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MagicLife is an APP designed for full color LED controller as a remote controller via bluetooth.It supports a variety types of driver IC:SM16703,TM1804,UCS1903,WS2811,WS2801,SK6812,SK6812_RGBW,LPD6803,LPD8806,APA102,APA105,TM1814,TM1914,TM1913,P9813,INK1003,DMX512. When connected the controller, you can select an effect from amount 200 kinds of them,or just pick a color for your LED strip.It's simple and very easy to use.And we hope the light will always keep you warm and make your life more colorful.
Main function:Selecting driver-IC;Setting RGB order;Setting total pixels number;Selecting effects;Picking a static color;Modifying speed for effect;Modifying brightness.

Category : Tools

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Reviews (30)

And. C. Mar 19, 2022     

Box costs $20, software is free. Works great every time. Brightness, Speed & Number of pixel settings. *Number of pixel setting is great 'cause if you use less than what is on your sting, you don't have to cut the extra pixels off or have them light up where you don't want them to. ** Let's say you have them around your window, and you bought a 50 Pixel string, but it only takes 42 to go around your window frame, set the software to 42 and the last 8 won't light up. ***Only thing missing is a list of what the patterns do... So, for Mode37 it's red/blue running 0-end, then repeat, but I can't find the list.

Bla. H. May 18, 2021     

Over all a good app. Once I selected the right code setting for my controller I haven't had an issue. My colors was not changing right at first because I did not realize I had to select the right code. So heads up. The app works great. I love the different color modes as well as the dim/brighten and speed selection. Connecting is easy and always works. Make sure location is on. Shows solid color selection. Now the cons. I wish I could sync the lights with music. The color modes need to be named

Joc. R. Feb 7, 2019     

This app has potential, but I really hope the developers are working on making a function that allows you to save some favorite preset colors and maybe even customize some of the other modes. Right now, the only way the DRLs and halos stay on what they were on when you cut the lights off is if you are using either a preset color or a preset mode... If you select a custom color, the lights reset back to red when the lights are turned off.

Rhy. F. Oct 22, 2019     

It works..... sometimes. But would definitely be useful to if I were able to name the controller. It's a little frustrating to be at a show and have to scan through everyone else's controller to find mine. And then walk away and return to find out someone connected to mine and changed everything. Plus being able to have presets that I can save (solid color and mode) would be great if that was an option! Will add more stars if this is ever done.

Ric. J. Dec 7, 2020     

Not a bad app. Stable and easy to use. The one thing I wish it had was the ability to set timers for the lights. Also a description of the patters would be great as there are over 200 options and if you have two controllers you have to cycle through them to get complimentary by patterns (same colors cycling in different directions). Would be nice if developer had a cheat sheet for this. Otherwise this app does the trick, but it's nothing fancy.

And. Z. May 15, 2020     

The app works perfectly for my RBGWA headlight boards and controller (SP105E). It connects everytime, and changes colors instantly. My only complaint would be the lack of descriptive labels for color chasing options. None of the 200 options have any descriptions, so you have to go through every one to identify the mode you're looking for.

And. G. Mar 17, 2021     

Pros: over 200 patterens, easy hook up, wide range of colors (camaro dynamic lights). Cons: every 3 to 4 days it dont find the Bluetooth and have to pop the hood to disconect the fuse to reset. The app has no custom presets or able to save your patteren since i cant see the lights from inside the car. Instead of having a big color wheel turn it to a sliding bar, give you more space to put other things in.

Eeg. Nov 24, 2018     

There's no way to choose a solid color to "stick". I have chosen specific yellow, but when I turn on my device that the controller is attached to it resets to a bright green. Also connecting to the controller itself is hopeless. First I have to enable bluetooth, ok, sounds reasonable. Open up the app, and scan. Scan can't ever find anything, but the trick is to quit out of the app and come bacjk to it and rapidly tap the area where the controller would be it takes couple tries and then it works. Lighting presets are nice as well, but really? I cab't get yellow to stick, as when the SP105E powers down with my device it just resets to annoying bright green. And then I have to do it all over again to get back to yellow. That's not good at all!

Dun. S. Apr 22, 2021     

The experience while trying to connect with Bluetooth is disappointing. Like why do we have to always connect every time we load the app back up. It never remembers the name, I have to disconnect to reconnect in order to turn the lights off. I'm not able to change the name of the merchandise to what I want. Their is no customization for your own patterns that you created. Like yall really need to fix this and update it because we paid to much money for this and the app not even worthid of having

Kat. D. K. Dec 3, 2019     

Good app but has space for imovements. Does not have a far range, the controller is not picked up by my phone if I am more than 5 feet away. I would also like more solid 2 or 3 color options. All 2 or 3 color options are chasing pattern. And it would be great I'd I had an option to choose a color patterns, not just use pre- set ones

gui. o. Oct 30, 2018     

After newest update app freezes up when toggling custom colors leaving whatever color stuck on forcing me to physically unplug lights to shut them off. Also the bluetooth connection works when it wants to. Sometimes its visable but wont connect and other times its not even there. Would be nice to also update each of the 200 modes with a short description and colors so i don't have to stand in front of my car to see what it is doing and what color has been selected

Dem. 6. Apr 11, 2021     

Product works good when you can finally connect to it. The problem is when you scan for the device it never wants to pick it up and takes longer than it should to pick up and connect to turn on and off. So update your app and it might start working properly. The company behind this app is going to start receiving lawsuits cause the amount of money people pay for the product and the app doesn't want to make it work properly especially for a product you pay 500 or more dollars for. FIX YOUR APP..

