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Mafia Gods Criminal Escape

He is an ex mafia godfather, a hitman, a real don. This grand killer legend has been a gang boss for years in the streets of Downtown Chicago and New York. His dangerous attack, shooting, spy assassin and criminal escape skills used to spread terror among agent and police cops. But an extreme high security operation against crime in the city has made the survival impossible for him. Driving to Russia is the only survival option left for this Mafia Godfather. Russian underworld crime network is controlled by his cousin brother, who is an elite master hitman. There has been an extreme clash in the Russian city between cops vs thugs. The shooting resulted in the end of his cousin’s life. The security forces were working hard to assassinate his cousin for so long. It’s his turn to become the Grand gang Godfather now. Shoot to kill security squad, carry out theft missions, assassinate spy agent, survive criminal escape police chase mission and win the gangwar. Sneak away from an attack, a police chase gun shot, escape like a hero and rule the underworld downtown streets. Enjoy this fun addictive game with a mafia underworld boss!Be prepared to fight & attack your rival Russian spy cops and police officers squad. Transform the peaceful city into a gangster sin city to take revenge from the Russia empire officials. Plan extreme escape missions. Meet other notorious grand criminals, fight the brutal targeted missions, escape from the inescapable security police chase and use your driving simulator, first person shooting and third person shooter skills. Escape, Run, Fight & shoot to carry out different criminal activities including robbery, clash, assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much more in stealth mode. Play Brave new blood criminal thrilling adventure against police chase for a greater cause to plan a great crime threat for the city before the police squad cars arrive. Play an ultimate action packed gangwar in a stealth mode like a hero. Sneak, shot and kill to become a killer legend gang boss. Go back to New York and Chicago to bring back the terror.Mafia Gods Criminal Escape features:√ Amazing 3D City, subway and downtown street Environment√ Dangerous Combating Tools√ Smooth and intuitive controls of a real don hitman√ Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics√ Assault Rifle shooting and baton fighting √ Thrilling and challenging Car Driving simulator Missions√ Easy and fun to play√ Interesting Game Play√ Run, Shoot, Criminal escape, driving and master stealth mode

Category : Action

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Reviews (30)

t. e. a. h. a. s. b. e. e. n. s. p. i. l. t. May 14, 2018     

Great game, don't get me wrong or anything its just that when I was on it a few hours ago it worked perfectly but when I went to play a few seconds ago, I wouldn't even get to the very first screen before it would crash. I uninstalled the game for now and I'll be looking out for upcoming updates for when you fix this problem. Also please fix the sensitivity of the controls or atleast give us the option to fix them ourselves because they're not working for me either. Other than that really amazing game, it has great potential! ♡

Kai. Y. Mar 5, 2017     

It needs a lot of work, the controls are rubbish, the graphics are terrible, and also should be good to have 1st person view rather than birds eye view. Overall look of the game is, it's not the worst game out there but not the best and therfore could do with quite a few improvements, I shall not be playing no more due to this

Nir. K. Aug 3, 2017     

Pros: Simplicity of controls. It's not complicated like other TPS games. Easy to beat levels so no frustrations or waiting times. Cons: The town has only the storyline characters and cars. Absence of other people is a bit weird. Car is not serviced properly :-P it has bad acceleration and horrible noise ;-) In a nutshell: Simple yet nice game.

Han. P. Jun 21, 2018     

The pictures showcasing this as a 50s style gta game are misleading. It is a top down game with old graphics and terrible controls. There doesn't seem to be any voice acting or music and the game is empty besides the main mission people. Pros: It's not the worst looking game. Cons: Mostly everything else.

Все. U. Apr 1, 2018     

I loved the game Mainly the storyline❤..but controls are dumb! Plz fix that make it better and also I'm waiting for the new chapters so please add new chp as soon as possible!!! I downloaded this as an alternative to ur another mafia game named as Vegas mafia in that too there's no any new chapters.. Plz! Listen up and do something immediately..! Thank you.

ej. Mar 14, 2017     

This game is TRASH. All of the controls SUCK. Way too many ads and glitches. The driving is horrible and the creator needs to watch way more mobster movies .

A. G. u. Mar 28, 2017     

Awful just awful the whole game os full of ads , i had 4 ads as soon as i clicked play.Do not install

Ric. J. May 11, 2017     

Too many ads. Becomes annoying pretty fast. Cut about three quarters of the ads awesome game. Uninstalling please fix.

Fan. B. May 12, 2018     

Your whole game is amazing, outstanding, more than those words, but the only thing is 1) make third person back camera setting. 2) more controls types (mostly for vehicles driving). And after all it depends on you. THANK YOU.

Sam. B. Apr 15, 2017     

The problem is with me is that I installed the game yesterday. Working perfectly. Now it won't even load. No start up, nothing just instantly crashes. Please fix this and get back to me otherwise I won't be playing it anymore. Which is dissapointing really as I enjoyed the game.

A. G. u. Mar 31, 2017     

This game is so bad game Always ads I can't complete level3 because of ads so boring game who is making this game he or she is donkey,monkey,dog andmy servant

Dav. E. M. Jan 3, 2018     

I would love to see pedestrians and other cars moving in the city.It kinda looks like a ghost town whitout those things.

A. G. u. Nov 29, 2017     

Great Story! Great Game! I also like how theres chapters for each mission too. 100% suggest to download and give it a go.

She. H. May 25, 2017     

this game is very good game. but the car of the game is very bad. there r no sound of horn. so my request is plz update more this game

Ham. A. Jul 27, 2017     

The game is too short and needs computer bots roaming around...

Raj. H. May 10, 2018     

This game is AWESOME and so does the graphics of the game! But the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because of the camera! It should be at the back of the player and not on the top!

Lev. Q. Oct 27, 2017     

Cool game! I love it! There are some annoying adds but is a free game so all and all its a bad ass game. Thanks dick heads

A. G. u. May 14, 2018     

It is a good game but it would be better if there were traffic and people on the road. Please make a good update

Kin. G. Jul 17, 2017     

I hate this game bad everthing bad controls too many ads and it has very bad graphics.

Mar. R. Dec 8, 2017     

Amazing game but has a major glitch zooms in and makes me lose but is still amazing.

Z. a. i. n. シ. May 29, 2017     

Amazing graphics, amazing storyline. Only ads are the problem.

Saf. A. Apr 9, 2017     

I thank it's a very good game. But it's control has problems.

Nun. P. Mar 18, 2017     

its good but the brid eye view is just bad

Wil. P. Jul 7, 2017     

I really like this game very interesting im just waiting for new chapters to come how long will it be because I'm ready and i sure dont want to keep replaying the same old chapters....

Far. K. Jun 21, 2017     

From second day onwards it says unfortunately stopped

Ank. S. Mar 23, 2017     

The game is rather short. But it's very good game.

Dar. S. Apr 13, 2017     

That worse game in the earth the game need better. control on the game but it is. Still the worse game in the world

Lie. G. Dec 13, 2017     

Bad cause when u exit the game it restarts don't get it

kin. G. Mar 9, 2017     

I don't like it I Love it

Jos. H. Apr 14, 2017     

I think it's you first person or actions did the first person