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Make Me Girl - Photo Editor

Make me Girl app is one of the best application which returns you a lot of joy and cheers. Make me girl turns a male to female. A man who wishes how he will look if he turns to female, this application would make him confuse, because it will change him into a beautiful girl. Make me girl app will finally insist the user to smile. Take the photo of your friend, change him into girl with “make me girl”, your friend will definitely surprise to see “her” photo. Not only man, female can also use our app make me girl, because this app is having latest fashioned stuff of hairstyle, with different style of lipsticks and more even they can check their beauty by using different beautiful eyes with different colors and shades. Well, in short this app is having a complete beauty parlor for girls with famous and fashioned hairstyle, lipsticks and eyes. What it facilitates to women? Make me girl app will help to decide about the hairstyle of women. Before change your style sees how you will look after change. Finally, NO MORE WAIT, JUST GET IT NOW!!**FEATURES**• In use of both man and women• Will change a male to female• With latest stuff of hairstyle and lipsticks• Adding the feature of beautiful eyes with different colors• Facebook sharing option• Make save changes in SD card as well
Edit photos instantly by using Photo Editor.

Category : Entertainment

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Reviews (30)

Eri. H. Oct 10, 2019     

Fails to launch camera and crashes. When selecting picture from gallery it always says "Editing isn't supported for this image". I don't know what I am doing wrong, there is no manual. Maybe the photo is bad (how to make it more suitable for the app?). Maybe the feature was not yet added maybe it is a premium feature. As I exit the app a full screen advertisement pops up. Uninstalling.

E. M. S. Oct 17, 2018     

I downloaded wanting a sex change. All it did was run a picture through a filter. I'm so disappointed. Also, it is a very unstable app

Ewa. C. May 11, 2019     

Yeah it crashes and ads pop up constantly, so don't try it...ever.

Raj. M. Oct 16, 2018     

Very dirty in this app it is not working

A. G. u. Mar 8, 2019     

The game was horrible you only do 3 things.

Kir. S. Sep 21, 2018     

When i want to save image it giving error

A. G. u. Oct 19, 2018     

It's a waste of time. Not fun.

A. G. u. Mar 23, 2019     

don't everything is emwr

ank. Y. Jul 20, 2019     

waste of time i did!!

Par. T. S. Sep 29, 2019     

Bad don't download this aap

iam. y. Dec 17, 2018     

Waste of time

SYA. S. Apr 27, 2019     

dont waste ur time

Emi. W. Oct 5, 2018     

It is stupid

PRA. K. Feb 27, 2019     

F.......... K THIS APP

Ezr. S. Feb 11, 2018     

All this app does is to give you should me png it images to put on yhe face you work on (and it does it with a terrible UI and a an unstable app). Nothing sophisticated here.

ABH. Y. Jul 15, 2017     

Worst app does not have a single bit feature

Mic. M. Jul 10, 2017     

This app crashes with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Edw. H. Sep 2, 2017     

App crashes every time I use it

Orc. S. Feb 21, 2018     

Can't use my photos with it

Dom. Jun 7, 2017     

What Is The Point Of This App ;-;

Mok. M. Aug 8, 2017     

In this app we make funny faces and We make girl

A. G. u. Oct 10, 2017     

Never download this app. Waste of storage data time......

Pri. S. Mar 23, 2018     

Worst app! Don't install.

Mar. S. Feb 10, 2018     

Just keeps jumping to adverts, deleting it after 3 minutes

Mig. R. Feb 10, 2018     

What a piece of S**T

Abd. S. Oct 23, 2017     

Stupid app

Hea. O. Aug 15, 2017     

Absolutely cancerous

moh. s. Jun 13, 2018     

Wast aap this

A. G. u. Dec 13, 2016     

Force stopped every single time I hit save after bringing photo up! Uninstalled!!

Lio. A. Mar 14, 2017     

Dont bother...its that bad