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Lite Messenger for Facebook

Free, lightweight alternative for both Facebook, Facebook messenger, Google+ & Instagram which allows you to chat with your Facebook friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browse newsfeed, comments, browse Google+, browse Instagram, etc... and protect your privacy.
- Lite Messenger for Facebook with customize theme ( Blue grey, Dracula, Pink , Dark ... color ) . Lite Messenger for Facebook will help change and Optimal your facebook messeger.
- Background connection to Facebook server is optimized to save battery
- Simplify Facebook layout to save your battery
- Login and chat instantly using Facebook account with public profile (we don't need this but it's default by Facebook)
- Requires only handful of permissions to let you send and receive images downloaded from Facebook
- Both Facebook and Messenger in a small app
- Push notifications to make sure that you never miss a message
- Compatible with older Android version
- Send images, download videos from Facebook

Google+Don't want to install the Goolge+ app to have a "native" feeling while browsing your interests and communities? Now you don't have to. Lite Messenger for Facebook includes Google+ out of the box.

InstagramDon't want to install the Instagram app to have a "native" feeling while browsing your favorite pictures of cats? Now you don't have to. Lite Messenger for Facebook includes Instagram out of the box.

Totally free!If you like it, give 5 stars and leave comments or suggest us any features.-----------------------------------------Thanks Creative Trends https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creativetrends.folio.app-----------------------------------------

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