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Let's Fish: Sport Fishing Games. Fishing Simulator

It’s time to go fishing with Let’s Fish, the best fishing simulator and free online game of 2019!
Looking for free fishing games (bass fishing, ice fishing, fly fishing, sport fishing, big fish fishing and more) or best outdoor games? Great! Lets Fish offers the best summer fishing and winter fishing experience, so u don't have to search for any other hobby games anymore. With Let's Fish you have your hobby in your pocket, all the time ! Sport fishing, free and better than other free fishing apps in 3D.

So.. join the most popular Sport Fishing Game in the World! Invite and compete with friends to hunt down your next catch (salmon? bass? tuna? shark? whale?) and reel your fish in! Enjoy a virtual adventure in nature’s great outdoors and visit stunning fishing locations through relaxing gameplay – Catch the fishing fever this season with the ultimate fishing simulator app. It’s time to grab your fishing tackle, unwind, and go fish!

Unwind, Relax & Go Fishing

Every fisherman or angler knows there’s nothing like coming back from work, picking up fishing tackle and heading to the nearest ocean or freshwater lake for some quality sport fishing. If it’s the fishing off-season, or you don’t have an angling boat at hand, simply open Let’s Fish! With realistic scenery in the heart of nature, you will feel like you are on an actual fishing trip, standing on the fishing dock, holding your fishing rod, staring at the water and waiting for your fish to take the bait.

Over 60 Stunning Locations

Travel to different photo-realistic locations in nature across all continents, like Rio Negro, Alaska, the Norwegian Fjords, American Lakes, South American rivers or oceans. Find the most appropriate fishing gear for each location and choose between a fishing rod, a net, or other options.

Over 650 Species of Fish

Catch various species of fish, from small and medium breeds like catfish, albacore and skipjack tuna or salmon to large fish species such as coelacanths, peacock bass, and even white sharks and whales. We are constantly adding more fish species and new unique features to the app.

Accessorize all the Way

Enjoy a variety of fishing tackles. Replace your natural worm bait and experiment with fly fishing or lures. With Let’s Fish’s virtual gear, online fishing is a truly authentic experience. We have the complete fishing tackle and equipment every angler would love to use: rods, hooks, lines, reels, landing nets, bait, ground bait, buffs... you name it! Let’s Fish has it all – “hook, line and sinker”

Competion, player vs player (PvP) duels, rankings and tournaments

Wanna compete with friends in multiplayer mode, win the rankings, show off with your big fish, take part in fishing tournaments, events or weekend fishing championship?. You can easly become a fishing king and fish expert in this free sports games and free fishing simulator. You will need a good fishing gear and a strategy to match the best baits and rods (you should use other equippment for sea fishing, spin fishing,and float fishing) with the appropriate fishing location. You can't find a shark in cold arenas nor catch a big fish as trout, salmon or bass using a small rod.

Join Let’s Fish for your next outdoor angling adventure!

Best big fish app among fishing saga s?

- Sport Games for free are not as thrilling as this fishing app
- Outdoor sports games are mostly about hunting or fighting / boxing but fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States (US, North America) and other countries like Canada
- In this best and top fish simulator you can go on fishing sharks and other sea predators

Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/letsfishthegame or like our Facebook fpage at https://www.facebook.com/PlayLetsFish to get updates about new tournaments or in-game promos.

Please be advised that Let’s Fish is an online fishing game, an internet connection is required to play the game.

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

J. Feb 1, 2022     

I enjoy the game. It has good graphics and game play. There needs to be less pay for things with cash. I would like to advance get beter gear ect but can not due to the pay factor. The lisecening is high too and the game keeps crashing, in the middle of tornements ect. I am connected to internet with a back up its the only one not staying connected, I am becoming frusterated and will most likly uninstall the game if things keep going the way they are.

Jan. A. A. Nov 2, 2021     

This is a very cool fishing game! Tons of fish to catch in different locations around the world. It's also pretty chill and there's plenty of events and challenges to take part in, with tons of good prizes. Though sometimes the game lags and glitches so I have to re-open the app. Again a simple and cool fishing game, been playing it for years now.

Dav. W. Mar 4, 2019     

Like Other Fishing Games I've Played. Just cast and tap the button to keep the meter in the right place when a fish bites. Very in-depth gameplay, but not enough tutorial, so lots of trial and error. The gameplay is also quite slow, but it could be due to the high ping rate on my satellite internet. I've been playing for a couple hours now and haven't uninstalled it yet, so it's worth trying out.

Sau. :. May 5, 2022     

This game is good but I hate when I join tournament end they teleport me in Australia and I can't leave 0 options to get back in my home Europe

Kai. A. Nov 6, 2021     

An awesome game, really love the diversity of fish and equipment. I do wish the fish were just a little animated and that there were much more locations on the map. Also if there was like an encyclopedia to read up and learn some facts about the fish and other animals as well as the locations within.

TAY. G. Feb 21, 2022     

Its really fun that you get points that you can use to upgrade certain things but it should be easier to get those points and money wise its difficult for beginners. Other than that really good game.

