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LED Remote Control

FREE edition for a limited time

**** IMPORTANT ****
This app needs your phone to have Infrared sensor

Not sure what this means? you can try downloading the app and see if it works

Also works for some Amazon and Walmart brand lights

Your remote is missing? Just ask us for it from the app
* SAVE your favorite remotes for easy access
* NO installation, just click and play
* AMAZING design with cool & easy interface

Have questions? remote isn't working?
Please feel free to contact us on ozvi.inc@gmail.com

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Reviews (30)

Com. T. Jan 10, 2022     

EDITED- Dug out a old set of LEDs lost the remote downloaded this and instantly worked with my built in IR sensor on my phone. I then decided to try it on my pc LEDs and it worked on that too. This app is awesome! EDIT: They've updated the app and the terms and conditions you accept the terms and it says updating and stays at 0% indefinitely.. ever heard of the saying "if it's not broke don't fix" well done devs youve ruined a perfectly working app! Congrats

Mic. P. Mar 21, 2021     

This app is really nice. I bought my LED online and i didnt have a battry for the remote control that came with them. Luckily i came accross this app that allows to, Turn on/off the LED, Change colours, Change brightness and all the options the control has. You get 5 stars because you helped alot and its free! (For it to work your phone has to have the ability to turn on/off TVs)

Sül. C. Jun 22, 2020     

It works for me. I wish there were more remote options, because three buttons on the remote that works for my device are different from the ones on my original remote. Yet, finally a working app for me! Thank you for that, appreciate it.

Ath. Jul 28, 2020     

I'm sure it works with the IR sensor just fine, but I couldn't vouch for it myself, as the damn app wouldn't even open. It stays in a loading screen for a good minute or so, gets to "almost there", then crashes and restarts. Kinda disappointed, not gonna lie.

Tri. M. Dec 11, 2018     

Works great with my S6. It did stop working after I paid for gold membership, but is ok now after reselecting the remote type. Would be even better if there was a widget for the power button. I have used Macrodroid to create one in the meantime.

saq. b. Jan 20, 2020     

Does what it says... people need to know that you need to have an "IR blaster/Infrared sensor" (little led kinda thing at the end of most remotes) in your phone for this app to work. Many phones have them and many don't...works perfectly fine for me, deserves 5 stars.

big. b. f. Sep 4, 2019     

I'm absolutely shocked it actually works I bought my LED RGB Light strips from Wish , so the remote isn't working so well for me anymore. Was looking into buying a replacement and saw apps for these, thought I'd try some and found this WORKS AMAZING! The 3rd remote was the one for my lights. Thank you

Dan. Feb 23, 2019     

I can't believe this app actually worked the first few times it wasn't working and I was disappointed but then I tried taking my case off and it worked then I put my case back on and it still worked. ever have to buy more rope led lights again jist to get another remote.

Ján. N. Oct 19, 2020     

I have a led bulb with IR control. My phone doesn't have IR port. The app doesn't check this and keeps me trying to find the correct settings... it should check wether an IR port present before first use.

Mr. B. Apr 25, 2019     

worked perfect. simple user interface, had led strips dancing as they should in seconds. Only had app for 2 minutes now, but very happy. Samsung S6.

Ale. F. Feb 9, 2021     

I have some very cheap led strips and the remote broke within a week and this is the only app that I can use them with. Overall good.

Dra. Feb 3, 2021     

Didn't know I'd have to buy and IR adapter for this to work, might as well just buy a new remote. Be sure your phone has IR capabilities before installing!

Eyx. Apr 2, 2020     

It only works with ir enabled phone. Sadly for me samsung discontinued the it sensor starting on the s7 I have a s10 and it didnt work. I hear it works good on other devices tho so I'm not gonna bring down the stars

vic. m. Jan 16, 2021     

Some people are rating the app as bad and some as good the thing is your phone has to have an ir transmitter the only phone that worked for me was the Samsung galaxy s6 because it has a small black circle on the top of the phone wich sends out ir waves

Mic. A. Feb 28, 2020     

My generic, no-name, colour changing LED light bulb's remote control was lost and this app replaces it perfectly, saving me the cost of buying a whole new light bulb with remote. All functions supported! 5 stars,

Cas. A. Jun 24, 2020     

It worked for exactly what I needed it for, some LED light strips with multiple colors options. Pretty simple and pretty handy!

Mar. S. Apr 27, 2020     

Its only for infra red equipped phones. If it worked with bluetooth &/or wifi it would be genuinely useful. But it doesnt......

You. M. Mar 22, 2021     

It just stayed on the loading screen. It keeps going out of the app and loading again. And I have wifi so I know that's not the problem.

Ond. S. Jun 9, 2019     

The remote works, tho the interface is terrible. I'd give five stars if the interface was better.

Nau. V. Jan 7, 2021     

My remote doesn't work so i was looking for a remote app and all of them were not working but this one works perfectly better than the actual remote

sco. m. Apr 1, 2020     

So awesome! Works with All my led lights. I no more need to find all those remotes. Great app. The best. Thank you for making this!!!!!!

Jus. R. Apr 20, 2019     

Works perfectly! even with the $4 walmart lights. when I lose my remote I just grab my phone and change the lights.

Tra. M. Sep 12, 2020     

Garbage app doesn't work. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. AMATUER DEVS. Literally have the exact remote they are showing and they say my galaxy s9+ needs to buy an external adapter LOL SCAM!

Jul. W. Oct 25, 2020     

A lot of people said this app wasnt working, but there are 2 simalar remotes one works for cetain devices and the other for others, so i uninstalled and reinstalled picjed another remote and it wprked.

Sam. M. Nov 24, 2020     

Great app! I have been searching for a long time, but finally found this one that works with both my two lights, thank you developer.

A. G. u. Sep 15, 2018     

Best LED app I've found to date. Simple, comfortable, and easy to use. Works wonders on my Galaxy S6! Absolutely love it!

Log. W. Jun 10, 2021     

Doesnt work ..Im using my old LG phone that has IR (infra red) and it STILL doesnt work. The app askes for all your info..just for a remote control app. DONT INSTALL... YOUVE BEEN WARNED

SON. 9. Jan 20, 2020     

I didn't expect that is really works!! I was struggling with my new remote for 3 days and I just downloaded this app and problem was easily solved out!

CL1. Oct 29, 2020     

I know you probably tried but it just doesn't work hope you can fix it it is a great idea to make something that uses your phone as the remote other than the real remote!

Abh. G. May 3, 2019     

This is the remote you are finding others are fake this is REAL remote just install it and forget all light remotes. very user friendly and updated app. THANK YOU...