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Learn Arabic Words

This app is the best companion for you to learn Arabic language. It features around 1000 essential words and teaches them with high quality images and native speaker sounds. You will also learn how a word is written.
Educational program features 16 thematic categories for the words. Each category has also three difficulty settings. (Easy, Medium, Hard).

Word Categories List1. Animals2. Body Parts3. Fruits4. Vegetables5. Food6. Drinks7. Numbers8. Colors9. Occupations10. Clothes11. Living Room12. Kitchen13. Bathroom14. Vehicles15. Sports16. Office words

Use the test to evaluate how much you have learned in a category. This little game is very effective for you to memorize the words forever. It takes advantage of visual and aural teaching method.

Features1. 1000 words. Largest and most useful Arabic picture vocabulary app on the store.2. Learning deeply with photos, sounds and spelling.3. Learn and test yourself with a game.4. Download once and use forever without Internet connection.

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