J.L. F. Nov 30, 2019     

Love this game, but it has glitches that can cause you to lose fish, and later things cost too much. Years ago i played this game religiously and spent a good bit of real money, but was not granted some purchases and wont be putting money in again. It's otherwise a fun, beautiful fishing game.

Chr. D. Apr 21, 2022     

Great game so far. Don't like the menu though.

Jen. W. Aug 11, 2020     

This one gets it! Somehow I've never actually been fishing and find it very cruel but this is the next best thing combined with the satisfaction of tapping and collecting items to catch larger fish. The algorithm seems to be well thought out in terms of the payout vs cost of items. So far it's a keeper!

Meg. H. Mar 14, 2019     

I enjoy the option of different rods, hooks, lines, and being able to interchange them all too get the best setup. If I would criticize anything its that I wish there was an optional tutorial on how to use the other types of fishing rod besides the float rod but all in all a lovely game

Jon. J. Nov 14, 2018     

The ads & in-app purchases are a little distracting but overall it's a very entertaining game with a lot of variety. Update: it often freezes with a fish on the line & the club gift exchange is very buggy

Mic. T. Sep 1, 2021     

The game is actually quite fun and so simple to play. It ain't no pay to win style which I like. I was expecting a POS game but I'm actually really enjoying it.... I would definitely recommend this to my friends... The machanic to the game makes it easy for beginners and fishing experts alike. Really good job

Gar. S. Sep 22, 2020     

This game is excellent. Unfortunately it is very unreliable, often crashes and sometimes won't load at all. When it works it is great, if the reliability is fixed it would be a gem!

Edw. M. May 20, 2020     

Simple mechanics but a better tutorial would help. Will revise after I've had a chance to play some. There are some metrics that I can't figure out. Interesting, that there are no ads on my app even if you want to use them to farm bucks.?!?!

Jan. V. Mar 14, 2022     

Zero stars. Game doesn't work. I played for half an hour and couldn't claim my task reward (server error). When I reported the problem, the robo response was a lengthy article on how to get task rewards. Utterly useless.

Ala. B. Jan 14, 2019     

Really like the game. No energy. Easy to play. Lots of locations and fish. Graphics are good. The only downfall is if you want to catch the biggest fish its going to cost you alot of real money.

Den. B. Sep 20, 2020     

It's a quick easy to learn fun fishing game seems to have many different locations to fish all over the world with plenty of different species to catch also lots of baits and a variety of tackle to make the game alot more enjoyable.

Spe. P. Aug 15, 2021     

giving it another chance, hopefully its fixed from my wifi connection kept going out the whole time I had the app installed and soon as I uninstalled it then it stopped. Idk what causes this but every so often I come across a certain app & it does this.

__. Feb 17, 2021     

I like the game, but sometimes I get logged out when I caught the goal fish, plus a description of what take is needed would be nice. I hate when it keeps saying the fish are not biting try something different I purchased almost all the bait unlocked and I still can't find the right bait to use at lake Fuji.

Tam. P. Dec 4, 2018     

Its boring. You just push a button. No reeling in or fighting. Either you get a fish or you dont. You dont see the fish in the water, or when it comes out.. Just a picure of the fish and the type. Im deleting it, i only played it for about 3 minutes.. Ive played much better. Sorry developers! Just being honest.

Sus. R. Jan 18, 2020     

Good gameplay! Just dont like some of the animation for fish and how you can catch snakes and caimens in the amazon. Other than that tons of locations and fish to catch!

Ben. R. May 12, 2022     

It will be an okay game when I get further up the scale

chr. l. Apr 28, 2022     

Different fishing areas can't wait to try Africa

Ada. C. Mar 16, 2021     

I dislike this game only because it's too easy to catch fish you just hold a button and you get a fish. The graphics are fine but I wish it was like actually like 3d and moving from wind or something like that. This game had a big road f9r improvement so don't get this game it is not that good.

Mic. a. Oct 26, 2021     

Brilliant game like it alot the only gripe I have is bonuses like power ups witch last say 15 mins go even when your not playing was playing had to take a call on my phone when call ended went back and my bonus time was gone had to uninstall game do to not loading when Internet WiFi turned on will load and play with WiFi off , then got to pay extra for data to play

Lau. K. Apr 24, 2022     

Doesn't explain how to play and takes to long to do anything

Dal. D. Jan 2, 2022     

overall its pretty good. Just wish you could pick your spot at the locations. Graphics and game play are great.

Mic. Q. Jun 22, 2021     

Just started playing, literally cast like 5 times and it asked me to rate already... No problems except it keeps bugging me to buy something. Going to check out a few different games and maybe come back with a different rating!

Ash. H. May 25, 2022     

Very fun and the fish look realistic!!! 5 stars... Wish i could give 10 stars! Plus i love how you can play on PC (Computer)! Amazing Game!

Bor. h. h. Sep 6, 2021     

Animation very clean and smooth. But I'm just concerned that the background doesn't change place to place. Over all very nice and smooth going app.