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Lithium EPUB Reader

Lithium is an EPUB reader built on simplicity.

• Built with Material Design
• Automatic book detection
• Highlighting & notes
• Night & sepia themes
• Switch between pages and scrolling
• 100% ad-free


Use the "Send feedback" button (in the drawer or menu depending on where you're at in the app). Please let us know about any bugs or crashes you encounter.

Full discloure: We intend to add a single in-app purchase later to unlock additional features, however it will only be one purchase to unlock everything and there will never be advertisements even if you don't pay.

* The book shown in the screenshots is the Swift Programming Language manual from http://swift.org.

Category : Books & Reference

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Reviews (30)

Mr. G. G. Jan 1, 2020     

Great. I love it. I searched and searched, but this is the only one a liked. What's missing to make it perfect? A dark mode for the user interface side panel and options menu, because it hurts the eye, and most read at night. An option to always start the app on a specific page once the app is re-opened. I like to begin on the contents page for example. And an option to automatically scroll down to a specific portion of the page when you search for a verse. Thanks for this app.

Ste. M. Jun 11, 2019     

I've been using this app as my ebook reader on my phone for a year now. Simple, neat interface, enough settings to get the book to look the way I want, and best of all, no ads. It may lack the more elaborate functions and settings but so far whenever I've tried another app I've always come back to this one because it looks better, does the things I want and it has no ads. I never usually bother leaving ratings but this app deserves the recommendation :)

Rac. F. Apr 13, 2022     

The app's customization for your reading experience is excellent, especially being able to choose between paged and scrolled reading. There's a couple of features that I'd find handy - I'd like to be able to see reading progress as a percentage - and be able to switch between seeing progress by chapter and for the whole book. I would also like to see Dropbox integration. It's a really excellent app otherwise. I've read about 10 books on Lithium so far, and I don't plan on switching readers.

Ton. A. Mar 16, 2022     

Not bad. It has the base essential functions for easy navigation and smooth reading. However, some abilities missing, and that makes me feel disappointed. No book editor. You can't rename or add custom image for book cover. You can't manually sort the books in specific chain. You can't set the main page to show categories view, instead of my books.

Ori. O. Mar 7, 2022     

Simple and easy to understand. Just poke around if you're unsure of what to do and you'll figure it out in less than five minutes. The iles load automatically into it, so that's a plus! No ads, enough options for a comfortable read and works fine offline. The only thing I'd say is an issue would be the chapter-passing system. You might just lightly touch the side of the screen and jump into the next chapter, losing the line. That's it. Incredibly user-friendly. Go for it! :)

Til. D. Mar 22, 2022     

I have used Lithium Pro for years and read 100s of books with it. I have and at times used other readers, but Lithium is my go-to day in and day out. It is rock solid. It's configurability is not as extensive as some others, but the configurability available is perfectly chosen and easily accessed. This is important as I read in different environments so quickly adjusting font intensity or background color is very useful - I do such frequently. Lithium is the most usable reader I've found!

Elv. t. L. Apr 13, 2022     

Great E-PUB reader app, solid and intuitive interface. If I had a gripe, it would be that there could be a bit more categorizing options. Being able to edit the book flags. Example: sorting by author name, but some book files have first and last name reversed. This throws of the sorting order. (Brooks, Terry versus Terry Brooks)

Mat. K. Jan 13, 2022     

This app does exactly what it says it does and does it well. The only reader that was able to correctly display epubs from humble bundle (they included a lot of images and most other apps displayed only text). Simple and elegant. So why only 4? Because it does lack one simple function which is crucial for me - reassigning tap functions. I'm left-handed and it's a pain to hold the tablet in left-hand and have to swipe with your thumb when you could just tap.

P. M. Dec 15, 2021     

It's been years but I keep coming back to this app over others. Recently, I was tired of the limited functionality from the free version of Lithium, such as the inability to change the font type and themes. So, I went searching for a suitable alternative and installed several alternatives. Every one of them felt bloated and glitchy, some of them even suspiciously creepy. Therefore, I'm a returning user of Lithium until someone decides to make a better free reader app like calibre for desktop.

