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LottoMAX and 649 Cheker lite

This application help to check your OLG QUICK PICK tickets for LOTTOMAX and LOTTO 649.This application is lite version of GLO.
- Update data from the OLG site.
- Show to you winning numbers, bonus and encore. You can choose the date and app will show for this date results.
- Using OCR help to input your numbers in application. You can easy add or correct your numbers.
- has manual input numbers mode.You need working Internet for upload new results (all lottery results application keep in memory, you can update results at home and check your ticket in other place) and camera for scan your tickets.
For instruction see help inside of apps.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

Bra. Oct 14, 2018     

Was the english writer foreign

Joe. S. Sep 23, 2017     

Doesn't work as a scanner.

A. G. u. Sep 19, 2017     

Not .things that

Sam. G. N. 4. Dec 31, 2016     

Does not work at all. Total garbage. 0/10

j. v. May 4, 2017     

Works great on the s7

Joh. R. Jul 14, 2015     

OCR picked up only 1 of 3 numbers. Would have given 1 star, but it works better than anything else. Currently not much better than a manual check.

Ste. S. May 30, 2015     

App lags, is very basic for the technology we have. Shows winning numbers that's about it. Scanning not efficient. Deleted app.

Jef. T. Mar 21, 2015     

It keeps saying the app has stopped. Fix it

phu. n. Apr 3, 2015     

Crashed on opening

Chr. B. Feb 13, 2015     

OCR doesn't work properly. Can only check current draw ... no past draws. This app needs an overhaul. As well the look of it leaves a lot to be desired.

Kim. B. Dec 29, 2014     

Keep shutting down on me 😠 if it worked would be a cool app.

Pet. H. Oct 8, 2014     

All this does is gives you the winning numbers. Nothing else. This doesn't even give you a taste of what it supposedly can do. I'm not going to waste $1.99 just to be disappointed. I'd rate this 0 stars if I could. Don't waste your money. To the developers: give a better taste of what this does. I'm uninstalling this. I use Galaxy S5

Phi. V. Sep 28, 2014     

App is totally different than play store preview... there is no start button, only ads. It's only a screen w/ the numbers, doesn't use camera at all! Tries to scam you on exit to buy full version, even after the advertising money it earns across the bottom of yoyr screnn... i recommend the olg checker by pamplemousse .. icon is a simple money bag.. much better w/ no permissions needed!!

Ter. S. Aug 11, 2014     

Wow... very impressive this is awesome but I will be at the corner store to double check just in case I am a winner ...

Vij. P. May 3, 2014     

Good for nothing

Pet. J. Apr 12, 2014     

Not bad. OCR is fine (works for me - I think you can now ignore many of the negative reviews re OCR). Naively, I first tried to scan the barcode, but I soon got it right. Results are a bit cryptic - "has 2"? Now I'll go off to the corner store to see what's really going on.

ARA. Jan 12, 2014     

Simply crashes on note 2. I can't help but wonder if this thing has a virus of some sort.

Bre. H. Jan 7, 2014     

This app should be pulled from the store it is complete trash.

E. C. Dec 22, 2013     

Camera is good. Interface is ambiguous at coclusion of process. App popups with every activation. No built in manual/instructions in Eng and Fr, only a blurry video and broken English to help you use this App. Better off going to website.

Chr. Nov 30, 2013     

Tried 15 times on one ticket to no avail... Would have taken me less time to run to the corner store. Answer to developer's answer: try again. I have tons of experience with OCR as I provide a tagging service that creates them. I tried in optimal conditions. Still doesn't work.

Nad. K. Oct 5, 2013     

Very simple and nice app. Always I have new draw from OLG. Even more I have for 649 guaranteed prize draw. In short time I can check my tickets.

A. G. u. Sep 21, 2014     

App doesn't do much. What I really need is an app that scans my ticket and either OCR's my numbers and shows me how the numbers match (or don't), or miraculously reads the 2D barcode, but the latter may be impossible due to encryption and closed nature of OLGC's networks. It's no better than reading the website, which i'm inclined to do anyways to ensure the accuracy of the numbers.

Sar. C. Jul 18, 2015     

There is nothing that this app does that I can't do just as easily or even more easily by going to the OLG website. The website also allows you to access more winning numbers for more games.

J. F. Dec 27, 2014     

Only shows most recent draws.. Needs ability to check tickets against past draws

Jhk. 7. Dec 28, 2013     

Quiet possibly the worst app ever. Poor ui, poor recognition, just doesn't work. Pos.

Raj. R. Jan 9, 2015     

Only shows most recently results. Crash when I attempt to load picture of ticket.

Rob. M. Dec 27, 2013     

Cryptic to the point of being useless. Uninstalled immediately.

Tom. S. Oct 3, 2013     

Tried three time, worked 0 out of 3. Crap OCR got numbers wrong.

Day. S. Jan 20, 2014     

What a joke....crashes on first use...better come clean before you get into my phone and tickets.

Jef. B. Mar 21, 2015     

Force close will not open