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LED Chord

LED Chord is an APP designed for full color LED controller as a remote controller via Bluetooth.
It provides a bunch of LED music effects for pixel LED users, it have never been so easy to setup a compact LED light show.
It supports many LED driver IC:

Main function:
Modifying device's name;
Selecting different chipset;
Setting RGB order;
Setting pixels number;
Selecting effects;
Picking static colors;
Modifying speed for effect;
Modifying brightness.

Category : Personalization

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Reviews (30)

Dan. W. Sep 7, 2019     

When it works, it works pretty well and as advertised. However, it looses its Bluetooth connection very quickly, sometimes as soon as the first command is send. Since it doesn't detect the connection loss, it does not aromatically reconnect. It looks like something triggers a restart of the SP107E when it receives certain commands, which makes it loose connection. Since the app has no way of manually disconnecting, you have to force quit the app in order to reconnect.

Aug. C. Mar 31, 2020     

The app connects easily to my sp-107e and has a bunch of modes. Unfortunately, I will never use 99% of the modes. The majority of them run their animation far too quickly (even on the slowest setting). Luckily i really enjoy two of them. I would gladly pay for an app that had a more thought out layout and mode selection/control.

Dan. S. Mar 12, 2019     

Good app at a basic level but needs major improvements. *used with WS2811 5m strips and SP107e controller Pros: -auto senses length -professional looking menus -instant response Cons: -Does NOT send music to controller over Bluetooth (you have to direct connect with aux) -all modes including music are far too fast, even at the slowest setting -besides music, other modes are limited and repetitive ....I would be willing to pay for an app with these improvements.

sKe. S. May 11, 2020     

Far too many effects to go through, and most are very similar. like another review said: i will never use 99% of the effects. And the speed needs to be MUCH slower please. App needs a detailed tutorial. The short tutorial in the app is "ok" for users familiar with LEDs, not very helpful for new users. in particular the Setup needs more explanation on Segments, LED per Segment, etc.. this is vital to proper LED functionality, and must be explained.

Mar. S. May 15, 2020     

I tried connecting to a minger h6127 strip ( it's a ws2811 led strip). I would see it on the Bluetooth devices list, but just saw the "spinning wheel" trying to connect..forever. I tried restarting my phone, tried on a different phone too. Hopefully someone can fix this, as the Govee home app has very limited functionality. Please help!

Gle. M. U. Apr 27, 2022     

Not had any issues with the app, everything works fine. Bluetooth does not stay connected it does drop as soon as you close the app.

Man. S. Nov 19, 2020     

Good app for SP107E controller. But you need to on the GPS to find the bluetooth of controller. Another problem is you cannot delete effects which could be help as too many useless effects. Or They may have provided "like"option for effects you desire the most.

Dav. K. Dec 25, 2019     

Good controller connected easily ,sometimes it will disconnect. Once program set it boots every time without fail on power on. would be good for controller to power more lights if not maybe connect to other controllers in series. Will only power my rgb arches won't power pixels without signal amplifier in line.

Rob. W. I. Feb 5, 2021     

Apon 1st start up make certain that positive and negative pins are terminated to the correct corresponding polarity and data terminals. After some many hours of flawless operation, I was booted off the bluetooth link that synced the app(software>

Jos. C. Oct 26, 2019     

My app doesn't enter Bluetooth scanning. Have to keep restarting and uninstall the app to get it to work. Please fix. UPDATE the version 1.5 is very buggy with Bluetooth scanning!!! I installed 1.3 and it works fine. Shame on you for releasing a buggy update!!!! >:0

Jus. a. s. May 8, 2021     

Love the controller and have had no issues connecting. Would love to see some updated patterns and would like the ability to slow down, or speed up the available patterns. Thank you👍

Mes. Jul 30, 2020     

A push and hold strobe button would be nice...strobe the brightness while u hold but keeps pattern and colour. Also the modes need better organisation than just numbers. Let us select the animation type and edit the colours...much better than 180 random presets

Tre. S. Jun 17, 2020     

If your having issuee connecting, turn both you Bluetooth and GPS/location on. I was having very frustrating connection issues and this has resolved them. Hope this helps someone.

Joy. L. Sep 23, 2018     

Works well, once set up. Put WS 2811 pixel string in a wreath, starting at bottom. Awesome display! Suggest a sync feature to link several units together. Thanks!

Ric. K. Jun 10, 2019     

Good app with plenty of configuration options for the intended pixel controllers. Please add horizontal mode and it would be nearly perfect.

Bra. G. Jun 14, 2020     

Absolutely no reason to need location on to connect, app doesn't remember the lights you connect to, all in all its a horrible app. Needs a complete overhaul.

Sea. M. Jun 24, 2020     

Would be nice if there was a description of the modes. Nice to have 180 but with no description it's painful. How about multiple color selection or copy an image pattern. (Like other apps)

Joh. A. O. Apr 9, 2021     

Works fine. Could add some more night patterns. As many says, patterns runs to quick, add some more DIY possibilities. Not visible in blue tooth anymore.

RE:. V. Jun 30, 2021     

Work great after i use it for my music spectrum that can use AUX and control brightness, there's plenty of modes that i didn't like but it's still good tho.

Add. R. Nov 28, 2020     

Good app has some cool effects would love to see playlists so you can shuffle your favorite effects and a turn adjustment for the shuffle would be awesome

Ted. W. Feb 28, 2021     

Good but can't light white led by itself when using an RGBW IC type of strip. I hope they fix this. If it gets fixed I would rate 5 stars.

Ibb. K. Aug 19, 2020     

My LED controller is detected but couldn't connect to it at all. Hope they can fix this because the app seems nice

Sco. S. Feb 24, 2020     

Exactly why does this app INSIST on accessing my device's location to connect to a BLE controller? Is it because you are using this app to gather data on people without their consent?

Mar. S. Jan 12, 2021     

This app is good and all, but now it doesn't want to search for my SKS107 light panels anymore. It used to work just fine but now it doesn't

J. W. Oct 25, 2020     

Would rate better if you could adjust the speed slower and do custom color programs.

Hi. May 13, 2020     

It took over 4 hours to download and most of the colors weren't different they were all like the same please change everything

You. E. Sep 18, 2021     

Unnecessary Location Permission!, Favorite options is still buggy, doesnt support WS2815, No Updates since a year ago!

Lea. C. Sep 17, 2018     

It works great. Pleas add to the static effects a normal RGB Rainbow flow.

Vis. C. Jun 5, 2021     

App no longer works. My bluetooth is on but no devices show up in the app

Sca. B. Jan 23, 2022     

cool but you really need to update the app and add more options, its extremelly limited..