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LED Keyboard Lighting - Mechanical Keyboard RGB

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Reviews (30)

Kim. F. May 23, 2022     

I really like this app and the effects you can use. If you could change the color of your keys and not just the brightness and blur effect, it would make this app %100 better. Also have a problem with my keys getting lighter. This is not only an annoyance but makes it really hard to see the letters.

Lau. H. May 19, 2022     

So cool, I never dreamed typing would/could/is so exciting! Definitely makes it so much more fun. My only suggestion is make it possible for auto correction to add words, phrases, names, and addresses particular to you so it doesn't auto correct all the time. Super annoying! Almost worth deleting or canceling.

J.. H. May 11, 2022     

I'd say this keyboard app is very well thought out and has alot of options to make the keyboard just the right height. Has tons of cool themes and colors. Currently running the RGB Space keyboard. There are ads every 2nd or 3rd time you switch to a different keyboard to try it out. Also I thought there was no way to have all caps but you have to tap the caps button two times real quick to get all caps. But a very good keyboard app. Tons ot options to play with.

Tho. G. Apr 19, 2022     

I think this is a great app but the only thing I think you guys should change (I don't know if it works on tablet) is the sound,the sound does not work and that was the main thing I wanted this app for! But anyways its a great app! I hope you guys will use it too. BUT PLEASE CHANGE THE SOUND THING!!!!!!! Somehow.

DB. May 10, 2022     

The app is AUTOCORRECTING PASSWORDS. I thought I was losing my mind retyping the correct passwords repeatedly until I noticed the keyboarding autocorrecting my passwords. Please fix this, man is it a pain in the- Update 5/9 - now the app is remembering passwords and suggesting them in plain view on my keyboard. Its also still autocorrecting passwords. MAJOR PROBLEMS, DUDES.

Mor. B. May 14, 2022     

This app is incredible! Well worth the money to get rid of the annoying ads IMO. The ability to have custom background is INCREDIBLE! Plus this supports alterative layouts which I use. Hands down the best keyboard out there.

iWa. O. May 7, 2022     

i think this app is pretty cool and there's a problem.. it contains a lot of ads. and should be added more lightning effects and more switch (keypress) sounds and even the you should add a custom folder for that we can add what we wanna

Ren. S. May 15, 2022     

This keyboard is very similar to gboard, which I can't install for some reason, so I went with this one and it's even cooler, so many different options, but.. I can't change the color of my emojis. It's not a huge deal but I would love to be able to change them and I don't mean just one I mean all of them. Help?

Ale. A. May 25, 2022     

There's a problem with the "Show correction suggestions" option it makes the cursor go the wrong ways. Please fix! There's no problem after I turn it off, the cursor acts normal but I need the option as well.

Ech. A. Mar 24, 2022     

If you enjoy typing "In" instead of "I'm", download this app. I just pulled up Gboard side by side with this keyboard and it can discern between I'm and in very easily. This keyboard cannot seem to figure out between the two. Seriously... Download this app and give it a try. It will drive you absolutely nuts

Chr. S. Mar 19, 2022     

Good app so far. Had it a few days and I could finally make a keyboard that goes with my custom icon packs and theme. The ability to us a pic as a background so I could make a trans pride keyboard is awesome, as well as bing able to after the colors and patterns.

Gxr. C. Apr 3, 2022     

This app used to be amazing, but lately it's been glitchy. When my phone is sideways it only shows about 10 keys, and once that issue was fixed the kegs were scrunched up when my phone was upright. I hope this gets fixed because this is honestly the best keyboard app I've used

way. t. d. l. Apr 26, 2022     

I love this app,I wish i had downloaded earlier.The only thing that i hate is that theres so much adds,but like you only get your keyboard and then your done. Honestly it was very easy to use. I love how you can customize your own keyboard,because most apps for keboards dont give you that option. Thank you LED keyboard for changing my keyboard expirience.

Mic. P. Apr 16, 2022     

Good app. nice veriety of keyboards/effects. And easy to use and navigate. but it plays an add everytime you look at a new theme. And also your personal keyboard dictinary and autocorrect is nonexistent while useing a theme from tha app.

