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MagicLight RGB LED Remote

Simple unoffical RGB LED Bulb IR remote control for phones and tablets with build-in IR blaster(Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 Note3/4 and tablets) .The purpose is not to replace the original remote,but it is handy in emergency situations (original remote is lost,etc).
This FREE version with LIMITED remote type(Only MagicLighting type full support other APA1616,24-44Keys,IRC160N1-1,Sylvania,MCL,ISUNROAD,Paulman Remote OFF button or more disabled).You can buy even ads free and full remote type supported pro version.

This app uses built-in infrared port(IR-blaster) and Android 4.4.2 => and up version (Yes 5.0 too)if your phone/tablet doesn't have it IR or non compatible version then software not works.

Works with Samsung phones and tablets with built-in IR senderOn first button press full screen & small bottom ads on main screen.No support on other brand phones and tablets like (LG,HTC,etc).

Disclaimer/Trademarks:This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by MagicLighting, APA1616,24-44Keys,IRC160N1-1,Sylvania,MCL,Paulman,ISUNROAD Company or Owner.

Warranties:This software is provided by author "as is" and any express or implied warranties,including,but not limited to,the implied warranties of marchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed.In no event shall author be liable for any direct,indirect,incidental,special,exemplary or consequential damages(including,but not limited to,procurement of substitute goods or services;loss of use,data,or profits,or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability,whether in contract,strict liability,or tort(including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of this software,even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

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Reviews (30)

Cap. R. Nov 14, 2018     

Stay away! There are much better apps available for your RGB light strips out there that actually let you use the OFF BUTTON! I mean seriously I understand limited functionality in a free app, but this one lacks even basic usefulness. The lay out isn't any good either. This is just worthless.

Cio. D. Jan 24, 2021     

its ok, 2 of the remotes work fine for me, (with everything) #suggestions : * more realistic layouts for the remotes, or at least let the user DIY its own remote (like a saw in other apps) (in my case, every layout is the same, but the functions differ) * and most important : introduce some type of favourits, from the list of remotes, and costom names and/or buttons (its dificult and anoing to search for 2 different remotes everytime)

sim. n. Feb 20, 2019     

off button only in pro version.. seriously? pro? proffesional? who wants to be proffesional color changer? btw, it doesn't work properly.. colors and functions are mixed up

mad. Apr 15, 2020     

App works really well, all buttons functioning perfectly, had to do a small trial to figure which remote type controlled my bulb perfectly.

Jay. S. Mar 6, 2020     

Don't buy the full version, the free version barely works as it is so you'd essentially be chucking money at a wall expecting it to start dancing.

Mal. M. Mar 8, 2020     

Wastage of time Has roughf , small (not full screen ) user interface Too many adds even on touching the remote button

Phi. M. Oct 8, 2018     

Did not even get a chance to use any feature of the app cause of ads every bloody second

Dav. N. Aug 28, 2021     

Worked perfectly on both my rgb led strip and rgb bulb, I'd pay for this if you remove the ads.

Mim. O. Oct 14, 2021     

Amazing app I thought I wasn't able to use the light since my dog had chewed the remote but thanks it's awsome

Łuk. R. Jan 17, 2019     

full of ads and payment required to turn light off

Joa. C. Oct 15, 2020     

Adds prevent from app to work couldn't even try it first uninstalled

M.. D. J. Dec 18, 2021     

Ad filled garbage app that don't work

Cam. B. Aug 4, 2020     

Idc about the ads, im just glad an app finally works

Zul. C. Sep 1, 2020     

Complete ass Clicking menu here come the ads

Hiz. Apr 2, 2021     

This was the only app that worked with my light bulb. Thanks.

Ace. Jun 23, 2019     

amazing, thank you so much. the multiple options worked for me!

Rya. D. Nov 10, 2021     

Only ap that worked out of 8 downloaded

Noy. k. Mar 30, 2020     

Didn't work properly.

gav. d. Mar 19, 2019     

love it works fine

Jay. P. Sep 12, 2018     

Does not work on my led bulbs

Kei. M. Jun 13, 2018     

Yo! THE FNG APP IS FREE !! We are the morons who lost our remote or broke it! They slaved for hours and hours to make this app work. FOR FREE. So what if I have to press blue to turn it to red! AT LEAST IT WORKS!! FOR FREE! Thank you.

Geo. D. Jun 21, 2018     

Good considering I downloaded over 10 other apps that did not work at all... this one actually does!

Kar. Apr 6, 2018     

Work with wrong keys and not full application and ads is boring

Ali. 0. Mar 20, 2018     

It's best app that works with all types of RGB's and i love it. Thanks 🌷

A. G. u. Feb 22, 2018     

Can't turn it off without buying pro?! Come on, that is just too crappy!

Ama. K. May 26, 2018     

It's the only one wich worked

aus. m. Feb 9, 2018     

Pay premium for "off" feature??? Really?!?

Chr. C. Apr 3, 2017     

Will not shut light off have to upgrade and pay. Stupid and can be a safety hazard.

Ric. E. May 8, 2017     

This was the only remote that supported the Pac Man ghost multicoloured LED. The batteries died in my remote so this will do until i can get some more. For anyone needing the same, its the APA1616 setting.

Jan. B. Jul 20, 2017     

The only remote I've found to work with my led bulb. Lost original remote, so pleased with this!