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Love Never Dies | Otome Game

Love or revenge. Dating simulation game where you can enjoy a dramatic love like in the novel is now here in the form of a smartphone app, Love Never Dies ​~Ikemen of the Marsh~!!A portion of the scenarios have changed, and a whole new series of stills have been added♪ Noble heroes who want to save the citizens of a land that suffered defat. The power of the stars that link you and them Will see the beginning of a bittersweet love Where will fate lead the two of you that were not supposed to meet? Recommended especially to:-Those who are first time otome game player!-Download is free, F2P!-Those of you who want to enjoy the love with ikemen!-Those who likes to read love stories and comics for women!-Those who likes history related novels such as Water Margin, The Romance of Three Kingdom, and etc.!
◆Summary You chose a book at the library you always visit. The book suddenly begins shining, and before you know it, You're suddenly thrown into Mount Liang, a huge mountain fort in the middle of a lake. In order to save the citizens of a land that suffered defat, 108 handsome heroes gathered at Mount Liang. You end up living with them, Until the day you can return to your own world. From noble knight commanders with a refreshing smile that captivate ladies, to arrogant Navy commanders that can make any lady fall for him, to tacticians cold on the outside but easily embarrassed on the inside who take females as research targets, you spend everyday in this unfamiliar environment getting played around by these men and some feelings will be born Character Introduction

◆Former Elite Government Army Knight◆ Panther Head Lin Chong His refreshing smile and bright personality makes him likable, the typical handsome guy.

Good and cooking, he looks after the rest. He insists that he will never fall in love again because of past experiences but...

◆Female-lover Arrogant Navy Commander◆ River Dragon Li Jun A respected Nacy Commander, despite being rash. He has a kind of seductiveness that women do, and he will never reject any lady that comes to him. He acts very arrogantly to the protagonist but. ◆Strategist Who Sells His Predictions and Plans◆ Resourceful Star Wu Yong Aware of all political and military issues, he is the brain of Mount Liang. He is always calm and hates fooling around, but is well-loved by children. He is very bad with women, and blushes just by touching them. ◆Skillful Yet Clumsy Warrior◆ Nine Tattooed Dragons Shi Jin Always practicing his martial arts, he is obsessed over becoming stronger. He is rather sensitive to the feelings of others, and will stay with you when you're feeling down. However, he is unable to understand women and is a complete beginner when it comes to love.For inquiries and troubles, contact us at games@abracadabra.co.jp-------------------------
- When the application terminates unintentionally,· Update to latest OS· Increase the free space of your SD card· Increase the free space of your devicePlease try the three points above.--------------------------

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