifi to it, most of the time I give up. When it does connect I run into alot of lag. But when it does work its nice, too bad it's not reliable.

Rus. D. Feb 6, 2021     

I've been using this for a few months now in the hvac industry, has been a great tool to have. The app, so far, has been working great for me on my Note 8. I love that I can capture still photos and videos that I can later on review with customers.

Joh. F. Mar 13, 2021     

App suddenly stopped working 13th march 2021 app crashes and does not display a camera feed image on either android device I tried it with. It has been working the previous week. Build quality of hardware is good. Software not so much

Lar. H. Nov 2, 2020     

You "may" have an issue with this app and there is a solution. My case is I'm using a Samsung Note 20 / Android and this app. It does NOT work properly. HOWEVER... if you go to the KleinTools web site... Do their search for the ET16... in the description, there is a Download option. You will want to uninstall your ET20 first... But, the ET16 works PERFECTLY. Thanks to Daniel and the rest of the Klein team, I have a perfectly working Boresite Scope that I'm so happy with. Thank You Klein Tools.

Mau. G. Jun 7, 2021     

This app and tool is great i can use it while im doing electrical work, mechanic work, Construction work and way more other things... Ive used this tool even when i have been searhing for something thats in a hard to reach spot.... The only things i wish is if there was an adapter to make my scope longer and also the usb connector was longer but other than that this app and tool are amazing...

And. H. Apr 15, 2021     

I found out after some research that just Downloading the Klein Scope app right from the App Store will not work the camera at all. You Must go to the actual Klein Scope website and download the link from their website. That is the only way to get it operational. You can find the website with the case and scope given to the buyer. Good luck Ladies and Gents! Don't always use Google to solve issues sometimes you just gotta do your research if your desperate enough.

M. S. Apr 22, 2021     

App sync could be smoother, overall it's great. Provides ample record time and records smooth video once connected. Much better app than what everyone is rating it.

cap. P. May 18, 2021     

if you have all ready download this app (ET20) uninstall it. head back to the website, search ET16, scroll down to the download option press and hold, select download link follow the few steps and it should connect you with the proper ET16 app. ps..not sure if it makes a difference but i turned off the wifi on the phone. one's downloaded i turned on the wifi an so far it's viewable.

Zac. T. Mar 11, 2020     

App doesnt work. Followed installation instructions with borescope and what little instructions are in the app. No matter what when i connect to borescope wifi the app does not revognize it as connected. I have reinstalled several times. This product is a rip off.

Dak. E. Jun 11, 2020     

App crashes constantly. Camera can never connect even though my phone says it is. Had the camera for six months and always have issues. Waste of money.

Sha. M. Mar 8, 2021     

I can connect to the boroscope via wifi, however there is no video. I can only control the flashlight remotely. I have tried on a Motorola, Samsung and iPhone. Maybe I just got a defective model?

Pie. V. Jan 9, 2021     

Download OTG View app if you came here for your ET16. The official app is a "side load" (not on official Google app store app) and is an outdated and risky approach. Many phone policies block this anyways. The OTG View app worked perfectly fine with ET16.

D. F. Sep 3, 2021     

2stars_ paid money for your borescope Klein...and the app isnt functionally here to operate it? Have to keep reinstalling the app brand new phone memory empty. No update since 11/2020 ? Your website instructions are so vague they are worthless. Google your tools reviews the truth is out there ET20 great physical device. Function in 90% of owning this though.

Ste. C. Jan 16, 2021     

it functions as advertised. Like anything new,Practice Practice at least until you are familiar with the operation of the tool

Guy. D. Mar 18, 2021     

What an absolute waste of time. I used it twice a year ago. Go to use it this time and it won't connect. Are you going to put a product make sure it works.

And. Jul 2, 2019     

I own several Klein products. Downloaded this app for a different brand wifi borescope, but still works perfectly.

bob. d. Feb 25, 2020     

Recovered a$90 knife that fell down a 4in conduit. Allowed me to see it and pull it out with a couple of glow sticks.

Ale. L. Dec 10, 2020     

I use many different Klein tools and they have never let me down.... until this. If the app for ET16 is no longer available, then why is it still being sold in Home Depot?? Klein: Stick to what you do best: non-electronic hand tools. I'll be returning it tomorrow and consider different tool brands.

Jas. B. Nov 8, 2020     

Downloaded app. Doesn't work. Light comes on at end of scope but black screen. Nada. Don't waste your $

Equ. H. &. A. Dec 16, 2020     

Ok so I have the ET16 and it does work with the application just kind off difficult to make it work with the ET16. Just follow the instructions and have patience.

Ken. H. Dec 7, 2020     

Works exactly as described and exactly how to set it up, using an Android phone Use this app for ET20 only

Mat. C. Dec 7, 2020     

I have the et16 model and can't find the app for it. This is all I find and it doesn't work

Jos. R. Oct 5, 2020     

I bought the borescope but, I can't get the app to even download on my phone at all.

Ric. J. Nov 6, 2020     

This app didn't work for me with the ET16. Must go to Klein 's website to download the correct app.

Bri. F. Nov 2, 2020     

Horrible app... why do we need wifi for it to work? I'm at the job site not at home with wifi

Wal. Sep 13, 2020     

Fail. Can not add camera and settings for camera are a joke.

she. S. Oct 4, 2020     

Turn the light on but will not show anything on the screen

Ric. G. Nov 11, 2020     

I buy the Model IT16 dont work with this app why Klein have this otem on the market but no the app for it on google play....😥😠😡😠😠