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Life Almanac

Keep track of the events in your life. Medical, dietary, joy, pain. The events you enter can be synchronized to your own Google Calendar for easy review with others. Maybe you want to keep track of:
- medical conditions for review with a doctor
- exercise to review with your personal trainer
- calorie intake to review with a dietitian
- details about your pet's medical condition to review with the veterinarian.
- a personal journal of any and all events in your life
One, some, or all of these items can be cataloged with your own hashtags as you build your Life Almanac. After linking with your own Google Calendar, all Almanac entries are automatically synchronized as events on your calendar. When you update an Almanac event, the update can be viewed in your Google Calendar. This is a great way to review journal events with the other activities in your life.

Category : Lifestyle

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