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Lottery App - Lotto Numbers, Stats & Analyzer

This is the ultimate lottery app! The only app you need for everything lottery related! Easily get all lottery results and lotto winners all in one place. Results and winners from every single state lottery imaginable all at your fingertips! Get access to all lotto games like Powerball Lottery, Lotto America, Mega Millions, Pick 3 results, Pick 4 results, Cash 3, Play 3, Daily 3, Pick 5! All states available including: Lottery USA, NY Lottery, Florida Lotto, PA Lottery, Ohio Lotto.

Lotto App Features:

- Lottery results and lotto winning numbers the minute the lottery post them
- Lottery USA ticket checker & lotto scanner
- Search past lotto results and lottery numbers
- Past lottery results & winners
- Save your favorite lotto numbers for any lottery game!
- Lottery predictor & generator
- Lottery analysis & lotto statistics to help you win the lotto!
- USA Lottery pattern analysis and breakdown
- Lotto Sums and algorithms to increase your chances of winning the lottery post results

More information on the lottery app features and uses:

Lottery Predictor & lotto generator:

* This is the one our most asked for lottery features. Get the most online accurate lottery predictions and lotto numbers generator! We use algorithms, past winning numbers, lotto statistics and analysis to give you the best lottery predictions and number generator to help you improve your odds of winning the lottery!
* Click the the prediction option and you’ll immediately see a list of lottery numbers to potentially play

Lottery Analyzer & Lotto Statistics (Cold, Overdue, Hot lottery numbers)

* The most powerful lottery app feature! Helping players win the lottery!
* You can get detailed lottery breakdown and lotto pattern statistics, complete with algorithms that analyze which winning numbers are going to hit!
* Online hot, cold, and overdue lottery numbers as well as lottery predictions generated from those numbers
* Know which lottery numbers are hot, cold, or overdue to post!
* Get online lotto results statistics by any number of draws to get accurate and powerful information!

Lottery Patterns - High/Low Analysis, Even/Odd Breakdown, Lottery Sum Statistics

* Pattern breakdown for all lottery results and lotto winning numbers
* Find patterns in the results to help you pick better numbers, get the most complete lottery information to make better winners!
* Every online lottery result is broken down by easy lotto patterns with full lotto analyzer and statistics. Each result and number post will give you better odds to win!

Lottery ticket scanner & lotto ticket checker:

* Check your lottery tickets or scan lotto games with our lottery checker!
* Enter your lottery usa numbers, select the date the lotto was drawn and we’ll do the rest! We’ll check the last 30 days of lottery post results and let you know if you won or had any winners!
* Perfect for games like Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3, Daily 3, Pick 4, Cash 4, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash4Life, Lucky For Life, Lotto America
* Never miss out on any winners the moment lottery post numbers & know if you won!

Lottery Results & Lotto Number Winners & News

* Every lottery game results available for every lotto state - including New York, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas & more! Past lottery results for years. All usa lottery and lotto posts every minute!
* Get lottery results today and updated lotto news!
* Winning USA lottery numbers & results are posted immediately when they are drawn!
* Thousands of games available: Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, Pick 3, Play 3, Cash 3, Cash4life, Lucky For Life, from all states including: VA, NY, TX, NC, FL, CA, SC, MO, GA and every other lottery state!

We try to make all results accurate, but please confirm with you state organization for most accurate results. By downloading this app you accept that results may not always be completely up to date or accurate.

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Reviews (30)

M. F. Dec 23, 2018     

This app has it all--everything you need to help you fine tune your lottery picks and narrow down your number playing field if you like choosing your own numbers. The PROBLEM IS...this app takes forever to open and once it does, it doesn't work properly. For example, when I press on the overdue numbers for Mega Million it keeps giving me the overdue numbers for Pick 3 or for Lotto. It appears that they are the only two that work! Powerball doesn't, Easy 5 doesn't and Pick 4 doesn't. Fix it!

DJ. Sep 29, 2019     

Helps tremendously and a one stop shop for everything that you need to be most successful. Crashes a lot and the ads are a bit annoying but with the upgrade I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem.

Vic. S. Jan 16, 2019     

Generates spam, and does not have a simple method to scan, I couldn't find how to scan my tickets. it installed 2 apps and got my email address twice, without benefit. use a burner email for this one.

Edw. J. Aug 19, 2019     

I just started using this app less than one week. I invested $40 and my return was more than $400 so far. I used the app analyzer and numbers generator, and i used the first 10 row of numbers listed. This could be beginner's luck, but we'll see. I will continue to use it and play more games.

