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M-Scope Mobile Endoscope

The M-Scope Mobile Endoscope is an application to be used in conjunction with the M-Scope kit, an endoscope coupling adapter + portable led light source, which can be used to attach a smartphone to an endoscope, to aid capture and sharing gallery of exams:


And other video-endoscopy exams and procedures in general.
The adapter device for endoscope coupling was developed and extensively tested in the Discipline of Otorhinolaryngology and Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of USP and has a patent application. It is not designed to fully replace the video-capture rack, nor for the purpose of protecting the attached smartphone. The portable LED light source replaces a light source + fiber optic cable in a single product, but can also be used with conventional fiber optic cable coupled in a light source. It has high color reproduction index (IRC), excellent cost-benefit ratio and brightness similar to xenon light sources. Small, lightweight and with excellent ergonomics, it fits into the shape of the palm, providing comfort and easy handling to the user, for an even faster and safer procedure. The LED light source has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and power supply (charger). The light beam as all light source of LED heat emission and we recommend not to be used for long time on skin or other body tissue. The M-Scope has a fast coupling device (endo coopler) for a conventional size of 32mm in diameter, with a screw fastening system with manual thread.

"M-Scope®" is a registered trademark of the Otorhinolaryngology Foundation and the PRODUCT design is protected by intellectual property rights under Brazilian law. All rights to the development and commercialization of the PRODUCT are the sole and exclusive title of the Otorhinolaryngology Foundation and, where applicable, authorized resellers by the Otorhinolaryngology Foundation.
The endoscope coupling adapter is compatible with any Smaphone type cell phone that has a high resolution camera in any position on the reverse side of the device's display. The LED light source is compatible with 9mm standard plug-type optics with thread (Storz®, Olympus, Wolf)

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