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Lalaloopsy Pet Hospital

At Lalaloopsy™ Pet Hospital, kids will have a blast healing the sew sweet pets, giving them their favorite treats, and accessorizing to their hearts’ content!Ember Flicker Flame™’s Dalmatian has a fever and she doesn’t know what to do! It’s up to you to cool him down and help Ember’s pet make a full recovery!In Lalaloopsy™ Pet Hospital, all of your Lalaloopsy™ friends have brought their pets to you, the best doctor in town; and they’re counting on Rosy Bumps ‘N’ Bruises™ and you to make their best friends healthy again!Even after you’ve healed sore throats, fixed achy tummies, mended owies and more, these pets still need a little cheering up! All you have to do is give the adorable pets a couple of their favorite treats and some special pet playtime to perk them up and fill their happiness meters! Can you fill all five hearts and make your friend’s pets happy once again?IT’S TIME TO PLAY DOCTOR!
- Themed packs let you play with your favorite Sugary Sweet, Enchanted Forest or Whimsical pets!
- Every pet has their own favorite treat and with over 40 delicious snacks you can give every pet exactly what they want!
- What’s a Lalaloopsy™ pet without accessories? With over 120 different options to choose from, you’ll have the most stylish pet hospital ever!
- When you’re in the mood for a change of scenery, there are a dozen different Lalaloopsy™ backgrounds to go perfectly with all of your pets!
This app contains gated areas to ensure that only adults can access anything that would take you outside of the app and to protect kids from accidental in-app purchase. Lalaloopsy™ Pet Hospital may also contain advertising about other apps from Cupcake Digital. 

Lalaloopsy™ Pet Hospital collects user data in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used to enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content; and manage and improve the app. To view our app privacy policy, please visit: www.cupcakedigital.com/appsprivacy

We always welcome your questions and suggestions contact us any time at www.cupcakedigital.com/about/contact.

Category : Educational

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Reviews (30)

Tha. Jan 30, 2019     

I like this game, but I can't see the options for the shop, even though I tapped on the shopping cart icon multiple times. Please fix this.

Kat. M. Jan 8, 2019     

The game will not unlock everything. this is very frustrating. We love this game and hope you can it Thanks !

Zei. H. Apr 20, 2019     

it was keep on bringing me to the start and I have to touch the play button again and again I only got to choose only one character but then I did not get to do it cuz it brought me to the to the start place so that I touch play again gave me a black screen and then went back to the start place again and I'm just like why me I actually lalaloopsy if you guys don't want to get heart broken like me then I assume you guys to not download it cuz you guys are going to really be sad okay so that's what

Eli. G. Jul 18, 2019     

it's amazing now can I buy the game

Com. N. Dec 2, 2018     

I don't like this games for all ingredient is unlock

Chr. H. Apr 6, 2019     

it is a really awesome game my daugther loves it

Fat. R. Aug 2, 2019     

The store is not working

no. o. Aug 20, 2019     

i love it weren i was a little baby

Rub. W. May 29, 2019     

items boring 3 starts .

YSN. May 5, 2019     

i love the game so much

Fli. T. Jun 23, 2019     

Just so you know this was the best

har. s. Sep 17, 2018     

I love it cuz you save pet's

Jam. L. May 31, 2019     

Hi I recommend this game ,😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Jad. L. J. Nov 8, 2019     

Wow im exited to play this game

Mis. a. H. Nov 14, 2019     

It always hank

Jes. R. Jan 23, 2018     

Bought the game for my girls to play and it worked for a bit but then stopped working. The screen just stayes black. Waste of money

Rah. F. Jan 4, 2017     

Got the all pack for my daughter and already got changed. But I am yet to see the items unlocked.

Ser. L. Sep 8, 2016     

I didn't really like this game because it had so many pets locked

Che. O. Jun 29, 2016     

Please unlock everything in your game it's so boring I'm going to uninstall it if you don't fix it to fix it I'll give you 5 stars and keep the game if any of you who are rating this game please give me five thumbs up if you agree with my article please and thank you the only reason I Gave 5 stars to this game cuz my sister would probably like it

Che. B. Sep 26, 2016     

This is a joke! 🖓 Every animal is locked and its not interesting enough to waste money on just to unlock the rest.

A. G. u. Jan 22, 2017     

I bought this game for my children my children said it was so good games and then she ask me to buy all the items and I didn't have money

Mon. C. Jul 7, 2017     

I only got to play with 3 pets. It was boring. There is nothing to do.

Sam. M. Aug 5, 2016     

So easy my 3yr old daughter who loves lalaloopsy is able to do mostly everything on here, but needs my help every now and then. Also went ahead and purchased everything and it was well worth it cause she enjoys it very much!

A. G. u. Sep 16, 2017     

I hate it I'm going to hack it if you don't fix it or make it cooler

bob. w. Sep 15, 2016     

Know body cares about your three year old daughter so by honey bo bo child

Kia. C. Jun 24, 2016     

This game doesn't work because every time it downloads in the the beginning it downloads again and again

Cha. G. Jun 29, 2018     

It is good but I can't play the hole game because not ever thing is unlocked

Aws. P. Jul 24, 2016     

The game keeps crashing and dosnt let me play....Plz fix it..

pup. g. Aug 11, 2016     

I will give you 5 stars too if you do I love it but I hated the locked things

Cha. C. May 7, 2017     

It is very cute and sweet to play.i wish there will be more fun lalaloopsy games