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Learning Numbers for Kids

Learning Numbers for Kids is one of our educational games for kids whose parents are interested in qualitative early education of their babies in the field of maths, especially in kids numbers and counting. Such learning games for kids as our numbers game will teach your baby to differentiate numbers 1-9 and will offer number learning games for kids for free in order to fix the received knowledge of numbers for toddlers free.Our 123 games being a part of our educational games for kids kindergarten are one of the best games to learn numbers. Here are the main advantages of our learning numbers for preschoolers:1) Our 123 learning numbers is a fun way to learn numbers 1-9. It’s not up to learn numbers for kids 1 to 100 because numbers 1 to 100 are appropriate as learning apps for kids of older ages. Playing such educational apps for toddlers like counting games your baby will learn free counting numbers for kindergarteners 1-9 as well as train memory.2) Our abc 123 games for toddlers contain 3 numbers and letter games for kids which will help you check the knowledge of toddler numbers and counting and fix this knowledge. Such kids number games will give your baby not only the initial knowledge of kids numbers and math but also train his fine motor skills, attentiveness, perseverance and persistence in achieving goals.3) Our 123 kids game has a bright and catchy design so your young mathematician will not want to part with our fun numbers.4) Learning numbers for kindergarten interactive in 7 languages. It means that our toddler abc and counting learning app offers learning alphabet and numbers for kids in English, Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese. To learn letters and numbers for toddlers in foreign languages is the recipe of success for your baby at school.5) There are 123 number songs for kids and other melodies that will make learning how to count numbers vivid, interesting and more effective.6) Like all our educational apps for kids, this toddler counting 123 kids free is very intuitive having user-friendly interface, amazing motions and inspiring elements that make children love every bit of this 123 games for kids free.7) You can download our counting games for kids for free. Number games for toddlers for free will save your family budget and provide your baby’s early education of high quality.Our abc and 123 games for toddlers free are suitable for the following ages:- learning games for toddlers age 2;- learning games for toddlers age 3;- abc and 123 learning games for 3 years to 4 years;- educational games for 4 to 5 year kid.How to play our number learning games for kids for free:1. Initially, this learning apps for kindergarten students offer children to learn to count all the numbers from 0 to 9. While playing children educational games, one of the counting numbers will appear in the center of the screen, followed by its proper pronunciation in the selected language. After that, the child will see 3 contours, of which only one corresponds to the number showed in the abc and 123 games for toddlers free. The child is to find the correct variant and drag the number to the chosen contour. If the choice is right, the number will flush with a bright color and the educational games for toddlers will go to the next step to learn abc and 123.2. Test knowledge through playing learning games for kindergarten. In the 1st game, the kid is to recognize and find the given number among 8 different variants. For every task fulfilled correctly, the child will be rewarded with a splash of colorful fireworks. The 2nd game of this children educational apps for free offers kids to catch the numbers flying across the screen, while listening to a merry melody. With that, the player needs to select only the numbers that correspond to the element showed on the right. Playing the 3d game, in order to learn abc and 123 for kids.

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Reviews (30)

mph. n. Sep 19, 2020     

I like this app is very help full especialy with a slow learnee

Ace. B. Jul 21, 2019     

I love this app

Eve. R. Feb 6, 2021     

please stop angry little girl names

Leo. P. Apr 10, 2021     

i love this game♡♡♡♡♡

Owi. J. May 25, 2020     

The game is so wow

A. G. u. Jan 30, 2018     

Mathematics made fun. The only part I would love to be removed is the add. Thanks team!

Kaj. M. Aug 16, 2017     

This really helps my little brother.Even i love to play it and im nine!

A. G. u. Feb 28, 2017     

A few difficult to learn for my 1 age son

Vev. C. Apr 4, 2017     

Good for my 3 years old daughter... No adds no hassle

A. G. u. Jan 25, 2017     

Babies keep touching ads! That's quite stupid!

A. G. u. Apr 3, 2017     

It is very educational and good for children

Kha. A. Feb 18, 2017     

Holly crap

A. G. u. Mar 15, 2017     

Love it

Bli. Jan 20, 2017     

My kid liked it, but its insanely stupid to put a bunch of commercials in a game for kids so they gets thrown of the app to some damn site.

Uni. G. Oct 11, 2016     

I really like the games they should mix up automatically or have levels to hold the kids attention. Also a more inviting voice and some kind of bells or cheering to let the children know when they are wrong or right.

Elh. E. Aug 22, 2016     

Just what i needed to introduce nos. to my son

Jac. B. Jun 8, 2016     

My grandson is three and he really enjoys this one, thanks you guys!☺

Sun. B. Feb 13, 2016     

Thanks to management

Sha. S. Dec 15, 2015     

My grandson loves this. He doesn't like any help "HE IS 2 AFTER ALL" The new updates he will love.

Tif. R. Nov 27, 2015     

Has nothing but pop up ads and in-app purchases and when this app is in the hands of toddlers that's never safe!

Sel. K. Dec 8, 2015     

5 stars for you,thanks.

Eri. C. Mar 24, 2015     

I don't like it because it only says the number in one game defeats the purpose of my kid trying to learn her numbers.

Tan. L. Oct 14, 2015     

Not too bad matching game, but it's too blue and background takes too much attention.

Ste. L. May 31, 2015     

It should count in order so babies know how to count

Rya. P. Oct 21, 2015     

It helps them identify numbers through repetition , but the ads do keep the learning to about a minute.

And. W. Apr 11, 2015     

Keeps my 2 yr old busy n learning!

ash. 9. Sep 17, 2015     

Good learning for children and also identification of numbers to

Ada. G. Jul 5, 2015     

My 23 month old loves this game

Deb. A. Mar 12, 2015     

Cute game. The grandchildren love it.

Jan. T. Jul 5, 2015     

Downloads faster and reacts quicker.