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Kurosaki ichigo Wallpaper

✸Kurosaki ichigo Wallpaper✸Ichigo Kurosaki (Japanese: 黒崎 一護 Hepburn: Kurosaki Ichigo?) is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo. The protagonist of the series, Ichigo receives Soul Reaper powers as a result of a run-in with Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper assigned to patrol his city, the fictional Karakura Town. These powers come at the cost of Rukia's own, and as a result, Ichigo concedes to work as Rukia's stand-in, fighting to protect people from evil spirits called Hollows and sending good spirits, wholes, to Soul Society. In addition to the manga series, Ichigo appears in many other pieces of Bleach media, including the anime series, the four featured films, the two original video animations, rock musicals, several video games and light novels.✮Plot✮

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