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LMK: Anonymous q&a, polls

LMK is the place to ask fun questions, make new friends, and share moments of your life. ;)

*Ask questions or polls on Snapchat
*Make new friends with Instant Match
*Post an HMU and see who responds
*Share a moment of your life on the LMK community feed
*Chat with people who answered your anonymous questions. You can even start a streak!


*You can report any user or content. Please help us keep our community safe by reporting any inappropriate behavior.
*You must follow our golden rule: always be kind. If you post demeaning or inappropriate content, you will be banned.

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Reviews (30)

TyT. May 29, 2020     

Was working quite well but now I can't do almost anything and I don't know why. I only have access to 2 tabs. The one to post polls and my messages and that's it. Fix it. I've emailed you guys twice and I haven't resolved anything. Also way too over priced for the premium functions. Like there's a swipe thing like tinder but if someone swipes right on your profile you can't see it without getting premium.

jay. Jun 16, 2021     

Poor experience overall. It's like they don't want you to use the app. Every feature is limited until you buy premium. It's very easy to get into but just as you get comfortable it tells you that you're using a feature too much and shuts it off for an extremely long time. Also blocking someone doesn't completely restrict them from interacting with you

Lit. G. May 12, 2021     

It's ok but, I had to start over because of a bug issue. In the beginning as you first download it, it won't let me log in with my Snapchat and I've tried everything possible I can think to fix it, and it still won't work. I've noticed when I created my account the first time, it was lagging really badly and froze up a few times to where I just deleted it and tried to start over, but still nothing.

Cas. J. May 9, 2020     

Definitely needs improvement, I don't like how you have to pay for a lot of features and some features don't work how they could. The instant chat should have settings where you select age and country because I keep being linked with people 5 years younger and it feels like a waste of an instant chat. Also the swipe feature should have similar features. Keep working and hopefully these features can be solved.

Im2. 4. Jun 2, 2020     

Tired of receiving automated notifications every hour of the day. There isn't an option within your app to mute only certain notifications...Its either turn off all notifications completely on my in-phone settings (which I won't know if I have any responses from anyone or DM's) or get annoyed sometimes every 30 minutes because of the system notifications.

Bre. C. May 31, 2021     

I do like this app overall, but it could use some updates. I don't like that you have to have premium to do just about anything. I think we should be able to see who swiped right on us without that and be able to see who viewed our profile, because that's our business not a luxury. You should also be able to message people without limitations and swipe right without them either. Other than those few things, I like it.

Ben. S. Mar 24, 2022     

It's an alright app, but had to make a new profile after they stopped allowing Snapchat as a login. Now, I have apparently broken the guidelines a couple of times, with no explination as to how. Currently on the fence with this app for other reasons, including not getting notifications from it, the massive amount of bot profiles (that if you report them, you get a guidelines warning) and just the overall time limit on how long your matches last.

Mad. T. May 16, 2022     

I'm often on this app its fun but not for everybody. The only con to the app is how hard it is to log back into your account. As of currently lmk has logged me out of my account and I can't get back in. It says the I can not log back into my account because Facebook is under development and the only other option is to make a new account with a whole new number. I already have 3 accounts. They should just have a username and password option instead of using login techniques that do not even work

dar. Jul 3, 2020     

It started really good at first I would swipe a few people and I would get alot of people that would swipe right on me and they were real life people that I started talking to. The app was really good so I decided to get the premium because I was getting results. And from there it went down hill fast, I kept getting swiped by people that are obviously scammers. And I tried the HMU and maybe 2 people would respond and then the rest were more bots. I'm keeping the app for now but please fix.

Tyr. G. Apr 28, 2021     

Not a big fan of the limit of interests you can put. Could be a good app, but there are quite a few things such as the interest limit, picture limit that doesn't quite cut it for me. Never really been a fan of paying to see who likes you, when it isnt even guaranteed that they are real. It is way too easy to sign up. No protection against fake accounts. Essentially I could be paying money just to find somebody fake. App is good otherwise though.

-. N. -. Jan 17, 2022     

The app isn't a bad app for making friends but it sure isn't a necessary good one either.. When you get the app looking for friends it's all fine well and good until you have to start paying for looking at simple things like who viewed you, who added you, who wants to chat with you.. The basic stuff.. There's literally nothing you can do on here but swipe and join a live without buying premium.. People came here to make friends not pay for even seeing who viewed our profiles.. What's the point..

Cle. Feb 26, 2022     

Bad, I dont receive messages even though they pop up on my notifications also we need a friend feature where you can add people without have to talk to them also idk I can lose chats when I delete it so I lost my chats! Update. Deleted the app year ago and tried to log in again but can't because I can't log in via Facebook anymore, what's gonna happen with my account?

Fre. Jun 10, 2021     

It was nice at first, but when I tried to dign up with facebook, it took me to the chat menu, and wouldn't let me go anywhere else. I can't swipe or talk with anyonr because i am stuck in the chst menu. Once i redownloaded the app, It was fine, but then it happened again. This app also doesn't let me see who swiped right on me, and i'm a minor so it's hard for me to get money for premium. you can only swipe right on a minimum amount of peoplr which is stupid. fix this app.

DJ. E. Apr 11, 2022     

Was doing really well until it uninstalled itself from my phone after crashing and now I can't download it again. I emailed the tech support people months ago and have still had no reply. I'm really gutted with it.