Alb. E. Apr 9, 2022     

Great keyboard experience. I have always been using swipe keyboard that is also great but with your keyboard I don't miss any letter๐Ÿ˜€ Would given 5 strars if not for the many adds the app has. Sometimes for each setting a pop-up add will apear. Thank you.

ๅˆ้ŸณใƒŸ. I. May 14, 2022     

I think it is amazing! Except I have a suggestion, can you please add two languages to type in? I already have four of the languages I'm looking for, ํ•œ๊ตญ์–ด (Korean), ะ ัƒััะบะธะน (Russian), เน„เธ—เธข (Thai), and Arabic. I would really appreciate it if you added the languages Japanese and Chinese.

ran. s. Mar 20, 2022     

Its a good keyboard but theres 2 problems: 1.Sometimes the first-letter capitalization feature goes like: "HEllo" 2.i just noticed the clipboard got a cap now, i lost all my copied text, is there a way to downgrade this app or at least turn off the cap? If so please tell me.

Han. M. G. Apr 30, 2022     

OMGGG this app is such a GREATTTT why i like it? Because it have a many themes and auto correction and etc,,,, and btw this keyboard app is not lagging anymore, SUPER I LIKE IT ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ i recommended this app to download because it have a many theme's you can choose wherever you want to change your keyboard just choose anything you like. And last you can create a theme yes you can so i hope u guys download this great keyboard app YES ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ

tom. l. May 14, 2022     

The autocorrect features are TERRIBLE. Sane w the dictionary of personal words u want to store. Also, the customizable features are extremely limited.

Rob. L. Mar 27, 2022     

Bright, colorful, fun and easy to use. Its worth the ads to add a vit if Life to your handset. A wide array of various breathtaking visuals. Worth the install people. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Log. B. Apr 6, 2022     

Great app,but I just wish it had the dictionary on the top for words that you could be looking for. The app has great keyboards great app I recemend it fro people that are looking for some things to add to their phone.

Mar. R. Apr 21, 2022     

Best DIY keyboard so far. I have it a four star dye to the battery consumption it has when open and in use. Typing this now my battery dropped from 57% to 55%. ***UPDATE*** Keyboard is now GIANT can't fix it. Can't type when only 15 keys are visible. I will sadly be uninstalling this now.

Jon. V. Apr 28, 2022     

Pls fix keyboard height, each time you decrease the height theres a gap between keyboard and the bottom of your screen, it seems like margin-bottom is increasing and the keyboard is becoming smaller instead of the real height decrease Also i wonder how to remove the internet icon left side of space button and replace it with emoji so that i dont need to hold the "," button to enter emoji And i hope the number keys are inside the qwert...like normal keyboard Everything else is good and beautiful

Lio. May 15, 2022     

For an app that has ads, I think its really good. All the described functions work and now my keyboard looks so cool. Thanks!

Kar. A. May 19, 2022     

Its really easy to use and you can even customize ur own keyboard I really appreciate the hard work that was put in this application ๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿ’ญ Really amazing work.๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘” ๐Ÿ‘– ๐Ÿ•ณ

Hey. F. May 28, 2022     

Very nice! It has lots of fantastic led keyboard and you can use your own photo as your own background keyboard, love it!

Ash. V. May 8, 2022     

Awesome App, I love the colors, the effects are amazing, very btight and wonderful colors simply awesome, great, excellent, etc !!!

Aim. P. May 19, 2022     

How do you get passed the first screen? It just comes up with all these choices for languages, emojis, etc but no where to click next or continue?! Help??

V. Apr 22, 2022     

It's great and really aesthetic! At first I thought I'd never be able to see through or something, but just give it a shot...but the ads though...

9. A. 4. V. Apr 26, 2022     

I Love This App!!! This is a nice app, where you pick keyboreds and fronts! I was looking for this type of keybored, but finally I found it!!! Thanks so much creator of this app!!! I love this keybored if your looking for an keyboard like this one!!! Download this!!! This is free!!! I think