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Learning Carbons VR

Learning Carbons VR is an educational virtual reality (VR) app where students can learn about the various forms of carbon. We, EduChem VR (http://educhem-vr.com), create immersive virtual worlds of atoms and molecules to explain their 3D shape and electrostatics. You can learn chemistry while playing. Chemistry lends itself to 3D and virtual reality since all chemicals are 3D objects. It has been shown that one very efficient way to learn more and deeper about abstract things like atoms and molecules are by VR. Play "Learning Carbons VR"
- it is fun, cool and educational. There’s an associated kahoot quiz here: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/1b55c806-1641-4f03-9236-0fb292cc24df
Feedback: We love feedback. Please send us a message and tell us what you like and/or what could be improved. Enjoy our virtual world of carbon atoms.EduChem VR, http://www.educhem-vr.com/#contact

Category : Education

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