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Littlest Pet Shop

Get immersed in the LITTLEST PET SHOP world and collect your favorite pets!
Help BLYTHE and her friends Minka, Penny, Pepper, Russell, Sunil, Vinnie and Zoe to adopt, take care of and entertain cute little pets!

* 150 pets to collect! Dogs, cats, bears and more!
* Wash them, feed them and play with them in fun mini-games.
* Build houses and play areas to welcome and entertain even more pets.


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Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

A. G. u. Feb 25, 2019     

This game is very enjoyable and I love it. But there is one problem, ads. The game can't handle running after an ad has been presented to the player, the game just crashes. That for many players, makes the game unplayable, for the reason that we need ads to get bling. Without bling the player cannot proceed and complete the game with all the pets. Please fix this issue, it'll make the game a million times better.

tru. Nov 2, 2019     

I think this is a very good game! Suitable for all ages, I am 12 and Im obbssesed with the game! Once you start playing you cant stop! It works perfectly for me and it doesnt have any lag, black outs or anything like that. However, It does use more battery power then most other apps. It takes about 2.02% every hour and thats why my phone mainly runs dead.Also, if you have trouble at the start of the game with money (you dont have enough money) you can do quests and that gets you enough money.

Kii. Oct 17, 2020     

So I used to play this as a kid and decided to play it again because I remembered how much I loved it,and I still do! But there definitely needs some changes, like how when you get to the 3rd pet of a type it goes from waiting five minutes TO 30!!! it would've been alot better to make it fifteen and then 30! 2 getting hearts is such a challenge! If u go-to dream town the previous day and collect the items on the street the next day u might not even see ONE and of course make the pets cost less

Gla. D. Oct 9, 2018     

it was great and worked perfectly on my phone, but since I had to reinstall the app it doesn't work properly anymore (plus I can't recover my old account), I often get a message like: " littlest pet shop has stopped", so I can't connect to fb, I can't watch a video to get blings and it's hard to visit friends cities because the game stops whenever an ad appears (it appears several times in a minute). I tried to contact the support but they never replied me. Many people are facing the same problem, but apparently the developers don't really care. I wish it could be fixed ☹

Sus. C. Jan 27, 2019     

It just gets boring after a while, you know? You just do the same routine every time and it gets boring. You take care of pets, collect coins, get more pets, and repeat. If you can, could you add more things for the future like letting your pets have water? Also, please update the adds! You've been using the same adds for years! Thanks!

Sue. R. Aug 9, 2019     

I've had this app for a very long time for years. This game is very fun. The little animals are adorable! It's a huge time killer and a bit addictive. The game does have its downsides though. It can get very laggy depending on your internet or location. You may have to so digital purchases too and this isn't your game if you don't like waiting for things to be built, made etc if you know what I mean. But I recomend it!

The. T. W. O. M. Dec 3, 2020     

I really love the game and It must have taken a long time to make. But...I just wish there was more you can do with your pets also there every time I go to play it crashed 3-7 times before the game would work normaly. One more thing there hasn't been much updates I'd love to see more animals like deers for Christmas or something. Other than that I love the game and. It brought back the memories that I had when I was a kid! It can get boring some times tho... QwQ

A. G. u. Jul 22, 2019     

Aww!It's been a couple years since I got this game and I forgot how cute it is. It's so nostalgic seeing the pets now and playing them, buying houses, ect. The graphics are great and I love buying houses every now and then. But more often than not, an ad comes on and glitches up the screen. Other than that, I love this game.

Sky. S. Jun 20, 2019     

this game is sooooooooo addictive!!! there are tons of pets to choose from. the pets are very colorful and cute I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves animals. I give it five stars because it is a very very wonderful came and totally appropriate for children. there aren't very many ads so that's nice except you just have to watch ads for only certain things but there are very many things that you have to watch ads for that's nice.

Kat. B. Jul 23, 2019     

Good game, just mot for me. I see that some had trouble with download, I had no problems, it downloaded and installed quickly. smooth gameplay, good graphics, cute. however, no chill,do your own thing time. task after task. for people that like that kind of game, this is a cute one. collect lots of cute pets, with accessories.

Vic. Aug 28, 2020     

I don't have much to say about it just a few useful ideas & suggestions: To be able to move the houses around not just the animals. Also why do the houses and animals take longer and longer to arrive (17 hours!?!) To wait for my lion!?! I am having trouble with online friend thing the ads crash my game and I can't get any hearts..very tedious also put levels on the houses and when u can get them at a certain level do then we don't buy houses in the wrong order of the quests otherwise brill game.

Bea. Oct 11, 2019     

It's a really fun app, but I don't like how he houses are SO expensive. People buy the pets, but can't place them because they don't have enough kibble/coins or bling/diamond to buy the houses. I also don't like how after some trips of caring for your pet you can only do one thing then have to wait 30 mins most of the time. Sometimes, I have to wait 3 hours to do one thing! That really needs to be changed. Other than all that, I love the game, so with the positive and negatively, I rate 4 stars

I. l. d. Feb 28, 2022     

I played this game a long time ago and I LOVED it!! But now it says I have to update it and when it takes me to the play store THERES NO UPDATE!! I was really disappointed.Also I saw that it shut down in Novemember in 2021 because it didn't have enough buyers.I really wish they could bring it back sometime.. :(

Sop. M. Jun 22, 2020     

Hello I'm here to rate this game I rate it a 4 but it keeps on stopping and stopping when I went back onto the app it always says Littlest Pet Shop stoped working how do you to get it to stop doing that!!! Though its a really good game I love it very much I had it on both of my iPads 👍👌 and then it started working again so it's alright it only happend once so yes it's a good game to download

The. t. l. Mar 29, 2020     

It's an awesome game but there are a few bugs here and there. And sometimes when I open it, it says that the app doesn't respond and tells me to open app again. And before buying something when you click on that item please leave a 'confirm' icon or button. Because I can see lots of people accidentally purchasing items and losing their cash and gems.

