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Live365 Radio is the world’s most diverse online radio network featuring thousands of human powered radio stations created by people from around the world. With the Live365 app for Android, anyone can easily discover and listen to thousands of unique Live365 radio stations anywhere they go.The Live365 Android app allows listeners to easily find the perfect station for any musical taste enabling the discovery of music and talk content you won’t find or hear anywhere else. The app features 260+ genres of music covering every imaginable genre ranging from Rock, Classical, Jazz, Electronic, Country, Gospel, Pop, Hip-Hop/R&B, International, Reggae, Broadway, Meditation, Oldies, Talk, and hundreds of other genres. Live365’s online radio stations are created by music and talk enthusiasts from hobbyists to professional broadcasters. In addition to thousands of user created radio stations, the Live365 network also features stations programmed from well known artists such as Johnny Cash, David Byrne, Pat Metheny, Jethro Tull, and more.Live365 is different from other Internet Radio services because Live365 provides each broadcaster with the platform and tools they need to create their own online radio station and reach a global audience. For the listener, this means more unique, diverse, and quality music and talk content over other radio services like AM/FM, Satellite, and other Online Radio networks with robotic playlists. Download the Live365 Radio app today and start enjoying the best in internet radio on your Android device!
Listeners who love Live365:
- “A great radio experience. It’s wonderful being able to choose from so many excellent genres and getting such depth in a radio experience. Real human programmers too!”
- “This is the best online radio…period”
- “Great app! Better than satellite! Rock on!”
- “Makes radio great again.”
- “Finding your stations has been a gift to me. Now I can listen at work and at home. LOVE IT!”

For a commercial-free experience, listeners can become a Live365 VIP.Benefits of VIP include:
• No Ads
• Unlimited Access to All Live365 Stations
• Personalized Recommendations
• Exclusive Desktop App

Category : Music & Audio

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Reviews (30)

Rev. J. D. I. Jan 6, 2022     

This app doesnt work on newer android phone . Its meant for older androids. My galaxy note 8 isnt that new so im not sure why i keep getting error saying the app is for older versions

Lyn. M. Jan 17, 2020     

Have loved Live365 for many years - MUCH BETTER than Snotify, Pandorka, or iFartRadio! But app won't even open on Samsung S9. 😥 Please update!

R. L. Oct 15, 2020     

I had this app on my S7 Edge, unfortunately it's not compatible with my S10.

Car. B. Feb 20, 2021     

Nothing to listen to

me. m. Aug 22, 2021     

Glad it's gone.

Chr. S. Dec 30, 2015     

If your going to try this app you better have lots of patients .the ads wow if you want to change stations .prepare to wait go take shower or wash your car. Music should be ready by then.if you here a song you love don't love it to long because it will stop.I hope paid version is better. I had this app for 24 hrs and made up 30 more swear words .one nice thing about it music is awesome .from what little time to here it

Wad. S. Dec 4, 2015     

Installed this app in Fall 2015. Worked great until Thanksgiving. Now the track info no longer matches the song on all channels and stream is interrupted several times per song even on excellent wi-fi. I don't understand. This review originally was 5 stars back in September 2015.

D.R. G. Jan 31, 2016     


Ank. T. Dec 1, 2015     

the app used to be brilliant. However its been a while since the app acts weirdly. Even when I am connected to Wifi with a good internet speed, as soon as I open the app, i get an error saying "unable to connect to live365" and i have to try again twice or thrice to get it to the main screen. That is just the start of the problem. I am unable to browse any station because it doesn't load, no matter how long I wait. Even if I play a station from my last played stations, it wouldn't load and only keeps on saying "Connecting." Even if it be a 128 kbps channel or a 56 kbps channel. Absolutely horrible experience. Uninstalled.

A. G. u. Jan 31, 2016     

Leaving this at 5 stars though now Live365 is no longer. Thanks for the memories. In the years I have been a VIP member I have been introduced to so much music, so many artists, that wouldn't have even been on my radar but for the many varied broadcasters who streamed on this network. Live365 will be sorely missed.

A. G. u. Nov 30, 2015     

There's way too much touch-enabled geography on the screens. I inadvertently deleted favorites numerous times because the entire screen is touch-enabled during playback. The 4 functions that are there just aren't that important. Put them on a single toolbar or behind the more button. Same comment for the volume bar. There's no reason for the entire bar to be enabled; only the slider button. I've finally learned to check it first when the sound stops because it goes to mute if you get anywhere near it.

Wad. B. Jan 25, 2016     

Thanks to royalty fee changes, the best streaming radio system in the world is being killed. IHeart and Pandora, with their computer generated play lists, suck. Big money wins again. R. I. P. Live365, You will be missed.

