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This App works on the principle of determining a Name's gender by calculating using a complex Horoscopic Astrological algorithm.Some times keeping a baby names seems difficult, you are not sure whether this name is a male or female, our App helps you know which names are of male and which names are of female. you just have to type your desired name in the blank box provided, and BOOM!! you are now satisfied with the name for your child.

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Reviews (30)

jus. J. j. Jul 24, 2021     

This app sucks it's keep saying I'm a girl when I'm a transgender male like it's keep picking girl I don't even see the point of this app. It also doesn't have a option for non binary or anything like that it's transphobic a waste of Time.

far. Nov 20, 2020     

This game is very- stupid. The creators did I good job making it but where's the Non-binary option!? I feel unappreciated. I wish you would add that option.

Ace. G. Dec 14, 2021     

Don't download it, worst app ever. I was thinking it would have more to do with GENDER, and not just saying you're a male or female, since those are sexes, and girl and boy aren't the only two genders.

Chi. Jun 12, 2021     

This app is great but really dysphoric to non-binary people such as myself because there is only a male and woman option

Ant. May 4, 2020     

I mean it got my gender right. I'm trans and decided to see if my preferred name sounded male to this app cause I've seen the negitive reviews saying it can't get it right. also if you don't like an app misgendering you so much you go off in it's reviews; 1 are you ok? and 2 chill out.

Ros. D. Jun 24, 2021     

This is transphobic and feeds off invalid information that there are only 2 genders, Male and female. Not everyone is just a male or a female and/or feels comfortable with being a girl or boy.

Zer. t. h. Jul 12, 2020     

Well I found out that the nickname I use is a male nickname even though I'm a female so it guessed my gender wrong but I put my full name in and it got the correct gender there I suppose 🤷🏽‍♀️

tab. k. Jun 24, 2020     

Nor accurate, but kind of funny though! I guess its a perfect meme material app

Xxg. Jun 30, 2021     

This app sucks like my name is ash/Ashley and I'm not male or female and I'm non-binary and it says I'm male there's no non-binary I hate this app please put a non-binary on there and if you read this don't download this app it's waste of time it's kinda transphobic this game need's to be deleted or fix this app what tf bruh just embarrassing shame on you people who🙄 made this app

Kid. B. Aug 12, 2020     

Umm so I am a trans male and I wanted to see if the name was a good pick my pick was Luke or Lucas it stayed male but then I tryed my birth name lilliana and it sayed girl but my old Nick name Lilly sayed male? Idk Yeah I went in the game a agean just for fun and every name i put in sayed male i dont like this app

Ami. S. Apr 18, 2022     

Please don't download this app this app is very bad it's only tell gender you are male or female and l put my name this app show that male but l am female

mar. Feb 26, 2022     

Its honestly a useless app and really transphobic

UwU. Feb 13, 2022     

The most transphobic game I have ever seen.

thi. g. Jan 15, 2021     

Well that was very dysphoric./srs Thanks a lot 😑 /s Please make a non-binary option as well. That's what I'm aiming for/srs

Ash. Feb 9, 2021     

This is probably the most transphobic app I've ever seen. You can't just guess someone's sex off of their name. And it's not a gender app. Male and female are sexes not genders

Riv. F. Mar 29, 2021     

It need a nonbinary option because I'm nonbinary I think and my preferred name is apparently a boy name but it's really a gender neutral name

Cai. B. Nov 22, 2018     

Returns male for many girls names including 'cathy'. Wherever they are getting their data is flawed.

Spy. t. Feb 20, 2021     

Horrible, i feel very non existent from this- wheres the non binary option?

No. n. o. i. 3. Feb 13, 2022     

1. Transphobic af 2. I put in Samsung refrigerator 2060 x Pro and it decided the name is male, which makes me think the base is male and they just hooked it up to a girl baby name page and ran a test for similarity.

Kai. I. S. Apr 7, 2022     

Transphobic waste of time. Where's the androgynous idea?!

Cad. M. Apr 24, 2019     

pointless, but funny when it's wrong about someone you know

Dan. A. Apr 9, 2020     

It said I was I boi! I hate this app! Im a girl! I'm afemded! I put a MUCH MORE girly name in... it said it was a boi STILL!!!!!! take down this app INSTINTALLY!! IT WONTS TO KNOW UR NAME AND IF UR A GIRL IT SAYS UR ' ARE ' A BOI!! EVEN THO GIRLS ARE NOT BOIS!! I'm crying! I'm sooooo sad!! 😭😭😭😭😠 mostly sad! But still mad! Sorry if my coment is harsh, Im just NOW in a bad mood!

ree. P. Feb 28, 2021     

This is sad I'm a girl i thought reece could be both girls and a boys name when I tried spell it with a s it still says It a boys name no wonder why I feel like a boy 😥

Emi. P. Jul 31, 2020     

It keeps saying male no matter what. Even if I put the first and last name as female

Jay. M. Sep 7, 2020     

So I'm a girl my names jayleen and I have every body part a girl has and the game said I'm a male so f*** this app

A. G. f. Apr 18, 2020     

People are crying over it just because it got your gender wrong and im a girl( it has a lot of girls that got ther gender wrong) and i dont care, people are being drmatic

Sem. D. Mar 24, 2021     

I really don't get the point with this app.

A. G. u. Oct 15, 2018     

Ally is a female name and when out it in the app said it was male that why i give this app a one star

Fad. K. Aug 30, 2020     

Stupid app that doesn't work

sti. f. a. Nov 24, 2019     

I tried this app my name is Nadine and i'm a girl Nadine is my female name when I put this name it's say it's a male name but this not male name Nadine is a female name and i'm actually a girl what a stupid app i hate it i have only one star