This application allows you to view TV technology-based IPTV. This application does not contain a built-in playlists, and is only a client, allowing convenient and comfortable to watch TV online. Please use playlists in the format m3u or xspf.

- m3u-playlist support (in open-view or v zip/gz), feature to add playlists from device file-system, from internet or clipboard;
- can play http and udp streams, and links from vk-video/youtube;
- internet radio playback via the built-in audio-player;
- support several udp-proxys, that can be switched directly with working playlist;
- support auto-update playlist, and using a cached version if not available;
- customizable main-screen in title-style view, playlists and most watched channels can be placed there, and a base functions of application with titles sorting;
- favourites, with support nested folders, grouping same channels in different playlists;
- not specified can be linked with template for receiving information from tv-guide;
- export playlists and favourites in many file formats;
- backup/restore application settings (playlists, favourites, history, settings);
- reminder for broadcats from tv-guide;
- hystory of watched channels;
- support several EPG (in xmltv-format, in open-view or archived zip/gz), that can be switched between EPG when working with playlist;
- The ability to download EPG from the device;
- Presets of EPG Sources. Are currently available EPG sources: 3 exUssr, 2 Italy, 1 UK (World), 1 Espany, 1 Germany;
- customizable playlists views: list (maximum functionality), icons or titles, for each playlist;
- customizable channel search in all playlists;
- customizable case-insensitive search of TV-shows in the EPG;
- different color-themes;
- parental control;

Category : Video Players & Editors

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Reviews (30)

Kev. J. Apr 28, 2019     

Having the same issue as Kebabmonster69. I input my playlist URL, clicked on Save, and 10 minutes later it still says its saving. 20 minutes later still says it's saving. Go back to the home screen and there are no playlists available in the playlist manager, and it tells you to add one. I really wanted to use and like this app.

Keb. Dec 31, 2018     

I input my playlist URL, clicked on Save, and 10 minutes later it still says its saving. Tried again typing the URL from the start (doing it once using Fire TV is bad enough, never mond twice), 20 minutes later still says it's saving. Go back to the home screen and there are no playlists available in the playlist manager, and it tells you to add one. Very poor.

A. G. u. May 13, 2020     

Very good app,some playlists are outdated and is not loading on old and new version of android and/or empty,but the app is the best,keep going and adding new fresh playlists,well done!

Hu. H. Oct 12, 2019     

This app is crazy buggy. It cant save the playlist by url, it cant even download the playlist. It spends hours wirhout result. Check this bugs and update.

Xi. X. Aug 1, 2020     

This Lazy IPTV player app is great but plesse please one advice: your default player is closing anf cutting by itself..please add choosing external player function...we need this option to use our own vlc as default player 1. Make in-app purchase we buy and remove those unnecesaary adverts. Too many ads mess up the app. We need the pro version to bu and stop viewing these unnecesaary ads. You deserve some cash for this great app. In-app purchase will help keep our configs. Thanks

Sai. K. Y. Sep 27, 2019     

It can't find local play list. Edit: The app cant find zzzz.M3U with capital letter extension. Therefire I have to change to lower case extension zzzz.m3u. Weird.

Bog. R. Oct 28, 2019     

Not working, cannot upload playlist, continuously spinning. Lost 20 minutes trying to do what other apps do in 10 seconds

Has. R. Oct 30, 2020     

Good simple player with backwards compatibility with old android 4.4.2; however start to notice that some channels streaming MPEG-DASH cannot be played. Hope you can fixed this

Far. C. Feb 3, 2021     

Same problem as Kebabmonster69, On my android tv cannot add playlist, when i click Save and than i wait 30 minutes and nothing hapened Just standing Saveing...

Har. M. Dec 28, 2018     

always says error in playing and does not add my playlist from url. same url works fine on other apps.

Dmi. D. Nov 4, 2018     

Tried both URL and a file and everytime I got "playlist is empty" even if it's not. Useless, uninstalled

Joh. D. Oct 26, 2019     

If it didn't take forever to load the .m3u list then it would probably be ok. Uninstalled before I got bored to death.

rac. B. Sep 17, 2019     

Wants wifi. Should work on mobile network as well. Epg needs lots of work. Also needs 3rd party media player for m3u8

Moh. E. Mar 31, 2021     

This programme has all video & Audio options... Very sensitive touch.. Thank you :) :)

Jer. M. Sep 19, 2019     

It's nice to have or use however it do not hold the info that is given once placed. I have reintered in the URL over a dozen times if not more

Sam. G. Feb 23, 2019     

love it on my phone but i can't make it work on my firestick otherwise I could have give between 4-5.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Tab. E. Jan 13, 2019     

Couldnt get it to load my server based m3u (url with username and passsword) while other players did. just keeps saying loading

Joh. M. Jan 18, 2020     

Excellent. Very useful and lots of tools to enjoy iptv. 100% recomended

Kim. U. Jan 30, 2020     

Nice IPTV app. But the adverts can make the IPTV client to loose connection to the stream.

Vla. L. Oct 27, 2018     

Good app, maybe premium paid mode that removes adds would be cool.

Mil. D. Jan 13, 2021     

Can't navigate to the playlist. Useless.

JIM. R. Dec 24, 2018     

A bit complicated at the begining, still best up out there, great job guys 5

ะ”ัะด. ะ“. Apr 5, 2019     

All EPG source presets dosn't works. Update error.

Luk. P. Jan 31, 2021     

Supports only external storage when searching for the playlist

mat. F. Mar 5, 2021     

Update this app! It won't recognize files

LG. Aug 30, 2019     

Always error but other player can download without problem

GHA. A. Jun 30, 2020     

easy to use and works like a real TV

Pro. G. Apr 25, 2019     

good, easy and simple just use with m3u file

Man. C. Apr 3, 2021     

Small app with wonderful features.

Tvb. A. Aug 1, 2021     

Doesnt work from url,stuck on loading