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KSTP Weather Mpls-St.Paul

The KSTP Weather App provides your local forecast, hourly forecast, current conditions, interactive radar, weather radio and live storm tracking for Minneapolis/ St. Paul or where ever you are. Most importantly, it automatically alerts you with live Weather Radio when severe weather is headed your way based on precise polygon targeted forecasting. Other apps send you alerts for weather happening anywhere in your county. We only alert you if you are actually affected. Get alerts based on your favorite saved location or the current location of your phone. You can also view on demand and live streaming video.

Category : Weather

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Reviews (30)

Dav. P. Jan 30, 2019     

Uninstalled. This is supposed to be a WEATHER app. So what do I see? A blurb to download their news app and news stories. To get to the weather, you have to click on weather. Plenty of other strictly weather apps.

Stu. P. Feb 23, 2020     

Not weather, but sales and marketing for a news show. Plaid suit and loud tie is extra.

JoA. H. Jun 17, 2018     

I relied on this app for weather information & severe weather warnings but can no longer get it unless I install a new app that provides news, etc. Very disappointed & will no longer use this app.

Bar. Z. May 3, 2018     

The weather app was important to me. Not happy that it is no longer supported. Don't want to be forced to use need app.

Ann. F. May 3, 2018     

All I want is weather not news it's ridiculous to drop just the weather app and force people to download a completely new app with content they don't want. Just idiotic.

Amy. H. Jun 14, 2017     

I would love the app if it sent me alerts for bad weather

Sus. B. May 3, 2018     

Will not be downloading your news app ... only wanted a weather app.

Jen. J. Jul 14, 2017     

How can I change the temp from Celsius to fahrenheit

Jef. B. Jan 19, 2018     

I like watching the Channel 5 news.

gry. h. May 3, 2018     

All I need is the weather and nothing more bring it back

Joy. J. Oct 17, 2016     

Really helpful. Great severe weather app. Radar locks up from time to time

Nic. B. Jan 1, 2017     

App won't even load because it's too busy loading annoying flashing adds. This app sucks

Ton. Jul 10, 2016     

Worked decently enough for me, but this app no longer works with OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow so uninstalling until they fix this app. It's been 2 or 3 weeks at least.

Kim. T. Jun 26, 2017     

This app gets me the weather info I need quick and easy! Great for when you need to know the forecast now!

Ste. M. May 29, 2016     

I deleted it because it locks up too much.

Ste. F. Nov 6, 2016     

Thanks for the wind speed it helps with what lake ill go fish

Noo. H. Mar 11, 2017     

It is suck not load!

Hol. H. Jan 9, 2017     

5 mins later still not loading. Back to Fox9 weather app

L. S. May 26, 2016     

Saved me many times

Bec. a. U. o. M. Dec 31, 2016     

The news app has full forecast summaries from the local meteorologists. That is all I want this app for, and it doesn't have it!

Bil. K. May 10, 2016     


Giz. F. Dec 15, 2015     

Uninstalling since it never starts, just keeps seeking info that never loads in. Ads work just fine, if course. Bye bye...

Par. B. Jul 17, 2015     

Only allows one saved location. Going back to KMSP weather.

Sco. S. Apr 3, 2015     

I quickly replaced my other two weather apps with this gem. It is superb.

M. D. Jun 6, 2015     

Nice UI..all the weather stuff I need to know.

Dav. P. Apr 15, 2015     

Like it but would love if you had a widget for it.

Arn. B. Jun 15, 2015     

It will only let you save one location, without upgrading it to a pay site.

Dan. S. Aug 28, 2015     

Carpentry tool!

Bra. A. Jun 6, 2014     

Horrible navigation, shows no rain in the entire US on and on.

Cha. C. Aug 11, 2016     

Pretty good weather app but radar is lacking. No future radar and no opacity or transparency option.