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LiveSchool Teacher

If you’re looking to improve student buy-in and classroom culture, you’ll want to check out LiveSchool. This free and simple tool lets users track, motivate, and reward student behavior and participation.
LiveSchool is perfect for individuals or teams of teachers looking to seamlessly manage student behavior between multiple classes. Teachers can create a custom behavior rubric that allow students to earn points toward a weekly “paycheck” report that can be used to establish engaging incentives.

- Award points to recognize positive behavior
- Leave and view comments from other teachers
- Share weekly reports with parents
- Charge students from their “bank accounts” for engaging rewards

If you have a smartboard or smartphone, you’ll be able to use LiveSchool’s web version to award points in style and on the go.

Develop a culture of achievement and feedback that truly engages students with LiveSchool. Learn more by visiting their website!

Category : Education

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Reviews (30)

Nat. H. Feb 27, 2020     

Multiple attempts to login using the app have failed. When I try to use Clever to log in, it redirects me to a website for that purpose but then all activity using LiveSchool occurs on the we browser and not the app. Logging in and then switching to the app restarts the problem. If I am only able to use LiveSchool using a browser, the app becomes obsolete.

Cyn. B. Aug 12, 2020     

A great way to quickly award positives, to encourage students as they are sitting in class. Better for Middle school and High school than other options.

Mar. B. Mar 17, 2020     

It does not open on my device and it blocks other apps from opening.

cer. g. Jan 16, 2019     

currently unable to use dropdown menu to choose different groups

Bro. M. Sep 24, 2019     

Doesn't work on mobile phones.

Ash. B. Oct 2, 2020     

It doesn't work I'm trying to play with friends

Itz. C. Mar 26, 2020     

i made a acc but it did not let me add student

Rod. G. Mar 20, 2020     

I do not like that you can not edit the skills

myl. d. Jan 14, 2020     

It is the best app of all

Bra. B. Dec 9, 2020     

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Erm. B. Dec 5, 2019     

It was awesome

War. H. Aug 28, 2018     

This app can be awesome if my problems are sorted out. I've contacted your support about the time on the app. I would like a different time zone but can't seem to change it myself - it is outside of the US. I also asked them about a problem I now have with my emails. As soon as I try to open a link in another email, it opens the Liveschool app. I can't go to any links i any of my emails. Please sort this out, and I will be very happy with the app. I haven't heard back from your support.

Dom. M. Apr 26, 2018     

This app is shockingly slow. Often, it's unusable. The program is slow enough on PC, but this is unbearable at times.

Kel. G. Mar 1, 2018     

I like like school but adding points has hard but it got better

All. A. O. F. Sep 29, 2018     

I love it

And. M. Sep 1, 2017     

I'm so sick of the blue screen! This app is very inconsistent and rarely works on my phone. It also needs a different sound for the negative points. Kids just laugh and think it's a hilarious, so we learned very quickly to mute the sound. It would be nice if they could hear something more neutral to let them know when negative points are issued.

Dr.. N. Sep 4, 2017     

I love the program but this blue screen is driving me insane. How can I use the program of its not accessible?

A. M. Sep 7, 2017     

Blue screen issue is infuriating

And. A. Aug 28, 2017     


Ama. G. Aug 24, 2017     

Not worth the money our building paid for this service. App is horribly unreliable. Won't load, won't switch between groups, blue screen of death, etc. Looking for the smooth use of Dojo and this is far from it. I like the concept, which is why we bought the program, but the usability is not there yet. And the suggested work arounds from your people are a joke. Like buying a Ferrari and being told you can only drive in first gear and only for a few blocks and only on Tuesday. Ridiculous and embarrassing.

Jef. W. Aug 23, 2017     

The app only opens up to a blue screen and is not user friendly on the rare occasion it loads. I love the website but this app makes me regret my schools decision to buy it. Please fix asap! I use a Samsung Galaxy S6.

A. G. u. Jun 23, 2017     

The online part seems nice but the app will not open or work. It will only load a blue screen as said in prior reviews.

Sco. C. Aug 25, 2017     

The app kicks you out and freezes whenever you lose internet connection.

Ser. G. Jul 7, 2017     

My school has this and I love it one day I want to be a teacher and have this

Jay. G. Apr 7, 2017     

There is no way to CLOSE the app once you open it. You have to force close it or keeps running in the background. You can't even get back to the homescreen without force closing the app. Once you open the app up...that's it. It is stuck on your screen. You can push the "home" button, but the app still runs. I can't believe you can hit the "back" button to exit the app. I have NEVER, EVER, seen ANY app that you can't simply "back" out of. Unacceptable.

A. G. u. Apr 8, 2017     

I don't know why companies in this market think a subpar mobile app is acceptable. I mean, it's SO laggy, I can't stand to use it. Then, it's inefficient. You have to click in the student, then confirm, then on the points, then confirm. It's a bit much especially when you're never sure it accepted your press because it's so laggy. Shameful.

A. G. u. Feb 24, 2017     

It Doesn't Even Take You To The Real Thing It Just Keeps Me On Live School Update For 2 Days Straight....

Mel. C. Nov 17, 2016     

UPDATE: most recent version allows me to toggle between classes again! So that's great. APP is coming up with disconnected wifi error now. But hey-one thing at a time. Great sign that developers respond to reviews.

Kel. I. Nov 22, 2016     

So far this is the best application that we have found for tracking are autistic sons' homeschool token rewards. However it is extremely frustrating that every time I set my phone down or toggle from the application, it logs me out. Every single time I have to log back in and it requires me to log back in twice. It will not save my login information which requires me to have a long time logging in and trying to engage with the application. This is not effective!! Fix the login!!!!!!

Bra. E. Nov 18, 2016     

Creators fixed a problem that I was having. Works great now. I use this every day!