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LifeSign - Family Locator

LifeSign makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the people you care about the most, be it your family or friends. It allows you to easily see:
✓ Where they are on a map.✓ When they last used their phones.✓ The weather in their current location.✓ The battery and network levels.✓ Their activities (for example whether they are in a car, cycling, running or walking, etc).✓ Their ringer mode (silent mode/vibration/loud mode).✓ …and so much more!

Everything is highly customizable so that you can share only what you feel like sharing!

★ LifeSign works even when GPS is off.

Also, you can:
• Use LifeSign to send a "Sign" to let your family and friends know you are okay on the spot!
• Use LifeSign to call/text your family/friends.
• Use LifeSign to navigate to their exact location and check their nearby places.
• Add a profile photo for yourself and anyone else, or choose one of our 48 pre-installed awesome avatars!
• Get notified when someone has not used their phone for a long time.

Last but not least, LifeSign allows you to “check-in”, informing everyone that you are safe and sound!

LifeSign provides these great features without being heavy on the battery, usually takes only 2% of battery consumption!!

Sounds great? Download LifeSign now and for free. Worry no more about your family's safety!

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Reviews (30)

Jen. V. Nov 5, 2018     

It works at times but other times like today it won't connect last time connected was 2 days ago. Need it to work tonight for Halloween to keep an eye on my kids while they split up with friends. I was told there would be a update can you let me know as to when I should be expecting it? That way the app can begin working for me again.

Lan. 5. Oct 8, 2018     

Couldn't ever get it to receive any notifications. Wouldn't track anyone with current locations. Support tried everything, but couldn't make it work.

A. G. u. Oct 8, 2018     

Looked for an app to help with keeping my family safe. Looked at many and found this one that works!! It uses minimal battery and the layout is the best!!

Sea. F. Sep 30, 2018     

Simple app...works well. Didn't have to create an account on the web.

Lui. S. Oct 1, 2018     

App is not available for Iphone users,only Android. Uninstalling

Jim. H. Oct 9, 2018     

First thing it wanted was full access to ALL of my contacts. Noped out right there.

Mic. B. Sep 30, 2018     

It's OK but Funa is better

A. G. u. Jun 22, 2018     

Now ita showing my location, after reinstalling app. Very impressed from your instant reply with in 10 minutes.

Ren. Q. Sep 19, 2018     

I love it

Mik. C. Jul 14, 2017     

Useless. Tells me where my family were 35 minutes ago or 5 hours ago, but hardly ever where it is now. Automated sign is set for 1 minute, GPS on, mobile data on. Yes, sign automation was on on all of the phones.

A. G. u. Jul 12, 2017     

Awesome customer service. By far the best tracker out there. 5 stars

Jua. R. F. L. Jun 30, 2017     

Best app ever to know where your relatives are!

Chr. E. Jul 1, 2017     

It's amazing. It's on key..location is directly on point

Lac. Jun 14, 2017     

This app is awesome, I love it! The only 2 things I wish it had is the ability to show how far someone is away/how long it would take to get to them, and showing a person's last known location on the map instead of them disappearing off of it entirely. Other than that, this app is absolutely wonderful! 👍

A. G. u. May 22, 2017     

Very useful app. Easy to use for every member of my family, even my father sends singns to his grandchildren. Thank you guys for the best family locator I had so far.

Kat. M. Jun 22, 2017     

Not got to review it yet waiting on my friends or family members join me on here to try it out I hope please and thank you very much!!!!!!

ck. Jun 22, 2017     

So I invited a friend, they joined but it still says I have no one in my circle. Can't seem to figure it out....

Mer. S. Jan 6, 2017     

I'm not able to name locations and it's not iPhone compatible the people in my home use both Android and iPhone so this needs to pair with the both of them other than that I really can't tell you not much feedback because I'm not able to use it

A. G. u. Feb 16, 2017     

Simple so far, but would be nice if we could name locations that we are at the most, and to be able to save those locations(: Thank you!

Ste. E. Dec 27, 2016     

1) UI need some love (material design). 2) If unable to report location no location info is shown for the user would be better if last known location was shown instead (e.g. marked as obsolete).

Dia. S. Apr 24, 2017     

Location wildly inaccurate. Doesn't actually update often enough - i need to know where my kids are now, not 7 hours ago. Can't ping their phones to find their location. Can't see the point of this app.

Geo. K. Mar 15, 2017     

Great idea, love the use interface. Congrats to the developers!!!

Pet. P. Jan 31, 2017     

LifeSign, you are the best!

Nig. L. Dec 21, 2016     

Thank You...

Ste. B. Apr 27, 2017     

Use RX please

Bra. D. Dec 13, 2016     

Overall pretty happy, like the layout and use of the app. I also like the responsiveness but would of given it 5 stars if they had a way to show the History of a user. Thats the 1 Big thing that its missing, has me looking for another app just for that reason

Pam. L. Dec 13, 2016     

It never updates on its own. My husband is an over the road trucker, it shows him being elsewhere and now I'm looking at him! Anyway we can fix that pesky lil problem? We have to "send a sign" or it won't tell us our locations. Thank you

Adn. H. Dec 14, 2016     

I configured it to send automated sign with 5 min interval but it only sends sign during phone use only.

j. a. Dec 14, 2016     

Great app. Even better customer service. This guy is awesome. Helped me problem solve why it wasn't working in almost real time. Now it is working great again. Where else do you find such great customer service?

Rob. S. Oct 22, 2016     

I live in rural UK, and this is better than most other apps when it comes to accuracy. However, it needs better notification structures eg when you haven't received a sign from your child for 30 minutes. It also doesn't have 'safe zones'. However, those tend to only work well in urban areas.