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Lite Web For Facebook

Lite Web for facebook is A lightweight, highly customizable, and battery-friendly Facebook alternative app that emphasizes on user interface and user experience as much as functionality and design ..
It have a lot of Features like .

- Light: size less than 0.1 MB.
- Simple, with modern design: There are just what you need.
- no violations.
- Respects your privacy: only needs any special powers
- multi app themes

themes ::

- Standard
- Dark theme
- Red theme
- Green theme
- Insta theme

app size ::

less than 0.1 MB

Features ::

- Download photos
- Watch videos in full screen mode
- Back top button
- Data saver
- In app messages Features

and more ..

Our Community: https://www.facebook.com/apps2020

===========Important remark : It is an unofficial app which is not affiliated with official Facebook app. Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc. Lots of efforts have been made in order to respect the copyright requirements. In case you found any violations, we kindly ask you to report us by sending an email.

Category : Social

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