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Lotto Max Number Generator & Checker

Lotto Max Generator - Checker has been designed to allow you to easily check your lottery tickets, Lotto Max Generator - Checker is handy if you are in a lottery syndicate or like to buy a few tickets on each draw.

The results are shown in an easy to use display showing exactly which ticket numbers you have got correct and any winning lines you may have. The option to play a little fanfare when you have a winning ticket is also available.

The software is completely customizable to allow the configuration of many different lottery systems to check around the world and also comes pre-configured with several of the more popular lottery setups which are ready to use.

6 different sets of up to 99 tickets can be configured within Lotto Max Generator - Checker, each of which can have a completely different lottery setup if required. Tickets can be created by hand, by using the random function or be created using a wheeling system.

An expiry date function can also be used within the software to prompt you when your tickets are expiring with an additional option of a calendar entry being available.

Features within Lotto Max Generator - Checker Include

Easy to use ball and number selection screens
Expiry date prompts on tickets with optional calendar entry

Lotto Max.
Lotto 649.
Lotto 649 Guaranteed.
Daily Grand.
Atlantic 49.
Atlantic 49 Guaranteed.
Atlantic Bucko.
Atlantic Salsa Bingo.
Atlantic TAG.
Atlantic Keno.
Quebec 49.
Quebec Astro.
Quebec Tout Ou Rien.
Western 649.
Western Extra.
Western Max.
Western Pick3
British columbia 49 (BC 49) .
British columbia Extra (BC Extra).
649 winning numbers.
649 numbers.
Quebec Banco.
Quebec Extra.
Quebec laMini.
Quebec la Quotidienne 3.
Quebec la Quotidienne 4.
Quebec LottoD.
Quebec Max.
Quebec Triplex.
Quebec Sprinto.

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Reviews (2)

Col. M. Dec 7, 2019     

Must manually enter each number to check each line on ticket. Totally useless, faster to google results.

Wes. G. Nov 23, 2019     

Not user friendly