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Lust in Terror Manor | Otome

13 men and women trapped in a Western hotel on an island. You are roped into a cruel game.
Trapped on a land full of strangers. In this situation filled with distrust, the one who appeared in front of you was― Why do you know me!? In this dangerous situation, you share a secret with the handsome man that wants to protect you. Trapped in an inescapable room, will you be able to live on with him―!? Experience a suspenseful environment, Love in Terror Manor!

◆Recommended for people who: ・love suspense ・want to enjoy exciting development with their boyfriend ・are playing otome games for the first time ・are interested in werewolves ・love naughty younger man

◆Game summary Love in Terror Manor is a game where you use Story Tickets to progress the story and is free for basic play (cash shop available!) as a dating game on smartphones. Its functions are easy to use and hence also suitable for first-time players of otome games! Look forward to experiencing an exciting love with your handsome boyfriend. You get to choose which man you would like to date! You will be able to experience a captivating story with beautiful illustrations with your chosen man. There are also many cute coordinates♪ Catch his attention which attractive avatars! Enjoy the lovey dovey story in a fashionable manner.

◆Character Introduction <Hayato Natsukawa> Height:180cm Occupation:No.1 Model <Rui Akizuki> Height:177cm Occupation: Sadistic Teacher <Naoto Fuyuno> Height: 170 cm Occupation: Genius High-school Student <Ai Tamaki> Height: 172 cm Occupation: Charismatic patissier <Kou Tamaki> Height: 172 cm Occupation: Best Italian Chef <Takuma Kido> Height: 178 cm Occupation: young businessman <Kazutoshi Tateno> Height: 185 cm Occupation:???

【Genre】Dating Game for Women 【Price】Free for Basic Play/Item Shop Available 【Main Illustration】Chatora Okita

For inquiries and troubles, contact us at games@abracadabra.co.jp-------------------------
- When the application terminates unintentionally,· Update to latest OS· Increase the free space of your SD card· Increase the free space of your devicePlease try the three points above.--------------------------

Category : Adventure

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