Acc. 2. A. Jul 5, 2019     

They says "bug-free version of the game" 😠 THIS IS IS SO BUGGY AND IT STUCKS! when I open the game, in every 2 minutes, an ad pop ups and the game stucks and closes automatically. I can't even play the game online, the game lags so much and it stucks when an ad pop ups all over the screen! The only way to play it with peace is, playing the game offline without any internet connection. I HATE THOSE ADS! 😡 I really love the game and I would give 5-star-rating if you remove all those STUPID ADS!

Mik. Aug 14, 2019     

The game is really fun and cute but my save is glitched. I've managed to get really far in this game (I managed to save up for bears, persian cats etc) but the start of the tutorial keeps coming up and I can't tap anything but some kibbble at the top of the starting house. I have 88 pets and yet I can't play it at all. I bought the lop bunnies ( the bling ones) and I've waited over 10 hours for them and I can't even look at them. Please try and fix this.

Cad. May 7, 2020     

I used to love this game when I was young and when I open it, it goes to the normal usual thing but it crashes and the adds are the same thing Everytime but they pop up randomly when I'm just trying to enjoy the game and one of the pets is glitched, when I feed it it's eyes slowly close normally but it's eyes glitch wide open and the same thing Everytime. It's okay and I like it but I'd rate it a 5 star if the adds were manual not automatic, it would work properly when I first open it.

anx. a. Jun 3, 2019     

The game itself is good (i know from having it on another, now broken, device) but every time i tap the icon to open the game, it just says "Unfortunately, Littlest Pet Shop gas stopped." and sends me back to my phone's home screen. If you can, please tell me, and the others having this issue, what is causing it. (compatibility issues, etc.) and once the issue is solved, i will rate 5 stars. Until then, deleted so as to not waste space

Hai. T. Mar 8, 2020     

I used to have this app on my old phone. It was amazing! One of my favorite apps actually. I decided to download it on my new phone! I was so excited, I couldn't wait to play! It finally downloaded. I opened it. It brought me to my home screen and said unfortanulatly this game has stopped. So I opened it again, several times. It didn't work! I reseted my phone. It still didn't work! I was upset! Fix this bug, please! I know you won't though cause you don't fix any of them! Think about us! Please

Joa. H. Nov 24, 2019     

Great game. I love how the app allows you to take care of your very own pets. What I don't like is that some pets are like 200 bling. I find it annoying because I am at a point where every single pet and building costs bling. I am trying to save up for new pets but they are too expensive. I also don't like the glitch from the ads. It freezes your game for 3 seconds. I like how you can unlock pets with tokens. What sucks about that is that the pets that come with tokens are no longer in stores.

ZON. B. Sep 11, 2020     

Even though I loved playing the Littlest Pet Shop app, it's been so long since I fell in love with the pets: I clean them, feed them, play with them, and best of all; I but them with coins and bling. You get bling by completing tasks from the LPS friends and buy new play areas and more! This has been the best app I have played in a lifetime, even in the year 2020.

Hir. F. Mar 29, 2020     

To be honest,this is a really cute game. Even so, this needs some serious updating. The animals eyes sometimes move in odd directions and my game keeps resetting to the beginning. It hasn't been updated in what seems like forever. So please update it.

Fai. L. Apr 5, 2020     

It's a fun game but I wish there was a way to take the gifts/lucky paws items off of your pet. It gets annoying when a quest wants you to place them and then when you go to finish the dream set only for it to end up with two items

Eri. C. Nov 2, 2019     

It is a really good game but I think that some minor bugs can be fixed because the game keeps stopping . Besides that I love the game and it is very addicting . I love how you can make the pets level up and I love that you can visit other players towns .Overall I think it is an awesome game and I totally recommend to people who want to download.

Tot. Jul 26, 2019     

I know for a fact that this game is entertaining. I've had it on a previous phone. But for whatever reason, now it won't even open! I try getting into the game and it doesn't go into the loading screen before saying something like "Sorry! Littlest Pet Shop had an issue!" (Forgot the exact words, but another review has it) I'm disappointed, because I used to like this game.

Aki. Oct 3, 2019     

Bad but a good game, except that this game ALWAYS tries to kick me out.. I got this weird pop-up on my screen saying "Littlest Pet Shop keeps stopping" neither it's my phone or it must be the game? I didn't know what to do since it keeps stopping me from playing the game😭😑 please fix this game and I will give you a chance of getting your game to a 5-star. Thanks for the nice game that you made 👍😁 even though it keeps crashing and kicking me out, I still like this game, thank you great game!!

The. Jun 30, 2021     

The game itself is 4 to 5 stars IMO. There's just one problem. I haven't played this in a while and I had just found it looking through all of my old uninstalled games. I downloaded it and I had to wait for the second download in the game. That's fine, I'm a patient person. After it finished it said I needed to update it. I went to it and THERE'S NO UPDATE! I miss this game so much so if you can please fix that I would be happy.

zSe. Jun 11, 2020     

It's a quite enjoyable, cute, and interesting game. It does get old pretty quickly though. It's the same stuff over and over again, the only difference is the types of animal you care for. I played this game about 5 years ago, and quit frankly... absolutely nothing has changed... which is kinda sad, being as this was my favorite game as a kid. I do wish there were more animals added like the new toys, more variety of stuff to do, and lots more to explore, that's just me though.

A. G. u. Nov 30, 2018     

I enjoy playing the game but there is not much to do. It would be delightful if the creators added more options for games. I mean there is just washing the pet, Feeding the pet and playing volleyball with the pet sections..