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Magnifying and Microscope HD Zoom Camera

Magnifying and Microscope HD Zoom Camera is a magnifying glass app that offers HD zooming functionality and an unmatchable image stabilization capability. Highly magnified images are usually shaking and blurry. No more blurry and shaky images with this magnifier.

From understanding small texts at a near distance to looking at signs from far away, Magnifying and Microscope HD Zoom Camera is your go-to app for seeing things better and clearer.

Place your phone camera close to small objects and use the device as a microscope. You can see something very small that even normally sighted people can't see.

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you’re trying to read the small print on something but ain’t able to read?

Use it to get clearer visibility of an object or text, restaurant menu, medicine bottles label, bank notes, medical prescriptions, visiting cards, serial numbers on device's back, newspapers, grocery bills, text on packets, serial numbers, address, road signs, tag lines and book text in any low light situations.

Let the best magnifying glass app with a flashlight (LED Torch Light) handle all your fine print reading needs. Simply turn on the app and watch as it autofocuses the text while providing you the ability to zoom in/out further.

Use it as a replacement for your microscope, magnifier, magnifying glass, monocular, Zoom camera with amazing image processing and super zooming features.


- Large and highly visible buttons.

- Freeze images at high resolution for examining details.

- Easy to use either with one hand or two hands.

- Built-in flashlight support.

- Select a target for focus and exposure control.

- Inverted black-and-white image mode.

- Magnify Zoom from 1X to 8X.

- Save Captured Pictures In Library

Download our all-in-one magnifying glass, flashlight, and camera snapshot app and you’ll be able to read even the tiniest print clearly.

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