Jak. W. Jan 9, 2022     

Great for simple books. Love the way the words flow, and enjoy the minimal UI. Unfortunately a few things bothered me enough to stop using it altogether. The loading screens when flipping the page to a new chapter, skipping around, or checking a foot note/end note really suck me out of my book; the search feature does not give page numbers, chapter, or any other context on where in the book your results appear; I find the chapter menu burried and resent that third tap to get to it each time!

Ano. V. Feb 3, 2022     

I love the simple, practical, and intuitive features of this reading app. It doesn't take up a lot of space on my phone. New ebooks are automatically detected and added to its library. I do wish it could let me rearrange book categories instead of just rename or delete them, but I'm fine with the current capabilities of the free version too.

Kai. Nov 29, 2021     

Two weeks ago I would have given Lithium five stars. After days of crashes, I gave up on all bookmarks and folders in the hope that reinstalling it would fix the problem. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled four times now. I can no longer change the font, or bookmark, even though I only have FIVE books in my library. This had never been an issue before.

Che. J. Jan 13, 2022     

I was thinking of buying a Kindle for reading when I stumbled across this app. This is unlike any other reader I have come across, so good to the point where I ditched the idea of buying a Kindle. Awesome app altogether. The reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because the page numbers aren't displayed on the side drawer of contents. Life would be much easier if we could see how many pages are remaining in the current chapter. Fix this, and the app would be perfect.

umm. k. Nov 28, 2021     

I really love Lithium I just wish that I could have more control over the folders I made and that highlighted and bookmarked parts would be in order instead of chronologically of when theu were made. Also, recently, whenever I tried highlighting long pieces of books, it'll just stop highlighting it which is a little frustrating. But other than that, I love Lithium.

Zah. Dec 9, 2021     

I don't think I've ever rated an app 5 stars before this, and I think it's unlikely that I will, but Lithium really deserves it. It's perfect for opening Epub files, and allows for so much customization, which makes the reading experience excellent. Being able to add in little notes and highlights is such fun too, and it's great to look back on when rereading something after some time. I appreciate that this is free, with no ads too (at least, none that I've encountered) and I'm very grateful!

Mae. Nov 29, 2021     

a must have app when you love reading! the over-all feature of this app is a masterpiece! i love it's aesthetics. the highlights, the notes, everything. I just want to suggest that Lithium should have a feature where you can connect it to your acc (google, fb, etc.) so you can sign in with the said account and your notes and highlights and your books in your library is still there. I hope they'll have that feature.

mad. Apr 22, 2022     

I love everything about this app especially that it's simple and easy to use but how I wish the highlighters are adjusted for dark mode readers, it's way too light for the words to be seen and it's hard to read. I also wish there was a feature to see how much progress you've read but overall it's a great app!

A. G. u. Sep 20, 2018     

I've been using this app for about a year. I love the simple and useful functions. Black backgrounds, volume button page turner and linking references. I just never got a hold of the name and the icon of the app. The name has completely nothing to do with anything other than our reading is powered by lithium batteries, duh. The icon does not fit anywhere, I'm not sure if it's the strong colour frequencies radiated from purple or that it's just simply ugly. You need a facelift.

Ter. F. Sep 20, 2018     

Excellent app. Found my books immediately. I gave this four stars for two reasons. First, the book contents, etc. are on the RIGHT side. When turning pages, you can get that information, which distracts from reading. Second, no dictionary. The pages turn beautifully, except when you get the table of contents by mistake. Taking notes is a breeze, and it appears that copying selected text - for insertion into a school paper, for example, is available, but I did not test it. I really wish there was a dictionary option. Leaving your reading to look up a word - might as well be reading a "real" book. Otherwise, I really like this app for reading epub.

Jam. Oct 7, 2019     

Very good! This is an excellent quality e-reader and it's got a nice minimalist interface that doesn't get in the way. I use the Pro version, but it's still missing the single feature that I need most: Backup of epub files to Google Drive. The problem is that a lost phone is still something of a disaster when there's no backup of the epub's themselves. The only other thing it needs badly is background preloading of the next page. Otherwise, it's an excellent reader. Much better than 90% of what's out there.

