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Magic Descendants Good Vs. Bad

There’s a fantasy magic high school where villain and hero descendants all live together. In school, bad girls and good girls always fight and compete for their beauty and magic power.
Do you wanna succeed in the magic beauty world and be a cool bad girl like Eda or a sweet girl like Grace? Join them and experience the magic school for a wicked fun adventure here! Here we go~

Creating your own unique style will be needed to stand out from the crowd. You have tons of two different dark and light style fashionable combinations to choose. Sweet girl or Cool girl? You decide! You will use the best tools to show your beauty talent! Don’t forget hang out with your BBF in this amazing magic school, you will love it!

Oh, here’s the most exciting part: as a magic school student, having a magic wand is important here. Use your magic wand and show your power! And there are poor pets locked in the cage waiting for your help. You will find the matching keys and dispel the dark magic and help the poor pets free! The descendants magic world awaits you!

Product Features:
- A fantasy magic high school themed makeover game
- 4 different good girls and bad girls to play
- A fantasy magic world with special tool effects highlighted
- Tons of two different styles makeup with creative beauties on eyes, faces and lips.
- Stylized creative dark and light style dresses to wear
- Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on
- Special bath and spa features for cleaning and relaxing
- Interesting new BBF photography with self-made or selective scenes to choose from
- Magic wand making and decoration for fun
- Mysterious pets rescue to see wicked fun adventure

How to play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game
- Start by choosing your good or bad girls
- Enter different thematic houses for bath, spa, make up and dress up
- Take photos with BBF and share it with friends
- Save the pets locked in the cage by dark magic and let them free
- Make your unique magic wand to experience the fantasy magic highs school

Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BearHugMediaPrincessGamesOr on Twitter at https://twitter.com/bear_hug_mediaFor more information about Bear Hug Media, please visit http://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Magic Descendants Good Vs. Bad, please visit http://www.bearhugmedia.com/magic-descendants-good-vs-bad

Category : Casual

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Reviews (30)

Kat. H. Jan 9, 2021     

The fashion design thing was fine but not what I was expecting. It wasn't very organised and had nothing to do with Decendants. It was a little to much talking in the background, and that got annoying quickly.

bva. Mar 24, 2020     

Horrible game there are ads non-stop you only get 20sec between each ad. I use to love this game but since the updated version has came through it's horrible. I hate to say this but I would not suggest you to get this game. I would prefer to get one of the COCO games (a type of app on Google Play Store) if you want to do real buisness with makeup I wouldn't choose this dumb app. :I

Rab. J. Sep 1, 2019     

I really like this game alot but there is a problem that i am not getting options of eyes , hairs , dresses etc. I hope this problem will be solved soon so i could enjoy my game

Cha. S. K. May 8, 2021     

The title said its decendants but theres nothing compare to decendants which i got angry and anyoying quickly this game honestly fake with the whole decendants title which when install it basically scam me i want a refund from the owner now and whoever made this game is terrible i rather watch decendants then play this stupid game

Abh. M. Aug 9, 2020     

It is a very bad game. I played the first level but after completing it , it again shows the starting of the first level Not satisfied. I am not going to ever download this game again.

All. W. Mar 9, 2019     

It's ok I mean it's not amazing but its not horrible,I think you should fix the graphics,and give more out fit and sock choices 😐😐

Sha. H. Oct 12, 2021     

I love descendants but the only thing about it they call mal eda instead of mal why. eda in this game that I don't like has purple hair and purple eyes but the real mal has purple hair and green eyes pls make mal right because more people will download it because it is real mal

Cha. A. Dec 14, 2019     

Fantastic game I recommend it to all....but there are frequent adds that make this game little irritating...

Bro. R. Mar 15, 2019     

i love it because i mean were can u find a game that lets u do the hair, dress up, and do other amazing things

Soh. H. Apr 30, 2021     

It is good because of the graphics but that is it what you see in the pictures and the video is it nothing more than that

Pri. D. Dec 26, 2019     

This game is very good for girls who don't like the best way of being a very happy to play this game but they also do a very very good job of making a very boss and you have to play this game . THANKS .

Adi. M. Aug 10, 2020     

The game has a very bad problem of continuing, like after making something it don't goes to the other level

GRA. D. Jun 7, 2020     

I LOVE IT 😍 only 1 issue tho they only let you get to the wand part there needs to be more levels. Great game tho 👌👍😊 Yay

Ble. S. Dec 23, 2020     

This totally a horrible game it is not what it seems in the picture, how can you put a fake picture for a game.

Suj. K. Jun 24, 2021     

I do not even like this game because there we sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo menu adds and the carectors do not even look like mal Evie and not even Aundry this game is a desaster I could play tower of hell on roblox it is hard and I lose in the pros game I stop playing it but comparing to this game and tpwee of hell i wolf not choose this game I hope this was helpful

Tan. F. Apr 3, 2021     

This game is bad and there are no real descendants character not even mal or evie and if you are like me who hates ads do not install this game!and this game I thought was going to be fun it sucks

rit. a. Oct 1, 2021     

It's a very good game. I rate it 4 stars because of so many ads

Mic. C. Jun 29, 2020     

I like this game alot,but I think there needs to be a little more improvement,but still good app

Pat. E. Apr 20, 2022     

I like this game a lot but for some reason i don't get to change their hair

hea. Jan 18, 2020     

Its super trash because whenever i try picking a character it does an ad tham doesnt work😡😡😡😡

Tro. R. Mar 13, 2022     

I love this game its perfect! You need to get this its free!😁😀😆😊😉😄😃🤗

Fra. B. Sep 23, 2019     

it is a great game but at the spa part i must pop pimpels but ti does not work

Joh. A. Jan 10, 2021     

My grand daughter love it so much,coz when she seem's sad she always play this so i decided to rate it 5 stars

Ren. S. Mar 31, 2021     

Really fun and you can style mostly everything so fun😁✌️I'm out see ya

val. m. Nov 21, 2019     

This is the bestttttttttttttt game ever you should down load it there are two appoints GOOD vs BAD.

A. G. u. Nov 13, 2018     

I dont like this game because...when I open the start play cannot play...ouhhh...I dont likeeeee.

Oye. A. Mar 26, 2020     

I hate it i already tried downloading i deleted a lot of pictures and it still dosent work i give this none !!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡

jus. u. Jul 19, 2019     

what a wonderful application for young people but can be anouing!

Haz. Apr 17, 2021     

I used to love these games whrn i was a kid and i still do i'm glad i found these games again.😁😁😁

Mom. L. Nov 29, 2020     

Its amazing this is not bout the ad becuse your online if you try offline no ads at allll