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Kung fu Grandmaster

WING CHUN KUNGFU MARTIAL ARTS games comes to android in this fast, mind blowing and addictive game, the KUNG FU GRANDMASTER.★★★★★The game was inspired by the Ip Man movie, a movie about the story life of Yip Man, the grandmaster of wing chun.Play the game and learn many of Wing Chun's martial arts moves such as Pak Sau, Tan Sau and many more. Do you have what it takes to be the Grandmaster of Kung fu ? Fight your way to reach the highest level of the Kung fu!!!★★★★★✓ Stunning BEAUTIFUL 3D GRAPHICS✓ Actual Wing Chun Move 3D ANIMATION✓ ORIGINAL gameplay✓ fast SPEED PUNCH✓ 7 gradual MAIN LEVELS ✓ 56 epic SUB LEVELS✓ 14 real WING CHUN PUNCH KUNGFU forms to learn✓ FUN, FREE and ADDICTIVE★★★★★▶https://www.facebook.com/zahraworks▶https://www.twitter.com/zahraworks

Category : Casual

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