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LuPiRock RGB LED Strip Controller

LuPiRock, a companion app to the Bluetooth controller for RGB-lit decorating, brings you new intuitive ways to play and discover a variety of BT6500-powered LED strips.

BT6500 Bluetooth controller is designed for RGB lighting effects including a fading mode, a sparkling mode by white lights with a background color still changing like pulsating disco party, a color drop mode where it looks like colors are being stacked on top of each other, a roaming mode is sampled by random combination of all at a glance. Tap the display mode stickers to enjoy a stunning alt-wave, chasing, meteors, firecrackers and rainbow patterns to enjoy your individual lighting decoration.

In addition, LuPiRock BT6500 controller allows you to play a running LEDs lucky draw casual game with a loudness sound effects speaker.

Appearance color schemes:
(1) VIVID with solid RGB color tone
(2) MILD with tinged slight flavor of color

Lighting effects display modes:
(1) Fading for fade-in and fade-out
(2) Alternative-wave with fast swaying back and forth
(3) Wiggling for soothing light in the night
(4) Sparkling bling bling effects
(5) Encounter in the distance
(6) Meteors raining effects
(7) Roulette lucky draw running LEDs casual game with
(8) Fireworks in the sky
(9) Color Drop being stacked up on top of each other
(10) Chasing cruise
(11) Roaming with random sampling hundreds of color-changing display patterns
(12) Rainbow scrolling effects
(13) Steady static light

Moving your finger on the color picker can help tinge your favorite color, just tap on the color wheel by choosing a hue from the get-go, and set the tints and shades of color as you like. Have at it!

To connect multiples BT6500-based LED strips in the playlist, just tap the paired strip's icon or name on your phone, and make sure the BT6500 controllers are reachable over Bluetooth. LuPiRock allows you to connect and control up to three (3) sets of BT6500 at a time. Multiple Bluetooth connections let you play LED lights glow and dance to the beat, more or less in sync with music simultaneously.

When the app goes discover searching mode to find new BT6500-equipped LED strips (for example: AP4837FZ-350Q, a 5m/16.4ft RGB LED strip) to be paired in the area, the movement of unplug USB power adapter for a while and plug in again is required to complete the pairing secured process. LuPiRock offers an option to rename the paired device name at your convenience. You can alter or adapt the label of paired LED strips by long press the icon in the playlist, make it easy to keep track of which string you are going to identify it quickly.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (5)

Vla. Sep 11, 2019     

Why does it need access to microphone, files and location?!

Mik. J. Sep 5, 2018     

Wants location and access to files permissions or it won't run.

A. G. u. Dec 2, 2016     

It can rock my favorite color tone- amber sunset over the color picker and brilliant lighting patterns.

A. G. u. Nov 16, 2016     

Does what it says.

Yos. Dec 3, 2017     

just so that it isn't 5.0