Jer. F. Mar 12, 2020     

Having just moved away from the Google Play Books app, Lithium has impressed me with its clean, intuitive, and uncluttered interface. I see that long ago, it was mentioned that "preloading chapters for seamless linear navigation" is a planned feature. This is the feature I would most like to see added to the app; right now when I move to a new chapter I often have to wait a couple moments while it loads. This is especially frustrating when moving back and forth several times between the last page of chapter n and the first page of chapter n+1.

Buf. P. Jul 25, 2019     

Lithium is my favorite epub reader to date. It is easy to use, and features text scaling, bookmarking, and night mode. There is one major feature that is missing that I would love to see added, which is the ability to rename bookmarks. I am currently reading The Lord of the Rings, which features many maps that I would like to reference back to quickly. Unfortunately, those bookmarks just get labelled as the chapter they are in and the page. Overall, great app. I highly recommend it.

ant. Mar 18, 2020     

Easily the best reading app! Useful, but simple and clean. Sometimes too clean, though. I would suggest adding more useful little features, like, for example, being able to change the order of notes. Edit: Ok, so I found it. Apparently, I had to tap the text again for my keyboard to come up. Thank you! Yeah, editing the notes from the menu would be great! Also, it would be perfect if their order in the menu could be changed. Right now, they are always sorted from old to new.

Joh. D. Nov 28, 2018     

Great, lightweight app. Never crashes, never loses my page. Books are automatically detected, even when moved around. It doesn't ask for extraneous permissions or waste resources on unwanted features. I just wish I had more control over the naming scheme. Regardless of file name, the display of the titles and authors is beyond my apparent control - and as a result they are inconsistent, which is especially problematic while sorting. This is only somewhat bothersome, though. Usually the metadata is pretty clean.

Lau. O. Jul 17, 2019     

Perfect app. Simple, polished design. Does everything I need. Taking notes is easy and it looks beautiful. Highly customizable. Makes my reading experience enjoyable. I've been reading more than usual thanks to this app. Only thing I would add is the ability to change bookmarks' titles. Also, it would be awesome if notes and highlights were added to the original file, to access them from unsupported devices like a PC. (Even better: a Lithium version for PC. I would buy it!)

Mri. S. Apr 5, 2021     

I am loving this app! But there are also stuff that you can improve on. 1. When you tap and hold on a text to highlight, there should be a button to confirm the action. Accidental touches happens a lot with me and I have to tap it again to cancel it. 2. You should try implementing word definition search feature inside the app itself because its faster than switching between apps.

wat. t. May 23, 2020     

Nice and simple. The design doesn't get in the way of what you want to do which is read. Has night mode and sepia. Change the font style and size. Highlight, bookmark and add notes. Takes you to last read page when you reopen. Text justification. Scroll down or tap to turn the pages. No ads or anything like that. Currently only supports Epub. Other than that it's golden.

Win. Feb 9, 2021     

I've been using this app to download and read fics from ao3 for a couple of months now. I love the layout and how it feels like a kindle book with a bonus of all the reading layout options. The only reason it is getting only four stars is the last page of a chapter often has a glitch that will only show half the page vertically. This isn't a huge issue because you can see the entire thing when you go to flip the page. But still a bit inconvenient.

Naj. K. Dec 5, 2020     

Three stars because you can highlight content and you can technically add notes--as long as you're adding those notes to a highlight. It's very touchy and difficult to do so, however, because clicking the screen (as necessary to select content to highlight) pulls up the menu and shifts all of the text on the screen--sometimes by several pages. Navigation is very difficult (no ability to flip the page at all?) if you're not willing to constantly flip back and forth between laptop and tablet mode.

Nee. S. Jan 13, 2020     

Love this app. The fonts are easy to read and the themes are easy on the eyes. The options for both vertical scrolling AND page swiping gives the reader a better choice. The highlight and note taking is a design genius. The team behind this should be proud of themselves. Even the export feature is an excellent choice. Although, can I ask if that can be updated to include the dates with the bookmarks? Other than that, everything is perfect. No ad clutter. Smooth interface. The best for its job.