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LoveStory : Highschool Romance

You are a new 11th grade student in SMAN 11 Highschool in Jakarta. You just moved in from Central Kalimantan to get better education in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful engineer. Even regular school days prove to be unnerving for you due to the differences of how everything are in the capital. But that won't stop you from pursuing your dream.
During your time in Jakarta, you will encounter new people, new friends and new love interests, in which he will have to balance everything from maintaining relationship with his peers to improving himself to be a better person. All as part of his high school love life. Place yourself in in this Dating Simulation and experience your own High School Romance.

+ 3 Heroines to choose fromIntroducing Shanti, Siska and Lia. These are the main heroines that you will be able to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and traits, not to mention their own compelling backstories to unfold.

+ Hours and hours of gameplay to enjoyLive your life and enjoy tons of activities, events and stories that you as a player will experience throughout your gameplay

+ Tons of eye-catching artworksMore than 40 artworks which includes CGs and Background designs, each one of them are hand-drawn by our artists.

+ Completely FreePlay this game for completely free of charge!!!

Category : Simulation

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