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Learning Math Plus One

Children can choose levels Easy, Medium and Hard of mathematics bubble exercises that included 4 operations playground door mystery plans see sunshine tables whizz
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The 24 word and best keyboard life clock scanner number f5 einstein slash hungry fraction blasters edge my car racing vs turbo sticky adapted big in the game 3 second are all 7 year algebra st quiz recorded by native speakers in three 6th widely spoken language: English academy

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Reviews (10)

xxx. x. Nov 2, 2017     

I think that this makes me learn times and divsion, THIS TURNS OUT SOO NICLEY.

Aal. S. Nov 12, 2016     

Its for your littler kids that need to learn

Mic. M. Feb 19, 2017     

It's okay I guess

Joh. E. Oct 27, 2016     

its boring

Nad. Y. Nov 26, 2017     

Hate it

A. G. u. Dec 17, 2016     

It is so annoying whenever you are playing the game and then an ad just pops up and it is annoying why would people download this dumb app And the people who made this app you did a horrible job and nobody would like this app

Tzu. S. Feb 17, 2018     

Very Easy to me מאוד קל בשבילי I 12.5 years old אני בן 12.5 שנים

God. S. Jun 28, 2016     

U don't have fever

A. G. u. Sep 18, 2016     

His number of the time of day

Lil. Mar 7, 2017     

Its a nice game