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Learn numbers for toddlers

Learning numbers and English game has been created for kids of all ages but mostly for babies and toddlers. The game is simple, funny and educational. If you want your child to learn how to count to 12 and to improve your kid’s English language in the same time you are on the right track. All of the numbers are pronounced in a nice girl’s voice in English which makes the learning fun and easy.
So why this educational game for children?

- Babies and toddlers will learn to name and recognize numbers before they even start preschool and the 1st grade.
- The educational game easily teaches your kids, whether boy or girl twelve different numbers in English: from one to twelve.
- Learning was never so fun and exciting.
- Interface is clear so even the babies, toddlers or preschoolers will have no problem to interact with the teaching game 123.
- Great introduction to the school mathematics.

And how to play?

- Main menu contains learn option and two simple games
- Learn option: Simply tap on the number on the screen and it will be pronounced in English language. If your baby is ready for the next number tap on the left/right arrow.
- Games one and two are for matching pairs. By making a correct pair children easily learn the numbers. They also improves memory and creativity of your kids.

Teaching your toddler to count in the early age is very important because kids will then get used to the mathematics in the preschool and school much faster. Education should always be about fun so give it a try and watch your little girl or boy learning fast every basic number.

If you have boy or girl in a school or in a preschool and is 2-5 years old do not hesitate to:Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/2brosgamesforkids/?ref=settings

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Reviews (30)

Mos. M. Jan 17, 2022     

Great app indeed. Just add another phase or class group of numbers. Slot them in stages or chunks. Eg. 13-24; 25-33 and so on.

Ang. K. Apr 16, 2022     

Very good 😊 this app is good it teaches my baby sister how to count thanks a lot for putting this app very happy about it

Pri. Feb 19, 2019     

it works, trust...specifically looked for this app for my second because it worked so well for my first

Ibr. B. May 31, 2019     

A very good app for kids

Gif. O. Jan 24, 2022     

It's a brilliant App.

Vel. W. Nov 3, 2021     

My Grandson loves number learning app.

Glo. k. Apr 2, 2022     

good and the one who love God the son of God Ame n

Cha. B. Jul 18, 2021     

CyelepqmGtjfkep you and I have a few t bbhings you

A. G. u. Jun 29, 2018     

Wow!!! This is just what I was looking for to introduce 123 to my little one.

San. O. Apr 16, 2017     

The numbers are bright and colorful. And the narrator speaks slow enough for kids to keep up

San. C. Mar 27, 2017     

My 2 year old loves the games and knows how to get around in it very well. It's user friendly!😀

A. G. u. Mar 9, 2018     

My 3 year old really likes this game. Is it possible to offer a game just like this one, but with bigger numbers? She can already count to 100. That would be awesome! This game is a great tool for learning.

bat. s. p. Dec 27, 2017     

Add gifts and animate the numbers please. Its a good game

Jul. C. C. Jul 26, 2017     

These are the games i hope we had when we were kids!!! Ty for creating this game!!

Lyn. S. Aug 2, 2017     

Nice to help teach number recognition

Oko. U. May 9, 2017     

It's awesome...my son likes it.

Muj. A. Jun 21, 2017     

My kids love it.

Mm. Q. Apr 13, 2017     

Very good for kids thanks

A. G. u. Apr 24, 2017     

This is very useful for kids

A. G. u. Jun 3, 2018     

It's OK

Tha. E. S. Apr 13, 2017     

Thank you for this game

Ann. D. Dec 31, 2016     

It works great for my 3 year old

Anj. W. Jan 2, 2017     

Wish I could purchase this with no ads

Ema. R. Jan 8, 2017     

thanks for the good work...another 100 percent 4u

A. G. u. Dec 19, 2016     

It's a very good game

A. G. u. Feb 8, 2017     

My 3year old girl enjoy it..I see it as great learning skill ..

rum. m. Mar 15, 2017     

My 3 year old totally loves it.

bri. r. Feb 9, 2017     

Very easy for my child to understand. Like it

A. G. u. Feb 9, 2017     

It's very useful game for my baby

A. G. u. Jan 17, 2017     

It's so much fun... My daughter love this app!