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You can now download the official LAUSD Mobile App:
• Keep track of all your children and their school activities
• View school calendars and events
• Call the school directly from the app
• View upcoming assignments for your student
• Set reminders and receive alerts
• Know when you child is late or absent
• See Grades and Search for resource and links to help

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Reviews (30)

Yix. Aug 18, 2020     

A lot of difficulty logging in even if your information is correct. It is a waste of time to even try to log in or to even reset your password. They need to get rid of this app and build it up all over again and create a better layout/system because its not helpful at all, much yet useful at the moment. Very easy to install but a hassle to even try to use. Same with the website itself.

Hon. T. Mar 7, 2022     

No Vietnamese version There is English, Spanish, and Chinese languages for this app, but no Vietnamese version. This app makes it difficult for my parents to use, and I rely on them to help with drop off and pick up of my son. Wish there is more languages / translations available.

Mos. G. Jan 14, 2021     

My childs info was missing when I logged in after winter break. I've tried to open up app. Doesn't work takes long to load. Called school to verify child with parent pin. Says does not match school records. It must be the app. The web version seems to work. The app was a lot easier to see assignments and attendance. Does anyone know when app will be fixed?

Dan. F. Apr 18, 2021     

Now that my child is back in school, the Daily Pass is required for a COVID-19 symptom check. This doesn't seem to work in the app, even though it takes up two repetitive places in the menu, leading to a nonfunctional "daily paas" (sic) page. Having this working the app should be a priority vs. signing in every day to the parent portal on a mobile browser to get the daily pass for school entry. The student data also doesn't seem to be populated.

Mar. W. Jan 12, 2021     

App won't open anymore since last update. It was so slow already and update made it worse. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and still nothing! I get a blank white screen.

Jer. &. L. J. Sep 23, 2021     

Horrible app!! To many days I am unable to get the daily pass because of glitches in the app. Then we have to wait for someone to scroll through the paper list to see if my kids can enter the school grounds. LAUSD needs to do something about this ASAP!

Eli. D. Aug 20, 2021     

Terrible Daily pass is required for all LAUSD students but it doesn't work within the app. This is a priority instead of wasting time with long list at the gates outside of school.

Gam. w. A. Aug 10, 2020     

It is terable every time I log in it says that your email or password is incorrect and when I try to log in because it's a emergency it doesn't let me.DONT INSTALL IF POSSIBLE.

Ste. B. Apr 7, 2021     

Too many problems, so many unnecessary apps and portal lausd requires to access information that isn't there. Continues to say password is incorrect.

Gab. N. Aug 25, 2020     

This app is horrible, can't sign in.. can't reset password tried to create a new account. Nothing seams to work, sorry LAUSD but someone really needs to get this thing working.

ann. k. Aug 14, 2021     

I wasted so much time on it. It asks for a password with every step, constanrtly redirects me. Where is Covid test results? Clumsy app.

And. B. Jul 25, 2020     

Yeah, so much fragmentation in the LAUSD system it's amazing that anything can get done. The app is ok I guess. It simplifies things.

Edu. S. Aug 17, 2021     

Can you please consider to save credentials, cache it, whatever it takes to avoid daily logins? And twice to get to the parental portal? LAUSD, you can do better, please improve it.

Ros. P. Oct 12, 2018     

Finally a way to check on my kids and see their school info right on the phone. Great first start. Great design.

Jon. H. Mar 26, 2019     

it's awful can't log in it states wrong password and username but I could successful log in through the web

Op_. Y. Aug 17, 2021     

Hard to get in it takes very long to process getting my kids daily pass. Its really bad every morning.

Amb. D. H. May 27, 2019     

this is very helpful to check about my kids and about the school I like it so far!!😊👍

Che. J. Aug 23, 2021     

This app doesn't work... I used it several times after that it doesn't work

LLU. M. Nov 12, 2021     

I barley just got this app rn for school and I can't login and the info is correct, 1 star.

cla. s. Apr 30, 2021     

I do not understand why we have to sign in twice in order to get a daily pass again.

K. H. Aug 6, 2021     

Parent portal not working. Error message. I have a screenshot

kar. s. Apr 21, 2021     

Could only see my child's info first time logging in, now I can't get his pass for school or see his test results

gal. o. Dec 13, 2019     

Username is correct Pw is correct Yet cant log in Use the web instead

jor. b. Aug 14, 2021     

This app is very helpful, easy to navigate

Sha. E. Sep 25, 2019     

Every time I try to sign in my account it always says username or password incorrect

kis. s. Dec 6, 2020     

This site been down for months please fixes. Asap thanks!!!

Sha. 2. Dec 17, 2018     

I tried logging in with my school email and password because my teachers gave me homework because i was in a different continent. But its not letting me in.

Uly. S. Aug 26, 2020     

This is a pain in the ass!!! Seriously!!! LAUSD needs to update!! ASAP!!!

Cla. A. May 18, 2021     

It's as basic as it gets, that's all I have to say.

Ton. M. Apr 11, 2020     

Can NOT login... my information is correct.