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LED BLE Bluetooth 4.0 is an intelligent LED control software, which supports RGBW lighting control. It can control the light color, brightness, etc. as well as model; it has a color control, color temperature control, color control, music control and timing functions; which has a built-mode, DIY mode, custom mode, microphone and so on.

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Jam. L. Jan 3, 2022     

OK app, but major flaw. When using this app, it deletes all other Bluetooth connections, whether these are for my watch, car or headphones. Connections have to be redone after each time I use this app. Checked connections for each product for when it fails and it is only after loading this app. Be aware, as I end up spending more time reconnecting to my bluetooth products than I do using this app.

Mar. B. May 15, 2022     

In 2 years not much has changed, still wipes out other Bluetooth connections, not always reliable and connections fail often. But... they have us by the short & curlys cause this app is the one that works with most stuff. Developers never comment cause clearly they don't care!

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2018     

HOW TO OPERATE YOUR LIGHTS/APP: If you're like me and spent a couple bucks on some cheap China lights and got this App, it's pretty awesome. Issue is it's confusing as hell with instructions that are incomplete and in broken English. You're all having issues that are resolvable and dumping good lights and your app. Here's some easy instructions to fix 80% of complaints. Step one: power on your lights. Step 2: Make sure location tracking is activated on your phone before Bluetooth. Step 3: Activate Bluetooth. Step 4: Sync your phone to the lights Bluetooth signal from your Bluetooth settings BEFORE you open the app. Step 5: Open the App. Step 6: Click on the icon in the top left hand corner to bring up your controller options and sync the app to your system. Step 7: Click on the refresh signal, if you did all previous steps correctly and in order it will recognize your led device. Step 8: Click on the the recognized device and click "Control" or click on "Control All". Congrats your lights work fine and your controlling them. Step 9: Take a few minutes to experiment with your app and you'll learn how it works if you have a brain, no shortcuts to expirence. If your looking for the specefic music controller option go to the next step. Step 10: Click on music, the record option is pretty much useless if your using music in your car. It's only real use is picking up your voice. Don't bother with it for music control. Use the regular music function for that. Step 11: on that function click on the bottom right icon to pick your songs. They must be downloaded on your phone in mp3. If nothing shows up move them to your download folder on your cell and they will. Step 12: Hit play and to mess with the effects click on the rotating album to change from fade to jump to strobe. To set your color scheme click on the top right color icon and then pick your set of colors you'd like to change back and forth from. Step 13: Calm down because your lights and App more than likely work fine and you just needed a little effort to get then in working order.

Jef. S. Jul 16, 2020     

Well it works. Kinda. It won't use music database of my choosing instead choosing to use files on my phone that happened to be in a specific format. It also deletes every single Bluetooth pairing every time I connect the app. It does work and the light control is kind of neat but holy hell losing all my connections every time I just want to blink the lights to a song is really frustrating. If they would fix those two issues in an update I'd give it five stars.

A. G. u. Dec 4, 2018     

What kind of LED TV backlight strip requires an app just to turn it on? And, the app requires almost 100MB of space on your phone? Then doesn't work? This one! Difficult to get started and when it works, it is sporadic then erratic. I don't know if it's this app or the LED lights but I am not happy with either.

Tro. F. Oct 14, 2020     

It sort of works, I don't like that it won't work unless it knows my location. Seems sketchy, will probably delete because of this. Also, my phone (both new and old phones) forgets all my bluetooth devices after I connect, that part is confusing. Just spend the extra on a different brand light with a more usable app. Or just use the controller. I don't trust this app at all.

A. G. u. Dec 18, 2018     

I configured a packet sniffer to monitor the data being uploaded from my phone and it seems like this app records and uploads keystrokes from your phone. The app is programmed to load as soon as your phone bolts, so it is always running and recording.This is extremely suspect. also, what company/developer has an email address of a bunch of random numbers? Open the black box and just bypass the bluetooth model if you really want to use the lights

EL. T. C. Oct 6, 2021     

Wipes out all other Bluetooth connections on your phone, so any other devices will need to be unpaired and re-paired in order to use them again. This happens every time you use the app. If this issue could be solved it would get more stars, but it's super frustrating. Makes me not want the lights at all.

Joe. V. Nov 30, 2020     

App is great except that it completely messed up my Bluetooth. My phone wouldn't remember ANY of my devices, when connected it would randomly disconnect during calls. My smart watch was constantly disconnecting and the battery would drain in a day (should last a little over 2) because it was constantly trying to reconnect. Deleted the app & downloaded "LED Lamp" which has "LED BLE" installed within that app. Works perfectly now with zero Bluetooth issues, only have one extra step to take.

A. G. u. Apr 22, 2019     

I found a problem with this app and informed the developer. I use android phones and the app would erase my stored bluetooth devices every time I used the LEDBLE app. After multiple emails explaining the problem, the app developer has now fixed the problem. So now (as of 4-20-19) it works without erasing my device bluetooth device memory. Thank you! My only complaint is that it can be glitchy and the appearance/interactive use is not very neat and things overlap. But as I said, it works.