Chr. Sep 28, 2020     

Its awesome when it works, but the problem is, it has better connection to a strangers TV then the lights you are trying to connect. At least once a week the lights won't feel like connecting even though everything should be working properly, it just scans for 5 seconds and gives nothing your looking for . In other words, its main and only function, is broken, couldn't even do that right

Bra. G. Jul 24, 2021     

I bought some Oracle headlights for 800 bucks and had them installed, and out of the 4 days I've had it, it's only worked the first two. Now I'm unable to connect and tried every trick to get it to work and nothing. If y'all could fix the issue many thanks. I would like to rate y'all a 5 star because when they did work, they looked great. But there's to many issues and problems that need to be addressed.

Art. Z. Feb 2, 2020     

The app works well with a single SP105E Controller, but unable to remember multiple Controllers. Every time you have to search for another controller, connect to it, only then you can interact. My situation I have two separate controllers on each side of the kitchen, and this application does not allow me to control both sides independently.

Dyl. F. Apr 26, 2021     

Great app. Annoying that everytime you want to do something you have to reconnect everytime, does this without fail though. 200 options plus some solid colours, however it doesn't remember last option selected and would benefit from having colour(s) instead of mode 1 or mode 2 for say. Few tweaks needed but otherwise okay

Jor. S. Oct 26, 2019     

If you're using super bright LEDs, disconnect the LEDs, turn on the controller, connect and then turn the brightness down before connecting LEDs. Full brightness is drawing too much power causing the Bluetooth connection to lose power and drop the link to your phone. Also, make sure you're using the right power supply. App should still be updated to work better with updated operating systems though.

Jas. U. May 26, 2020     

Bought flow series drls and halos for my charger from lighting trendz. App works good with it but I would love to have some favorite buttons where I could save my favorite patterns out of the 200. Would also like to be able to scroll through the 200 instead of having to tap the arrow to go to the next. Add the favorites and I'll bump this to 5 stars.

jad. c. May 1, 2019     

samsung galaxy 8+...app is hit or miss. just spent $500 on flow series lights that i cant even turn on and its not even a week after my install. The app will either not have my lights on the bluetooth connection list, or the connection fails. i had 3 successful days of connection out of 5 days thus far and 2 of those days was a struggle to get them on. Had to keep turning the app on and off and moving around the front of the car. Really embarrassing. Is there a more reliable app available?

Dav. B. May 24, 2022     

Not bad app, can be better. Perhaps allowing for multiple controllers to work with each other/group together when it comes to an SP105E controllers. Otherwise, not bad

Mic. P. Jan 1, 2022     

After reading some reviews, I'm really concerned about the future of humanity. I make all kinds of light kits and I use this app with several different type of controllers and have never had an issue. Like never. Seriously. Most people probably dont even know what type of LEDs or Chipsets they have. I'm convinced we (humanity) are doomed.

nik. n. Dec 14, 2021     

I think the device/app continues to send adware to my phone. Home network stops a adware website every hour on the hour. Only started receiving the adware, a little while after installing the device and app.

Men. Jul 10, 2021     

Not a bad app. Heaps of modes. Only thing I wish was added is to be able to save modes, and also custom create a pattern, say if I was to fladh two colours only. Also wouldn't mind being able to flash one colour only, and can be done quickly. So like, flash white, or flash green

Dan. M. Mar 16, 2022     

Like the app just would like to see it have a memory instead of reconnecting everytime and having to reset the light everytime, other then that its a good app. Im using it on a dbcustomz grille

A. G. u. Mar 7, 2019     

Cannot set arbitrary colors with the color picker. I wish there was a way to manually enter RGBW values. Most notably, for RGBW LEDs, there is no way to turn on both the colored LEDs and the white LED at the same time. This would be useful to set a custom color temperature

Kay. L. Mar 26, 2019     

Has potential and does what it's made for, but my white light has a tint of blue in it which is annoying. Also would be great it you could make your own custom presets and each mode have a name of what colours it's projecting. Sometimes whatever colour I click on seems to be different to what the light is getting

Cha. M. Nov 2, 2020     

This app only works when it wants! May work for two weeks or so and then stop for two or three weeks. Paid $800 for rings and not able to use them. I've done my research and fiddling around, come to find out it's the actual app Not connecting. I wish you could do some kind of update to fix this issue. This is been down for about 3 weeks now.

Chr. V. Dec 15, 2019     

So far experience is completely wasteful. Spent 4 hours setting up wiring my headlights to find out the bluetooth magic box (Which I CONNECTED LAST). Does NOT allow me to change colors. Sure they turn on. So the LEDS work. Okay. But I cant change colors.... wasteful....

Jam. D. Oct 12, 2021     

Proprietary Bluetooth pin. Device only works with this app which is only Android or iOS...not windows. Very limited functions in the app. Cheap product for very basic lighting. I don't recommend. Wifi product is also just as bad. To help those with connecting the Bluetooth, I had to use LED Hue app to refresh the Bluetooth in order to allow the app to see. I think this is a limitation with this app being rather old and not updated with modern Android OS.

Mic. B. Feb 28, 2019     

I don't know whether it's my phone or the app so I can't blame the application but my phone (Android) won't connect (pair)to this controller at all on the Bluetooth. No matter what I try it will not connect. the instructions were a joke and require a magnifying glass to read them at all. There is no help, no support no nothing. So I'm going to give it a one-star since I can't even try it out. Very disappointed!