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Lalaloopsy 3D Land

*Daily quests, lots of rewards and other surprises await you!*Girls LOVE playing with Lalaloopsy! And now they can visit the place where these adorable dolls live!
Welcome to the amazing 3D world based on the Lalaloopsy dolls that are extremely popular across Europe and The United States. Each Lala doll has a unique look, dress, mood and favorite game.

Download the game today for free and play mini-games, change into different outfits, upgrade the wonderland where the dolls live and complete quests to get rewards!

Lalaloopsy Land is a charming place where new games and dolls will be coming around quite often. Featuring land upgrades, 5 mini-games, shoes, trinkets and over 150 dresses.

Girls, this new game is just for you and we are sure you will love it.

Download this game today for free and venture into the 3D Lalaloopsy wonderland!

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Sam. E. Feb 7, 2020     

I used to enjoy this game- until I opened it up and it said Ill. As in, sick. Nice game though.

Nin. P. Dec 8, 2019     

Funny tuis the best game ever

Ana. S. Dec 2, 2019     

in past I only got princess jewel but now I unlock a lalalopsy

El. V. Sep 23, 2018     

I found this game after my birthday party

Flu. G. Jul 31, 2016     

-Princess a daughter of hernani bitang :) it's fun all my friends play it so they downloaded the app so many different minigames, tiaras, dresses, shoes, and lalaloopsy dolls hope there is part 2 hey! Jennifer i will ignore you!

ann. m. Apr 10, 2016     

It is a bit boring. All you do is play games. If i was the maker, i would change it

Jen. H. Mar 17, 2016     

no more money from me. stealers. give back free doll. would zero star if I could. will not be downloading anymore apps ministry apps.

β€’. d. e. e. r. i. e. c. l. o. u. d. β€’. Jan 15, 2018     

Those who said it takes one day or hour they are wrong mine loaded and it wasn't a day or an hour. and I think the pictures are cute I love it yeah.

Hea. M. Sep 21, 2016     

I've had this game downloaded for awhile and there is never any changes with the "coming soon" areas. I wish they would add more dolls and more games.

Sta. P. Jul 30, 2017     

I whudv'e kept this game longer if it was like the My Little Pony Game. Try making 1 like it, an I'll post a good review

Bla. R. Nov 24, 2016     

My daughter loves this game. Unfortunately it stopped loading properly and she gets stuck on the loading screen. If it worked this game would have 5 stars!

Ale. Jun 27, 2016     

I like lalaloopsy but this game is absolutely boring sorry to say that.

ben. f. Jan 3, 2017     

Every new lalaloopsy you get has the same challenges as the others. Oh yes and I'm not ben thats my dad. I'm Alana.

Jaz. K. V. May 21, 2016     

I like it its fun , enjoyable and soo cute , but it's a little bit boring.

Cre. A. F. Jul 24, 2016     

You can make so many things i love it😘😍

Lil. G. Feb 26, 2017     

It kept on freezing up and making me restart all over don't download is app

Lau. F. Jul 1, 2017     

I'm sorry to say that I have a great deal of experience with this new version of the most important part of the game

Lil. h. Oct 14, 2017     

Boring people and fluttershy princess girl take a brake its not that cool

Sj. S. Mar 26, 2016     

I know that you have to pay for the characters but you don't have to pay for a character. because if you fill what they want you get one for free . only if you get the right chest I know because I have already got one of them.

Sie. g. Mar 26, 2016     

I've been playing with this app and its ceeping me entertained and I'm only 8

Seb. J. Dec 18, 2016     

When is the coming soon already? Had this game for like 2 years now . Still waiting. Also, there is a bug when you buy a new doll one of the old ones is removed from your game. Not nice. πŸ‘Ž

Ian. &. M. R. Mar 4, 2016     

Love it, so fun I think lalaloopsy dolls are so cute that I made one out of clay.

Sar. A. Oct 6, 2016     

This game has so fun things you can get free keys and easy!

Jos. C. Mar 27, 2016     

It is nice to play this app..but u need to purchase another doll character..hmhmhmπŸ˜‘

Ana. S. Feb 15, 2017     

Boring Too much boring ,it is only children age of 2 or 3

Suj. K. P. May 9, 2017     

I play this before it's very interesting but not so much lovely

Lyr. S. Jun 30, 2016     

I played it today it was awesome just had a problem with my tablet but still awsome

Ker. R. Aug 6, 2017     

My daughters love this game but needs a code for one of the characters can't find it on facebook page either πŸ™

coo. l. Apr 17, 2016     

4stars because it's cute and fun but we have to pay for characters we only unlock two of them

Eri. D. Nov 16, 2017     

You have to buy all girls but it does give you chances to win them so thats cool.