Doo. F. Sep 26, 2021     

Good app for meeting people, but they removed the feature where you could follow people on the swiping screen if they had a post, so now its impossible to get in contact with whoever it is unless they have social media listed in their bio, or if they just so happen to like you too while on their swiping screen. Also the audio rooms can get glitchy sometimes so that hinders that experience when it happens. Please fix these issues.

M. N. Mar 14, 2022     

Hate it, very unfair app. This app is amazing overall, all the connections are perfect, just one god damn thing that makes me upset. If someone reports you without reason (which happened in my case) LMK will not look into it and instead terminate your account. I would rate it 0 stars if I could for lack of communication. I tried contacting their support but they never got back to me, it's been 2 weeks! Very poor service. FIX YOUR BROKEN APP, INNOCENT PEOPLE GET BLAMED WHEN PPL ASKING FOR N****

Meg. 1. Mar 18, 2021     

THE COSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE! Ive been on the verification code for at least 20 minutes. Its annoying when you had friends on the app and can't talk to them. I have also been having a problem with the little tabs not showing except for the chatting one? Ok so I've even tried deleting it thousands of times...it's still not working..this app needs a fixing..bad.

Lit. L. Mar 26, 2022     

It keeps kicking me out or shutting down when I try to get on the app. It also wouldn't except my phone number and send me the code. This app is trash 😑 they also ban you for nothing and don't actually check ur account to restrict u from certain features. App sucks and totally would NOT RECOMMEND πŸ˜€πŸ™„

Jar. V. Nov 9, 2020     

The app used to be fine but now its gone down hill. EVen with no filters put on for swipe you can swipe about 4 times befor youve ran out and need to change your filter options, there are more bots than actual people on the app as well, and now theres a time limit on how long you have to message people. I would not be supprised if they start making us pay to message people.

Emi. L. Jan 19, 2021     

I used to love this app cause its how i have met some of my best friends, but in the past couple days i cant see the texts anyone sends me. Its also super annoying to delet the all amd re download it and have all your messages gone especialy in the middle of the conversation. Also the new update is horible, cause now there are only audio rooms so you can't even really just message people. So it got harder for me to make friends cause im a shy persom through call and text. wouldn't recomend

Nov. W. Apr 17, 2021     

This is a great app to make new friends!!!!!! I have extreme social anxiety when talking to people face to face and this app really helps me with meeting new people and it even gives me some confidence to talk to people face to face in actual real life! Thank you so much for making this app!!!!! Its absolutely incredible!!!!!

Sar. .. Mar 19, 2022     

It was a good app until I got in a Situation where I didn't feel safe and normally on any other app I could just block them and move on with my day but I couldn't block them on this I could only report them and they could still look at my profile but I wouldn't know that so I think that for people's safety thatthey should be able to block people and Also what's the point of it app where you make friends friends if you can't see who wants to be your friend so I think that should also be changed

Kim. S. κΉ€. Jan 5, 2022     

This was such an amazing app i made alot of friend here but there was a problem like when my internet was perfectly stable and it says its not and when there was a bug where all the buttons down the panel where all gone... so because of that i cleared up the data of this app and when i tried to log in again with my facebook account it wouldnt let me in.... LMK PLEASE FIX THIS I'VE BEEN OUT OF THIS APP FOR 2-3 MONTHS AND I MISS MY FRIENDS

Bek. Oct 11, 2020     

It is a nice app but once you are on it for like 1 week it only lets you message the people you have already!!! I had to make a new account multiple times because it was being very weird and when I went on it this morning I could not make new friends!!! And You cant check your profile any more so it probably has to do with not paying for premium which is REALLY EXPENSIVE!!!You must have money if you pay for premium, theres no way I am paying for it tho!!!

Fla. Dec 13, 2020     

I have literally had the app for 3 hours and it started slowly falling apart. I tried to make a post 5 times and it wouldn't let me. And then I closed out the app and then reopened it and then I only had 2 options for things to do, make a poll on Snapchat and going to chats conversations. I can't even open my account... This is a bug that needs to get fixed.

Ann. D. Jan 23, 2021     

Its a cool app but can be concerning at times, first couple days it was doing great but then the icons at the bottom disappeared my profile disappeared I tried deleting the app then installing it, it didn't work so I deleted it for good, bc its ridiculous and you have to pay premium just so you can see who swiped you or viewed your profile which I think is stupid. So if you don't wanna get frustrated with this app for not working like you want it I suggest not to get it! Have a nice day!

Bic. Apr 30, 2021     

I used to like this app but when I had 6 random chats left it didn't work, I ignored it. Then it started to lag so I close the app and when I opened it there was no profile, no swipe, it was just questions and chat. I uninstalled it but it didn't work. Nothing changed, now I can't even delete my account or text back to a person I was chatting with. Please fix this problem and I'm not wasting my time trying to fix it myself

Pen. T. Nov 17, 2019     

There is currently a pretty big big. I've received a few "LMKs" from friends that are massive, and I can't scroll down through them to read through the whole thing. This means that I can't actually read what they have said, and it ends up cutting out halfway through. 5 stars if this bug was fixed, as the app itself is pretty good.

Ver. K. Aug 1, 2020     

It was working really good in the beginning but then it started glitching and I couldn't view my profile or other's. The options at the option bar at the bottom of the screen were all gone except for the messages and the lmk challenge things for snapchat. What is that?

Aid. S. May 4, 2020     

It's a nice app to find some nice people out there. I've made some friends. Though I would like to say, When going premium, when it says unlimited chat searches. It's not unlimited. Just like 30 or so. Other than that, probably a decent app if you're looking to find people.