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LoveStory : Highschool Romance

You are a new 11th grade student in SMAN 11 Highschool in Jakarta. You just moved in from Central Kalimantan to get better education in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful engineer. Even regular school days prove to be unnerving for you due to the differences of how everything are in the capital. But that won't stop you from pursuing your dream.
During your time in Jakarta, you will encounter new people, new friends and new love interests, in which he will have to balance everything from maintaining relationship with his peers to improving himself to be a better person. All as part of his high school love life. Place yourself in in this Dating Simulation and experience your own High School Romance.

+ 3 Heroines to choose fromIntroducing Shanti, Siska and Lia. These are the main heroines that you will be able to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and traits, not to mention their own compelling backstories to unfold.

+ Hours and hours of gameplay to enjoyLive your life and enjoy tons of activities, events and stories that you as a player will experience throughout your gameplay

+ Tons of eye-catching artworksMore than 40 artworks which includes CGs and Background designs, each one of them are hand-drawn by our artists.

+ Completely FreePlay this game for completely free of charge!!!

Category : Simulation

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Reviews (30)

Ang. M. May 9, 2019     

looks good...... the gameplay is ok also the art style is not bad.....but i hate the fact that when i revisit a place the introduction of it is still repeated and i think there is a bug at dating siska its on the part that she is talking about color and stuff........i don't care of anything just fix the bug then I'll rate 5 star

A. G. u. Oct 5, 2018     

IT was way too boring so yeah I hated it sryπŸ‘»

A. G. u. Sep 13, 2018     

Well not so bad but is it just me or I can't get the girl I have tried several times I didn't get her

bha. Dec 9, 2018     


Dar. Oct 4, 2018     

I REALLY LOVE IT but I didn't get to date one of them😞😞😞

Rem. Sep 21, 2019     

Good Game..Please Give a new update

A. G. u. Dec 11, 2018     

This games was fun and best

Asi. M. Jan 2, 2019     

this is just to boring

A. G. u. Dec 1, 2018     

pls sir some person said they get happy ending with lia named girl I full my fitness bt still in the end got heart broke what should I do,?? the gsmr is very good for loner guys😍 I loved it

A. G. u. Nov 2, 2018     

Awesome love it sooooo much😎😍😎😍😎😍😍😍😍😍

Dan. A. Oct 23, 2018     

I love the boyfriend

Gin. S. Jan 12, 2017     

The repetitiveness was fine since that is quitr common in dating sims but what I don't get is that the girls seem to friendzone you whatever you do. I tried to make a 'perfect' run by not missing an encounter and dating Siska every week possible to no avail. A little hint on what to do to get the good end would be appreciated or at least a meter since the red heart doesn't seem to mean anything.

Joe. M. M. Jan 23, 2016     

I get to be Natalia's Love Interest after some progress, and in the end of this update, she friendzoned me. So much for being a Love Interest. I do hope that the next update will make Natalia will change her mind about it, other than calling you as her brother or close friend. Although that aside, the game is pretty good. To be honest, it's better than the other dating sims I played here on my tab.

Dis. v. Jun 14, 2017     

It was amazing the art the sound the characters was amazing. The ending on the other hand was sad at least for me you confess your love and end up staying in the Friend Zone I was sad but happy we stood as friends. In equal it was Awesome,Heartwarming, and Sad. I really recommend this game to people who love simulations like this.

Tom. Jan 31, 2016     

It looks like you can only be a friend and all of your actions are positive. In the end, PT you guys have a great piece of work here, but it's not worth our time to play if the results for all of the girls are the same. Also add a relationship status part. It would improve the game.

Geo. R. Nov 3, 2016     

Annoying Bug : Fransisca route after gaining about 80-90% Int and you get to be Bestfriend if you go to classroom or bookstore to encounter Fransisca the game will crash. White comment you cant do anything. you need to restart. i passed that with couple of saves and retry. Nice story you could made one of popular girls to be Shanti. Edit: Fransisca question about blue color is bugged

Man. B. Jun 4, 2017     

Probably ... I am in love with Fransisca she is such a cure lovely girl I made my intelligent max and affection 100% when I date with her but at last she rejected me 😭😭😭I played 6 new game just to win her heart but she rejected in all ... pls in comming update make new chapters where we and she will be together in university and continue my love and want she to accept me as her boyfriend .... pls make this happen more awesome update with more chapter like my thoughts.... pls make this happen... ❀❀ Fransisca is the one with whom I spent time in game 😭😭 how will she accept me

The. D. L. Sep 19, 2016     

The game is good but on the third weekend of may 2017 and the 4th weekday of June 2017 if we enter the classroom there is a choice to meet one of the three girls. But unfortunately I'm able to only talk to Fransiska. When I choose any of the other 2 I end up with an empty subtitle box and the back ground and I can't go ahead even if I wait for a long time. Please fix this bug. If you do then you have my 5 stars

