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Laser Flash light (Prank)

If you want to play a laser pointer simulator on your phone or tablet this free app is perfect for you. You can leave your children playing without worrying about the damage that a real laser pointer could cause in their eyes. Just be aware of the flashing light. -Laser simulated is a game, not a real laser. The laser beam will not leave your device, only look inside the screen of your phone or tablet creating a simulation Also this set has a flash light that can change at any time using the LED light flash your mobile phone. The flash light only works on phones or tablet incorporating LED flash on the camera. You can use it to play or pull a prank with your friends. With this Simulator Laser application you can point laser straight to your friends and make a lot of fun with it.This laser pointer simulator is similar to any laser pointer in real life. Just press the button and the halo flows, release the finger and the halo stops. Laser Simulator
- a game application simulator joke, where you can play on your phone as a laser. Loved to play as a child with a laser? Like beautiful and cheerful laser beams? Child asks laser, but you are afraid to give it to him? Take advantage of our laser safety! With this application you can listen to the sound of the laser and do not hurt yourself and loved ones! Select one of the presented lasers and click on it! This app simulates the behaviour of a real laser. You can use the laser pointer-to-right in three different colours: red, blue and green! This free laser simulator is very realistic laser sounds! Tell your friends make jokes and real laser! Then show them this app. They are laughing.Disclaimer: This is a prank app and it does not produce any real laser beam and its safe to use

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