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Lottery Scratchers

Do you ever wish you could win the lottery? Well today could be your lucky day! With the new game Lottery Scratchers, you get to experience the same fun and excitement as playing real scratchers, without actually having to lose money. Test your luck by playing 10 different scratch off tickets ranging from Red Hot 7’s to Extreme Cash… and if luck is on your side, you may win BIG!!

• 16 Different Lottery Scratcher Tickets
• Free Cash lottery scratcher, so you’ll never run out of cash
• Real feel scratching effect
• Huge payouts
• Win multiple times per ticket
• Win up to 2x, 5x, or 10x the prize.

List of Scratchers:

Free CashPiggy BankCherry SlotsRed Hot 7’sDouble DeucesEmoji FunDice RollBlackjackXtra CashExtreme CashElectric 8'sTreasure ChestLucky CharmsTrick or TreatSeasons GreetingsHappy Holidays

Ready to test your luck and win big?

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Reviews (30)

The. R. G. Apr 2, 2022     

Very fun game but I got a new phone and lost all my progress. Would really like to get it back.

deb. j. Jul 2, 2021     

This game keeps stealing my coins, that I actually pay for. Lastnight I bought $100,000 coins and the game slowed down and then shut down, when it came back on I only had 600 coins. Tonight I bought $1,500,00 coins, and I had actually won, so I was over $1,600,000+ coins and the exact same thing happened. Such a rip off. I would give negative five stars if it was an option. It actually ripped me off for over $20 tonight by doing this. Pisses me off

Foo. F. Jan 14, 2022     

This is an enjoyable way to spend free time while waiting at doctors appointments etc.

Noa. C. Apr 17, 2022     

Fun Game! I encourage people to try this out!

Tif. D. Oct 15, 2019     

I was playing and I hated it. It may be the most horrible game I have ever played yet. It doesn't even give you money and it is very glitchy. I just dont like it I dont recommend this, only if you like glitchy,boring,not rewarding kind of game then this is the app for u.

tif. c. Oct 21, 2019     

its fun but it added ads n wants to charge 2 dollars to take off plus now it's not letting me change cards I have to go all the way out n reenter the game. It's now acting up.

Sus. B. Nov 18, 2020     


Eil. W. Jan 24, 2020     

This game is not working right now. It needs to be fixed so it will play in the future. So pleaze anybody that works on the games please fix this game. It is my favorite game to play. I play it alnmost everyday. Thank you

Lin. C. Feb 23, 2019     

i love the game but you never win the big credits and it still has problems. I'll still play but you still need to work on the game. This game is awesome but it still needs work. I play late at nite and if I can't sleep I get up and play. I am late for work because im playing. love rhis game.

Bar. S. Apr 17, 2021     

Whoever runs this game sucks. I have spent alot of real money and lose it all in a few minutes. You guys act like you're giving us real money. Good grief give some winners. All the money i spend and now i see its even less for the money. Nice appreciation of your customers there.

Ant. M. Jun 14, 2021     

It started out like fun and I had amassed at least over 300,000 on Petty's payout unfortunately I don't know where it froze and shot me back to level 11 with only 28000 points very unhappy guys so I'm winning and that's what you do you take away like that

Bil. G. Dec 12, 2019     

Sarcastically it was great i won so much money! Truthfully why let u win if u cant collect? One goodthing u dont make a mess when scratcing off tickets! Why would u buy credits so win or lose u lose! No stars!

Hol. N. May 31, 2020     

Love it and the app permissions is acceptable compared to other apps! Thank you so much for this amazing app! Now I don't have to go waste money on tickets lol 💕

Joh. H. Apr 19, 2020     

It say you win money but you dont.. I be winning but I don't see no money at all. False advertisement.. just want to waste your time..

Her. D. Jan 13, 2022     

Garbage odds, not even enjoyable don't waste your time. There's better games in this category.

rem. s. Aug 24, 2021     

Good all around experince fun to play and kill time. Realistic winnings. My only grip needs vip system

Pau. W. Aug 19, 2019     

I just spent a lot of money and I didn't even win what a joke been playing for years and never won anything big i wish who ever created the application would keep up with the updates and create new games

Ram. V. Dec 19, 2019     

I really like the game , but I have no idea if you're winning real $ . There is no place in the he to collect.

A. G. u. Nov 20, 2018     

This game is very addictive. I play from the time I get up till I go to bed. And I usually have to charge my phone twice during the day now.

Joh. L. W. J. Nov 11, 2020     

My experience was very good I would like to know how I can get my winnings to my Paypal account if you could please tell me how I could do that I'd be even happier but everything was great I felt it was an excellent experience but if you could help me get my winnings and there's some other winnings that I have maybe I can get those two cuz I'm new to this but it was a great experience you guys and girls did a very good job have a nice evening don't forget to put everybody overseas in your prayer

Bob. C. Sep 10, 2021     

I love this I like I love it it's so entertaining it gives you $2,500 free coins if you run out of money but you got to wait a half an hour and then if you run out of money you give you 2 million dollars I love this game away and if 500 Rand to five if I could this is the best game ever you went up to five million dollars in total and you want you to

bri. k. Nov 14, 2019     

Some cards winner are apparent game says you lose and winning is so far and free between you spend most of your time playing free ones to get more cash!

Ken. b. May 21, 2021     

I had over 40000 coins site freezes up and then closes and I reopen game and all my coins was gone iam very upset and I uninstalled the game

All. W. Sep 18, 2019     

Love this games, but does not tell you how to cash out and get your money. Dont know if im winning the money or waisting my time!

Jus. B. Sep 18, 2020     

It will only give you your winning from the "ticket" if it's less that $10k. It just takes your money in game

Jes. S. Dec 4, 2018     

I love this game I would play more but while ur playing ads after ads keep popping up gets old real fast

Cou. S. May 19, 2020     

Had this game since December 2019. Its fun but i thought i will win like real $$ or real prizes.

Cic. E. Jul 7, 2019     

its a fun game to pass the time, but you need to add some new games these are played out.

Art. R. Sep 13, 2019     

Scatter Slots commercial is getting on my nerves but other than that. Its a good game

A. G. u. Oct 22, 2018     

I think it Is really fun because you get to practice if you really win the lottery.