Nic. D. May 27, 2019     

Finally!!! A lotto app that actually works!! I've been waiting for an app to have clear pick 3 and 4 rundown options so that you can pick solid numbers with predictive mathematics. Excellent app and God bless the developers who came up with this app..

jes. k. Nov 3, 2018     

Need availability to choose what part of the lottery results you wanna see because I don't wanna see all the results just a selected few. Need to be able to edit or delete numbers you've added to favorite list

Kar. B. Sep 11, 2019     

I do get great number predictions, but I miss them because I don't stay on them. It's a fantastic app to help play pick 3/4 in my opinion.

Mic. V. Oct 27, 2019     

I bought the premium for $5.35 to remove the Ads and the developer didn't mention anything about monthly renewal at the time of purchasing the premium and now their charging me $5.35 every month. !! SCAM ALERT !!

Rob. C. Jun 8, 2020     

Terrible, the old app was 1,000 times better and what's with the stupid ads, oh and you can pay $2.99/month to get rid of the ads. Yeah I don't think so.

Jor. R. Apr 11, 2019     

Very well designed and usually has the daily lottery results within an hour of the actual draw. Increase your winning probability by using past lotto number stats and frequencies. Thanks for the app

jer. g. Apr 2, 2019     

okay BUT ? why do you just show who else won Just once I would like maybe 5 numbers out of 6 with the extra* naturally !! in the last 10 years, I have never had 3 numbers on Powerball or mega to me hitting 3 numbers is like TRYING to hit the lottery...however no one is forcing me to play BUT no TICKY "no" LAUNDRY ha.

Gle. F. Feb 10, 2019     

the app is not as I expected, ads always pop up time to time, not to bad. Still haven't won from it's prediction. will end up unistalling it .

Tru. Feb 9, 2020     

App. Needs to be updated to latest Android 10 the app.always closes When I want to do hot/cold, pattern analysis, lotto prediction. Worthless.

Sha. C. Oct 1, 2019     

Obnoxious noisy ads that won't let you proceed until the timer runs out, doesn't take me that long to see something, when an ad irritates me the last thing I want to do is buy something from them.

Lar. R. Apr 6, 2019     

All advertising. Doesn't fit the screen. Doesn't rotate. Poor organization. I have up and Uninstalled... Too difficult to use.

ADC. Feb 28, 2020     

takes a long time to load and I'm a premium member...??dont know if imma renew my subscription...it was another app I loved that just disappeared...that was the best app..idk if your company is the same creators of that app..but I know this app advertised on the other app so..idk what's going on but I cant find the other app no where major disappointment...☹☹

Reg. C. Mar 10, 2020     

New update doesn't work. No numbers are showing for any of the draws. None of the categories open when selected.

Jam. T. May 16, 2019     

in all honesty it was pretty easy to read cuz I like that you can go back and look on past numbers also! hey keep doing what you're doing.

Pri. C. May 10, 2019     

The design always freezes and there is a need have free results alerts. Please fix.

Ngu. M. Jul 24, 2020     

I try the root sum in this app for the pick 3 it doesn't match the root sum when it's come out and now it's not updated the room sum any more, help please.

Eli. H. Jul 10, 2019     

this app is so bad ass. between this app the 962 method. tic tac toe method . i literallg hit three time a week. and i dont play combos all striaght

Jam. S. Jul 23, 2020     

This App has changed I use to get the results of the pick-4 midday and evening now it does show the pick-4 what happened and why was the change made ? I would appreciate an answer thanks

T. M. Feb 3, 2019     

A must have app for lottery players.it allows you to view numbers in every state...it has statistics and number patterns...

Bob. M. Jan 11, 2020     

Just upgraded to premium member I have no access to smart picks for my state of Michigan. Why isn't this feature available

T.j. J. Jun 1, 2019     

App is Great! when it's not crashing, haven't hit yet but have seen numbers play.

Syl. H. Nov 14, 2018     

I love it been using it often,but suddenly it stop giving up to date numbers can u please fix the problem.

US.. S. Jan 17, 2020     

To much money, to take away the add"s....Ten bucks. Possibly worth five. Other than that. Its a 5 star app.

lor. y. Apr 11, 2019     

Very accurate, extremely helpful in making lottery picks. Many useful informayion. Thanks

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2019     

None of the scanners work, it gets stuck.. And i wish you could check scratch offs, too?

cal. m. Nov 16, 2019     

Helps me a lot. Directed numbers across the state. It is it excellent.