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Lotto Scanner (Powerball / MM)

NOTE: This app does not scan the barcode on the ticket! It scans the entire ticket to determine the numbers.
Scanning should work for these states: Idaho, Oregon, North Dakota, and Arizona. It will also work in states that have tickets similar to those seen in the screenshots. If it doesn't work for your state please email us photos of the tickets and we will do our best to make it work.

Lottery Scanner for Android: The easiest way to play the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery. Have all the latest drawings at your fingertips. Scan your lottery ticket and get automatically notified with the results.

* Scan lottery ticket using your phone
* Manually enter your numbers
* View all past lottery drawings
* Automatically notified with drawing results
* Random lottery number generator
* Works with Powerball and Mega Millions

All features will be enabled for 14 days. After 14 days scanning and notifications will stop working, please support us by purchasing the full version (available within the application).

If you have issues scanning please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem. Tickets look different in every state, if you email us with a photo of the ticket it will help us resolve the issue. We are happy to give discounts for the full version to those who work with us to improve the app. Email us at: support [at] helixsquared.com or from the about screen inside the application.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

Lar. B. Jan 14, 2016     

On Galaxy S5 only scans 2-4 of 5 draws. I tried many times on two tickets. Scanning takes a lot of time, instead of capturing a single image & processing it. Inaccurate results on the draws it did find. Dev should pay us to test this prototype, instead of us paying for it.FAIL Try it, it might work for you. Give Dev feedback, maybe it will get better.

Mic. C. Jun 15, 2017     

Glitchy! More often than not, instead of opening the camera, the Enter Numbers button takes me right back to the home page. This happens on at least two different devices running different versions of Android (Ellipsis 8 tablet running 4.4 and LG V20 running 5.1). Have tried reinstalling, etc. In 3 days I have managed to actually scan only 1 ticket

Dav. A. Jan 14, 2016     

Not the app's fault really, the spacing is too tight and contrast of tickets makes for difficult OCR. decent app though and allows easy manual entry of multiple tickets. To designer: try adding option to take a picture for processing rather than live scanning unless that breaks some state law I guess. Us silly Californians and our complex litigiousness ;)

Rus. M. G. Jun 26, 2017     

Amateur developer. Missing drawings, lack of support. Clearly an amateur behind this coding who doesn't deserve our support.

Ian. N. Jan 10, 2016     

This app worked well with powerball tickets on a Galaxy s6. Was about 95pc accurate with numbers and took 10-30 secs to recognize all numbers. Recommended.

Pau. S. Nov 27, 2017     

Does not work. Trying to enter numbers and it prompts me for the date and then returns back to the "home" screen waiting for me to press Enter Numbers button again. I'd give zero stars if possible.

Eri. S. Jan 7, 2016     

Saw the reviews but thought I'd try it anyway but no, the scan just won't work which is the only reason I installed it.

Van. H. Jan 13, 2016     

Have to enter things manually. Also, thought it would let me enter my past tickets.

Ric. W. Jul 2, 2016     

Must hold your phone while the ticket is scanned a line at a time with video. Very slow and inaccurate. Does not use the bar code. Does not snap a still of the ticket and scan the still.

Bil. R. Jan 7, 2016     

After purchasing thickets for 4 draws, i would have to enter numbers 4 times, plus scanning doesn't work.

Pre. S. Jan 14, 2016     

It reads the numbers, not the bar code. It is very slow & not user friendly. Must hold still, hovering above the ticket while it checks each entry.

Rob. M. Sep 9, 2017     

App barely scans tickets, usually only getting 4 of 5 lines played. App doesn't tell you when you win; I won on a powerball for MM and the app says the ticket lost.

Jam. B. Jan 10, 2016     

Using Straight Talk Galaxy S3. Scanned all my tickets. Might have missed a line or two but overall works great. I just entered the ones missed manually. I found a $4 winner that I had missed. Thanks

Cri. D. Feb 25, 2017     

Using my samsung S6 active I scanned my tickets with ease. It provided winning numbers from the last draw. I fear others issues are with older smart phones.

Dan. D. Jan 15, 2016     

After holding my phone forever over the ticket it captured one row and the numbers were wrong. Ended up entering all numbers manually.

Tyl. D. Nov 24, 2016     

Lags days behind with updating numbers. The canner doesn't work if you have more than on set of numbers on a ticket. There isn't anyway of going back in to look at your numbers after you enter them

Llo. E. Jul 11, 2016     

Uses the camera to scan in tickets and tells you what you won... First one I've found to work... the very first new feature it needs is to scan in the date... then the game... and it could also work with state games as well as include some of the more popular features the manually enter apps do... Would be really nice if they could just read the QR codes, but not sure of the legalities on that... only con is scanning is a little flakey if you're the slightest shaky... excellent effort so far...

Jam. S. Jan 13, 2016     

Works good. For user the could not delete or multi draw you just tap and hold on the numbers and it gives you option the delete or multi draw. The scanner does suck.

dav. l. Feb 19, 2016     

Don't frame the entire ticket to scan, only frame the actual numbers with their corresponding Game letter... Also would be nice if it carried over your numbers to future drawings, entering them for every date is tedious especially for people who play the same set of numbers..

And. P. Jan 8, 2016     

Takes a steady hand and a few minutes but it does scan Iowa lottery tickets. If tickets are wrinkled or folded it is harder to read and not as efficient.

Tim. O. Sep 27, 2017     

Paid for the app and am sorry now. Scanning is glitchy at best (Powerball). Emailed support with no response. Doesn't show past Powerball numbers.

Ler. M. Jun 29, 2016     

Thus far I have no issues with this app. I would however, love it if it supported all my states games.

Jac. B. Feb 16, 2016     

The scanning feature still doesn't work well in South Carolina, but everything else is great.

Eli. J. May 16, 2016     

Good app, only complaint is it forgot to tell me about the multiplier but I will continue to use

Jam. N. Jun 22, 2016     

Scanner never worked on any ticket. App needs plenty of testing.

Aar. N. Jun 19, 2017     

Takes a very long time to scan. Faster to drive to the store and have them check the numbers

Mic. W. Jan 13, 2016     

This app is the worst. Why the hell can't you just read the bar code. Lame.

Joh. W. Jan 16, 2016     

Says processing for a sec but never figures it out. Nexus 6 and galaxy 5

Ian. J. Jan 10, 2016     

If it worked I would totally get the pro. But it doesn't, so yeah.

All. S. Jul 18, 2016     

The ticket is in the frame and the app can't seem to find it.