Jac. N. May 31, 2020     

I personally feel like the remote my LED lights came with is much better. Yes it is cool that you can make your own colors that the remote may not have. I wish the music option was better. My main wish was that this app had an option so you can type in specific RGB numbers instead of trying to struggle getting it to the right ones.

A. G. u. Oct 12, 2018     

App work ok from what I can figure out but I was under the impression that I could have the lights to keep in beat with what my phones mic could pick up. Music from a band or sound system. If I am missing something please let me know. P.S. didn't get any kind of instructions.

Mar. A. May 2, 2022     

Devs need to work where this app does not disconnect all other Bluetooth devices connected to the phone in use. It's stupid annoying having to shut off car and app before other Bluetooth devices are able to connect again.

The. R. C. Jun 15, 2020     

Iv been using this app for 3 years. I really liked it when I first got it. I got all my lights to support using the LED BLE app. I find it more useful and better than most of the expensive competitors apps. More options and availability. It does have a problem with deleting all of my bluetooth devices. Kind of strange but it hasnt been too bad.

A. G. u. Oct 4, 2019     

I have had these lights installed connected to my interior light. So when i open my car door the lights come on. However once i set it to a colour example red. I close the door and reopen and it does not seem to be saving the settings and starts to go through the cycle of colours and the app does seem to be responding properly to my samsung s9+ i am disappointed please help fix this issue as they do look great once they are working

A. G. u. Jun 16, 2019     

I was very satisfied with this app and the lights when I had my iPhone. recently switched to a galaxy s10+ and cannot connect to the lights anymore. very upsetting. thinking of junking the lights and deleting the app and go buy some that will not give issues. please fix this problem so I can continue to enjoy these awesome lights. thanks!

Dou. M. Jul 6, 2021     

Deletes all other bluetooth pairings. This is the worst app ever! It's not user-friendly at all, and it doesn't do 80% of what it's supposed to do. But it will in fact delete all of your Bluetooth pairings that you previously have on your phone, every single time you use it!

A. G. u. Apr 2, 2020     

Horrible, it doesn't have a way to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone so whenever I try to play loud it only stays a constant color instead of changing. Secondly it removed all of my paired bluetooth devices such as my car radio and wireless headphones. If you fix this app I will be happy to change my review.

Ped. P. Aug 22, 2021     

The ui of this app is absolutely aweful. I suggest copy samsung one ui design, use same icons and button as samsung uses. Because now the app looks bad. It looks like a 10 year old boy build this. I it is bad. It also does not keep connected all the time, every time i log in it has to reconnect, and that is poorly made. Also i want a widget on the home screen that allows for quick turn on and off

A. G. u. Sep 15, 2018     

App worked ok for a bit then something happened, I figured it was the new phone (not the case) but Bluetooth was getting wiped out and my lights wouldn't work with the app. They actually turned on somehow and they only way I could fix the issue was to pull the fuse running the bluetooth controller. App sucks.

A. G. u. Jun 8, 2019     

it would be nice if the features were described better. It would also be nice for the "beat to the music" be able to run off of the music that's playing by other applications (like spotify), not music stored on the phone's storage.

A. G. u. Dec 10, 2019     

It's ok. The timer isn't very clear. That part of the app needs to be more user friendly. I can't get it to turn back on. I can get it to turn off, just not back on. Rather poor design. Also crashes the bluetooth on my phone so my watch disconnects.

A. G. u. Jan 4, 2020     

It works, but it keeps erasing all my Bluetooth devices list everytime sadly. Also lacks the ability to use third party apps to play music like spotify or youtube, which can be very annoying. Overall it works well enough but needs a lot of work.

jad. c. Apr 10, 2022     

This app sucks to the 5th power. It will not connect.....not ever! Every single time I have pulled up to a car competition, the lights operated by this app are LITERRALLY the only ones I cannot turn on. I'm so over this app.

Nor. A. A. R. Dec 11, 2021     

This application works so well and the way it's supposed to. The one that is almost the same is called Led Lamp and I had mode problems, color. My red would change to a shade of orange quick however, none of the others did that. I'm glad I went for it.

Chr. U. Mar 31, 2022     

Lots of options and colors. Works well with Android and slightly better with Apple. Make any color you want and save it. Has a couple of cool functions for color changes.

A. G. u. Apr 27, 2020     

Dont get me wrong, i love my lamp and the work that went into it BUT I dont understand why it needs my location for the app to work (if I dont agree to send my location the app stops) and the personalized gradient doesn't work (where I can pick the colours it cycles between). When im using it as a calming device it turning red freaks me out more, but there is no way for me to make it a changing gradient without red. Im really hoping the developers iron out these glitches soon!

Edw. L. I. Aug 27, 2020     

I like the lights but they're syncing properly with music. They just do their own thing regardless what music is playing. The whole reason I got these was for them to go with the music... Very disappointing and not a great app

Sak. C. Feb 11, 2022     

super cute lights BUT, the app totally sucks, basically all the cool things about this app just doesnt work (like the colour wheel). plus, it messes up your bluetooth devices. not the best app but not the worst.

A. G. u. May 17, 2019     

It took a little while to finally connect to the lights since the UI isn't as intuitive as it could be. A built in QR scanner could make connecting to the lights easier. So far the app and lights function well. I'm using a One Plus 3t Android phone.