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LotteryHUB - Powerball Lottery

LotteryHUB is an Official App of Mega Millions and Powerball National Lotteries!
- Track Mega Millions, Powerball, and state lottery results easily
- Enter your Mega Millions and Powerball tickets into the app for tracking and convenient display of winning numbers
- Jackpot information at your fingertips
- Catch up on missed lottery drawings and winning results
OCT 7, 2016 -
- Version 5.0.3
- Fixed draw date issues that some users were having
- Improved navigation

NOV 2, 2016
- Version 5.0.5
- Better ticket tracking experience
- LotteryHUB Games!

DEC 9, 2016
- Version 5.0.6
- Improved notification options

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Reviews (30)

J. C. Nov 24, 2018     

Its a good way to be notified "as soon as numbers are available" if you don't watch the live draw. Usually available via push notification within 20 minutes of a draw. Just wish they included other multistate games like 'lukcy for life or "Lotto America". Also a good feature, storing your tickets to know if your exact numbers hit, winning numbers are highlighted in green then the standalone ball (power/ mega) are highlighted in that games' color (red / yellow).

Ale. B. May 13, 2020     

This app doesn't let you scan your Powerball barcode to check for winning numbers! If it does, then that functionality is locked behind a sign-up page - which i refuse to complete since the company doesn't need my email address to check the winning numbers! I don't want more ads in my inbox.

Suc. C. Oct 24, 2018     

Beautiful interface. The real deal if you want to watch the video drawings and archive past and future drawings if you desire. No qr code reading, but the the app lights up the numbers if you hit anything and the prize and odds examples are easy to find. So you really don't need that stupid qr code. Great app!

Mr.. R. Jan 20, 2021     

Waste of time it doesn't work. Just apparently takes your info when you set up an account so they can sell it. It doesn't save ticket info but I gave it two stars because it does give you the numbers from older games that you can get off the lottery website just as easy.

Jas. T. Jan 12, 2020     

The whole point of using an app is to make it easier to check the numbers. So me having to manually add the numbers in for each ticket I have is quite cointer-productive. What can't o just scan them in? I know it's possible, since the California lottery app allows it. So why not this one? Makes it pointless to have

Bob. L. Jun 25, 2020     

Can't scan your ticket. Can't log in anymore. Even after changing the password it's still not working. App has potential but it doesn't seem like anyone is working on it anymore.

Ber. J. Mar 4, 2021     

A good app but needs to add locations of winning tickets. The app should add a way to scan the tickets, instead of typing the numbers.

Tra. W. Apr 19, 2020     

This is not useful enough. The only tickets it allow you to save is mega million and power ball games. I cant save texas two step, cash five, texas lotto or any other games. You all need to work on your app or apps.

Sha. H. Oct 10, 2018     

Uninstalled as fast as I installed. Google search shows that you can scan tickets, not so!!! FAQs tell you it's being worked on and updated. Bye bye!!!!

M. F. Jan 14, 2021     

Need Ticket Scanning: without it this app feels like mostly dead weight... It's kind of handy to have updated numbers from diff games but bcs google isn't a very high bar, the app is not really compellingly useful as is - Needs Ticket Scanning feature!

A. G. u. Oct 20, 2018     

The whole point of downloading this app was for it to anticipate how much money I'd win if I'd matched my numbers. It only advises which of the numbers matched. No need for the app to give me info already available everywhere. #Uninstall

Nat. L. Dec 18, 2020     

Why enter your tickets if the system can't even show whether you won or not? No highlighting of hit numbers and have to jump pages to cross reference what numbers were drawn.. utterly worthless

Rob. G. Oct 24, 2018     

It would be great if I could scan my tickets instead of having to laboriously enter each one by hand. That's not a huge technological leap.

A. G. u. Nov 15, 2018     

Are you KIDDING ME!?? I found this USELESS app by searching "scan tickets" BUT YOU EXPECT ME TO ENTER ONE NUMBER AT A TIME!?? UN-installed!!!! And your "send feedback" goes to FAQ instead of... FEEDBACK!??? GOODBYE!!!!

Mad. M. May 23, 2020     

Currently in megamillion main number is in range of 1 to 70 but in this app it still shows number in range of 1 to 75 which is older version. Kindly update the lottery hub.

Ste. B. Nov 11, 2018     

This app is a phishing scam. It says my email is not valid wanting me to give other emails or fb account...settings do not exist and when I click leave feedback it goes to faq...TOTAL SCAM

Ge. G. Apr 5, 2019     

Comprehensive but would be great if could scroll thru ALL State #s selected and/or get notifications of Daily State Winning numbers. thanks

Gen. C. Jan 26, 2020     

I like the app but needs some improvements. I wonder if they can improve it so that the app can tell you how much you have won after the drawing.

Pat. D. Oct 23, 2018     

No way to scan QR code to enter ticket number to track. Entered each number manually and it didn't even save it.

Jer. C. Oct 24, 2018     

Completely useless. Can get same info on website n doesn't read ur tickets to see if u won anything. Account to log ur ticket? Y when it's on paper n u have to have that to gwt ur winnings

per. h. Mar 13, 2019     

the times and dates for the "next drawing" for the power ball is wrong. it says Thursday at midnight which is very inaccurate

Ric. M. Oct 24, 2018     

Seriously, what a nearly pointless app - if you cannot simply scan your ticket to see if it won why put this on the app store???? D MINUS from me

Chr. K. Oct 24, 2018     

Not much point of having this app. It won't let you scan your tickets in that you already bought.

Deb. S. Jan 23, 2019     

It was working fine. Now all of a sudden it doesn't show any lottery results. That sucks!

Jag. 1. Jun 30, 2020     

I installed this app to check Powerball numbers and immediately additional apps started to auto install on my devices. THIS IS MALWEARE!

Ros. R. Jan 24, 2019     

the winning numbers are missing and have been missing for quite a while. It's useless.

A. G. u. Oct 17, 2018     

It's 10 past the hour of the drawing and still only shows last drawing video and results. Thought this was supposed to be a live drawing??

Lar. E. Jan 16, 2020     

Its a great app to have if you play the lottery.To me its the best lottery app that could have ever been made.20 thumbs up.

Ela. Oct 16, 2018     

It won't even let me sign up for a login. It keeps showing error.

Omi. R. Oct 24, 2018     

Needs a scanning option. To tedious to enter many tickets...