爱霞. Apr 15, 2016     

Best visual novel so far. But I think you should consider adding an indicator that shows how many points you've earned or how much more to earn because as seen in the comments, most are getting a bad ending or being friend-zoned and even I do too. But still it's great, i like all of them [ cute side stories and stuff ] and I'm looking forward to the sequel (Β°βˆ€Β°)b

Ros. P. Apr 4, 2017     

No meter for Affection, should have numbers instead of bars or colors for every stats involved. Predictable when and where a heroine will be so that you can meet her anytime at the same place. Has bugs in certain parts(siska route, sky blue question), story is very short and the good ending is "probably" rewarding over the time spent on the game(it took me 6 hours to finish it on the first run). Its good, but needs work.

Dou. A. Jan 7, 2016     

I wasted a month in game just clicking on random places, with random chances of meeting 1 of 3 girls. And not knowing what to do, I didn't know I had a calendar, and I missed a birthday. Great. Still stuck though. I like dating Sims where you have a story present, and you make choices that can lead you to one of many girls, and choices in that route can make or break your relationship. Side note, no racism intended, but Anime style should stay in Japan, America, or European countries. Felt weird.

lee. Apr 26, 2018     

I got friendzoned at the end what the heck.. got my charm full and also a little bit of fitness. I'm uninstalling until further updates, this game has good concept but it could be a lot better. Literally there's no guide or tips in game to succeed in this game that's what frustrate me the most. Also we do not know how much affection we have and how much we need for a girl.

Sak. S. Jul 10, 2016     

Overall the game is perfect, i rated 3 stars because i personally hate you guys for letting that ending be a friend zone after 2 years of hard work and perfect dates every week and time with her every day still ending as love interest. But hey nice game no problems whatsoever and please do make a sequel make it paid if you have to just make sure to give it a nice ending so in a way players would definitely give good ratings and even if paid it would definitely be worth it. And charm is at Mall > Cafe

Tob. P. Aug 20, 2016     

For a dating sim...it was pretty bad. A whole bunch of rinse and repeat. You spend about 3 hours of the game tapping through thebsame dialogue boxes as you try max out a stat that matchs the right girl, then you go on dates that seem to do absolutely nothing. I did this for all 3 girls and I got friendzoned by them all. Your hard work isn't rewarded. This has potential but for now its not great.

Dan. Feb 7, 2017     

I loved the game. The story was syrup good that I never got bored playing it. But it does take some time getting used to this game. I can wait for the new version of this game to come out. PLEASE HURRY UP AND RELEASE THE NEW VERSION OF THIS GAME SOON in which the story continues.

Sir. Apr 13, 2016     

It's very cool that i made it to love zoned on Natalia did it one time , tried my best to not get friendzoned cause it's a scary place to be xD. This makes me want to find a girl like Natalia 😍. She's is so cool,active and confident. I hope you guys make this game better πŸ‘make a lovestory university game but with same character Franseska,Shanti,Natalia. I know it takes alot of time to make a game like that , but if you guys make one l'll surely play and rate 5 on it. Good game! Make it better!

Dar. T. Jun 28, 2016     

It's pretty average when it comes to playing, there's no lag but there is a bug when i give a gift on a date when i click the item and change my mind click no then the item is lost maybe the recent update is the cause please fix it. The problem is the text some text are mispelled please fix it so other players that aren't fluent in english understand it. The graphics is good but i want to see is the introduction of more characters even if it is a background character, i want to see what they look like and instead of naming naming them student A, student B etc. Give them a name because it is more fun... :) that's all nice game please update soon or create a sequel.

040. Dec 26, 2016     

For me there is a rare chance that when I'm dating Siska that when you ask the "so your favorite color is with nature' (something along that line) question the next thing you say is yes but when you go to the next dialogue is stuck and the game freezes

Aqu. B. Aug 7, 2018     

mI think this game is good overall but does have some problems so number one is that this game is a little to repetitive while you play you have to do the same stuff over and over and over. Number two the dialog is very non unique the same storys will happen again and again. Number 3 the game is just plain too hard you play and play keep on raising the affection level and still end up getting friend zoned. But i still enjoyed this game and would love a sequal edit:i just won with every single character and think this game is amazing it takes dedication and the work pays off. now im really craving for a sequal with the same characters please make one i know this game was released in 2015 but i still think you guys should make a sequal the game is great and i need more i know this will take alot of work but if you can make another one i will play all of it instantly and will thank you to god love the game please make a sequal bye. p.s back off lia is mine😑😈

GOD. Oct 21, 2017     

Terrible, just awful. I'm new to these games so I won't fully know how to play but c'mon. I couldn't find any girl to talk to. I was going everywhere and there's no indicator to tell me where they are or their affection for me or what girl wants what trait etc. Delete this app it's terrible.