Mar. H. Dec 1, 2016     

It was very sad when my favourite Live365 station 'the angel theory' closed down in 2011, but now all of it is gone. Live365 was one of my first experiences of Internet radio around 2003. The stations influence my interests in music to this day. The music I discovered on Live365 was and is precious to me. BTW I had started up an annual VIP membership again in August 2015 and paid the annual fee. Live365 shut down at the start of February 2016. The money is gone, I guess.

Wan. M. Mar 26, 2016     

... they decided to cancel programming. I had a lot of stations that I liked to listen to, especially traditional Catholic music. Now they're advertising stations I've never heard of. They could have at least sent an email to subscribers to tell them they were discontinuing programming. Such a shame ....

Mar. T. Sep 8, 2016     

Used on my desktop, laptop on overseas business trips, handheld android, and fell asleep daily from day ONE. Broke my heart to see corporatism again destroy democratic sharing the love of music & communication. GREED = EVIL (PERIOD) . From day ONE, I was supporting, yes for years. Still got my Live 365 Tee Shirt. I am bragging. I, am an old guy. I feel like I lost an old friend. I'm still mourning. Yeah, yeah, Pops, life goes on. Does it when this is the resulting crap result?

Rob. C. Jan 7, 2016     

Got a new Samsung Core Prime. App will not play... uninstalled twice. Ridiculous. I used to listen to many great stations on another older Samsung Stratosphere and even a real CRAP LG phone. I'm disappointed beyond words. Very BADLY done Live 365 people! ALL my OTHER radio apps all WORK, hmmmm?

Nei. L. Dec 17, 2015     

Really want to love this as the channels are fantastic but the streaming is really poor, constantly buffering despite trying all settings, makes no difference if on WiFi or mobile data, lets hope this is sorted as none of my other music apps suffer with this.

Sha. C. Feb 3, 2016     

For the past few days I thought something was wrong with your station. Now I learnt that you are gone. .. sad day for me coz I really enjoyed the music you broadcasted. You are the best Internet music station I ever came across... thanks so much for all the good music. Really appreciate you!

Lad. O. Dec 23, 2015     

I am having issues of the app streaming for the past month...wifi or mobile it is not loading... I love the fact it gives you different options of music without having to hear the same music rotation on local radios. Please fix I would love to keep this app..

Rav. P. Dec 25, 2016     

The situation continues to be the sameNot going to come back with this app..... I would like to give it five star rating but because of few bugs m giving it four I re-installed more than 5 times..when I switch on the radio it's keep on loading ....I really wanted to set this right...

joh. b. Feb 14, 2016     

In less than 2 years we have lost The Standards Channel with its incredible presentation of the Great American Songbook, the amazing Rdio, most recently Songza and now even the truly super and wonderful Live 365. And make no mistake about it the loss of it is profound on any number of levels. It is too bad that none of these ever told us well in advance the troubles they were in, because maybe we could have done something. I will miss Live 365 very much. And so will many others too. RIP!

Kar. S. Feb 9, 2016     

Never any buffering problems, but limited selection of stations, especially for classical music. Display of track and album information varies widely from poor to acceptable. So does sound quality. Outdated UI. Their stations can only be heard with this app. If you really like one, you'll probably like the app. I uninstalled it.

man. o. Aug 11, 2016     

Terrible never load music, never search, always say me that my broad band is very low.... Spotify and rhapsody play perfect. Uninstalling live365

Swe. H. A. Feb 2, 2016     

★Updating review again- Still 5 Stars! Very happy VIP user since 2012, and I will be for life! With hundreds of genres & thousands of stations to choose from, I never get bored. I take LIVE365 EVERYWHERE I go. Customer service has always been 100%. I have no streaming probs, even with slow data. The Android App is easily my favorite and most used app. I listen to lots of Old Time Radio Shows; Audible Shriek Theater, Old Time Radio Horror, and all KIBM stations are great. I LOVE MY LIVE365!📻

Dee. L. Jan 17, 2016     

What CRB wants is considerable but too cruel to have you shut down soon.

A. G. u. Jul 11, 2017     

I was a big fan of live365 when it was online. Now I am disappointed because it just keeps loading for ever and radios dont come up.

Rob. S. Jan 22, 2016     

Live365 rocks the small/medium webcasters and offers a vast selection of music, OTR and other spoken-word stations... I hope it will survive the current crisis.

Pau. C. Apr 30, 2016     

Was the best radio app out there, not found anything even close to this good. Real shame. Hope someone re-invests in them so they can get up and running again.

Dan. K. Dec 30, 2015     

Three app crapped out on me twice and th en paused forever between songs.

Ada. K. Dec 25, 2015     

Loved it on the iPhone. So far it crashes but uninstall reinstall process underway. Here's hoping.